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Moving toward a Police State. Secret military tribunals, mass arrests and disappearances, wiretapping & torture , by  Michael Ratner, 30 November 2001

Ce ne sont pas les Talibans qui ont perdu la guerre mais bien l’humanité tout entière, par  Ramzy Baroud, le 30 novembre 2001 

"The secret military tribunals established by the Bush Administration have been condemned as 'a constitutional coup d’etat'  which may lead to a “police state”: Thousands Denied Constitutional Rights . by Christopher Bollyn, 30 November 2001

Les enjeux s’appellent pétrole et contrôle de l’Asie centrale , par Solidaire, le 30 novembre 2001.

"The critical question is: When will the FBI, the CIA and the National Security Agency start to turn these powers, that they have under the Ashcroft police state bill, against American citizens?" by Professor Francis Boyle, 30 November 2001

Des «marines» déjà en Somalie ? Pour s'attaquer à une "base" du réseau de Al-Qaïda, par Elio Comarin, le 30 novembre 2001

Rebuilding Afghanistan? by  William Blum, 30 November 2001

 «Les prisonniers capturés lors de conflits doivent être gardés comme détenus et non tués. Ceci est une règle de base du droit humanitaire international» , par Olivier da Lago, le 30  novembre 2001 

Is it Baghdad or Washington? Who is developing "weapons of mass destruction": The US Secret Bioweapons Program by Michel Chossudovsky, 28 November 2001

UNOCAL 9-14 Statement: "The company is not supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan in any way whatsoever" , 28 November 2001 

"Years of attempts to arrest Osama bin Laden were blocked by the US" , by Lara Marlowe, 28 November 2001 

In the Post 9-11 Recession, Big Business cashes in on Big Bucks, Profiteering in the name of Patriotism , by  IAFTJ, 28 November 2001

A new bloody escalation launched by KLA narco-terrorist gangs in Macedonia , by Umberto Pascali, 27 November 2001

Dossier: Mondialisation et droits des femmes,  Dans les maquiladoras du Mexique, la Frontière de la mort , par Patrice Gouy, 27 novembre 2001 

The Truths they never tell us: Behind the jargon about failed states and humanitarian interventions lie thousands of dead , by John Pilger. 26 November 2001

"Real War": l'armée américaine prépare la guerre sur des jeux vidéos , par Pierre Bouvier, le 26 novembre 2001 

Critical Scholarship and Academic "Debate" on Terrorism , by  Elias Davidsson, 25 November 2001

Bush's Constitutional Coup: Kangaroo Courts and Disappearances ,  Interview with Francis A. Boyle, 25 November 2001

"Thousands of Arab-Americans are being held in secret detention, unable to contact lawyers or families": Mental Detectors and Military Courts by  Mumia Abu-Jamal, 25 November 2001

Bush Nominee linked to Latin American Terrorism , by  Bill Vann, 25 November 2001

Les États-Unis en train de devenir un état fasciste? Entrevue avec Francis Boyle, avocat, le 25 novembre 2001

"America’s policy toward Africa rather than seeking to stabilize situations where civil war and ethnic turmoil reign supreme, has seemingly promoted destabilization: “Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa 1993-1999” , Congressional testimony of Wayne Madsen, 24 November 2001 

"Neither the gated communities of the upper classes, nor the star wars missile defense shield, nor the Office of Homeland Security can protect us from a world of grinding poverty, crushing labor, and crippling disease": The Struggle against Racism in the Wake of 9-11 , by Linda Burnham, 23 November 2001

It is not the Taliban, but Humanity that has lost the War by Ramzy Baroud, 23 November 2001  

Sharon Summoned to Court: Belgian Appeals Court Set to Decide Next Steps in War Crimes Case Against Ariel Sharon, by BADIL, 23 November 2001

"The FBI's 'Magic Lantern' technology would allow investigators  to  record every keystroke on a person's computer": FBI Develops Eavesdropping Tools ,  by  Ted Bridis, 23 November 2001

Attack on Afghanistan: Washington's Fearsome Arsenal , by  Raymond Whitaker, 23 November 2001

"They are falling victim to cluster bombs and the highest tech weapons, silently in their impoverished towns and villages": Do The Lives Of Afghanis Count? by Ramzy Baroud , 23 November 2001

