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Does George W. Bush have a Grasp of Key Foreign Policy Issues? by Michel Chossudovsky. 30 September 2001

George W. Bush "thought that the Taliban was a rock group," by Alexander Yanov. 30 September 2001

Carta de Rigoberta Menchu al Presidente de los Estados Unidos. English translation available. 30 de septiembre 2001

Osama Bin Laden: un guerrero de la CIA, por Michel Chossudovsky. 30 de septiembre 2001

� Qui est Oussama ben Laden ?  � par Michel Chossudovsky : maintenant disponible en fran�ais. Original English text available. 28 septembre 2001

"You call upon your soldiers to save their honour by marching to a war in which you intend to involve all of us, the peoples of the world," Rigoberta Menchu's Open Letter to G. W. Bush . 26 September 2001

"A six year old Palestinian girl kneeled and nervously, yet gently laid a flower to commemorate the death of thousands of Americans." America, We Feel Your Pain, Do You Feel Ours? by Ramzy Baroud. 24 September 2001

A Russian Viewpoint: America to Wage War for USSR Inheritance , by Anatoli Baranov. 24 September 2001

"Is it the intention to extend the definition of 'terrorism' to cover demonstrations, protests and political dissent?" Following the US initiative, EU Governments want to Apply New Terrorism Measures , by Statewatch. 24 September 2001

Islamic peoples are already victims of US power , by John Pilger. 22 September 2001

Bush's War Plans likely to Violate International Law , by Siddharth Varadarajan. 21 September 2001

The Clinton Administration supported the "Militant Islamic Network". A 1997 Congressional report provides evidence from official sources of the links between the Islamic Jihad and the US government . 21 September 2001

Under "Operation Infinite Justice," President George W. Bush Wants to Bomb a Country which after Years of US imposed Economic Sanctions is affected by "an Emerging Widespread Famine" affecting several million people. Read the FAO Report on Afghanistan: Summary or Complete Detailed FAO Report . "I owe it to the Country to Give an Explanation," said Bush. 20 September 2001

The Taliban could not have captured Kabul on their own. They were armed and commanded by "volunteers" from the Pakistan Army, which in turn was supported by Uncle Sam. Getting used to the idea of double standards , by Tariq Ali. 16 September 2001

Women of Afghanistan Speak Out: "It was the government of the United States who supported Pakistani dictator Gen. Zia-ul Haq in creating thousands of religious schools from which the germs of Taliban emerged. As is clear to all, Osama Bin Laden has been the blue-eyed boy of CIA." 16 September 2001

Osama bin Laden: Agencies of the US Government "Harbor" International Terrorism, Listen to "RealAudio" of Michel Chossudovsky interviewed by Dan Tsang (30 minutes) at KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine, California. See "Subversity" program details . 16 September 2001

US Media Falsehoods on International Terrorism, read Folks Out There have a Distaste for Western Civilization and Cultural Values , by Ed Herman. 15 September 2001

 "Who is Osama bin Laden ", by Michel Chossudovsky. 12 September 2001 

Sowing the Seeds Of Famine In Ethiopia , by Michel Chossudovsky. Genetically modified seeds imposed on farmers in developing countries trigger famine and social devastation.
10 September 2001

The Globalisation of Police Repression and the techniques of Political Control used by Western democracies against protesters. 

Genoa Police Unit Trained by U.S. Sheriffs . The Genoa Experience , eyewitness report by Andrew Arendt Wegerif. EU's Secret Network to Spy on 

Genetically Manipulated Seeds granted as Foreign Aid. The United States Department of Agriculture Says Yes to Terminator Technology , by Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI). 29 August 2001

NATO Invades Macedonia , by Michel Chossudovsky. NATO's ultimate goal is to protect rather than disarm the terrorists. Read the eyewitness report by Scott Taylor on how the terrorists were armed and equipped by "Uncle Sam." 29 August 2001

The Macedonian Prime Minister in a letter addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations accuses the NATO of invading his country. 29 August 2001

Private military contractor in the Balkans involved in alleged prostitution racket. 

The same company has been sued by a former employees in Britain Dyncorp's British Subsidiary Sued in the UK

Report on forced prostitution in UN administered Kosovo. Read report of the International Organisation for Migration on "Trafficking in Migrants" . 29 August 2001

In 1978, in a confidential brief, National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski outlined "the federal government's plan to destroy functioning Black leadership in the United States ." 10 September 2001

Anti-Capitalists , by Stephen Castle. 29 August 2001

Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex , by Christian Parenti. 29 August 2001

How the Biotech-Pharmaceutical Conglomerates destroy Peasant Economies.The Basmati Battle and Its Implications For Biopiracy And Trips , by Vandana Shiva, "The collective cumulative innovation of our farmers was thus being pirated by a Texas based company".


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