Nouvelle loi antiterroriste en Grande-Bretagne Le Devoir, le 22 novembre 2001

Antiterrorism bills are being passed in the US, Britain, Australia and Canada. They do far more that eliminate civil liberties. Globalisation: The Destruction of the Rule of Law , Analysis of Canada's Bill C36, by Connie Fogal , 22 November 2001

America's Dirty Afghan Secret: it's a War over Oil , by V K Shashikumar, 22 November 2001

Double standards in the "campaign against international terrorism": U.S. Protects Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Kosovo , by Umberto Pascali,, 21 November 2001

Dernière-née des arsenaux américains, légère, puissante et bourrée de plutonium: "Mininuke", la bombe secrète , par Hervé Kempf, le 21 novembre 2001

"No administration has ever been more in bed with the energy industry": The United States of Oil , by Damien Caveli, 21 November 2001

Les terroristes des attentats du 11septembre étaient-ils liés aux services de renseignement pakistanais? par Michel Chossudovsky, le 19 novembre 2001, also available in English

Les Arabes américains sont les premiers visés par la discrimination raciale pratiquée par les forces de l'ordre , par Philippe Bolopion, le 19 novembre 2001

What was the chief of Pakistan's Military Intelligence (ISI) doing in the US in the days prior to the attacks? , by Amir Mateen, 19 November 2001. Related article by Michel Chossudovsky on: the Role of  Pakistan's ISI in 9-11

Tribunaux militaires: le projet provoque un tollé , par Philippe Bolopion, le 19 novembre 2001

War Criminals: Real and Imagined,    by Gregory Elich, 18 November 2001

Crimes against Humanity: Unexploded cluster bombs pose threat to civilians, by Dawn, 18 November 2001

Food aid package (Left), Cluster Bomb (Right)                                                              

Food Aid Package (Left) Cluster Bomb (Right)

Until August, Washington saw the Taliban  "as a source of stability that would enable the construction of an oil pipeline across Central Asia to the Indian Ocean":  U.S. Taliban Policy influenced by Oil, by Julio Godoy, 17 November 2001

Military tribunals, monitoring of lawyers: Bush announces new police-state measures , by Kate Randall, 17 November 2001

This War of Lies goes on , by John Pilger, 17 November 2001 

Genocide as collateral damage, but with sincere regrets , by Edward S. Herman, 17 November 2001 

Arm-twisting, blackmail, and intimidation from the big trading powers at the WTO Ministerial Conference: .The Meaning of Doha , by Walden Bello and Anuradha Mittal, 16 November 2001 

"Les Américains ont bombardé notre bureau": Al-Jazira dépend de CNN pour ses images en Afghanistan Florence Amalou et Tewfik Hakem, le 16 novembre 2001

"In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba" , ABC  News Report by David Ruppe, 16 November 2001 

"Operation Northwoods" was a corrupt plan by the US government to stage the assassination of civilians and blame it on Communist Cuba. Read the declassified 1962 document, titled "Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba", National Security Archive,  16 November 2001

Ni les talibans ni les moudjahidin, ne représentent le peuple afghan! Association révolutionnaire des femmes afghanes (RAWA), 16 novembre 2001

International Appeal against the war in Afghanistan, 16 November 2001

US agents were told to "back off" from investigating the Bin Laden family and the Saudi Royals, Has Someone been sitting on the FBI?    BBC News Transcript, 14 November 2001

In the EU, the proposed definition of terrorism  would permit the criminalising of all forms of social struggle. Democratic Rights must not become the Collateral Damage caused by the War against Terrorism ,  by Antoine Comte, Ties Prakken and Jan Fermon, 14 November 2001

War on Terrorism skipped the KLA, by James Bissett, 14 November 2001 

No surprise at rumours of new atrocities by our 'foot-soldiers' , by Robert Fisk, 14 November 2001

Civilian Casualties Simply 'Aren't News' , by Matt Bivens, 14 November 2001

A horrifically brutal weapon, the details of which seldom make it into the American mainstream press: The US Military Starts Using "Daisy Cutters" against Afghanistan, by Andy Buckley, 14 November 2001

During the Election Campaign, George W. Bush thought that Putin was Prime Minister of Canada, Does this Man Know enough to be President? by AP, 14 November 2001

A la réunion de l'OMC, collusion secrète entre entreprises et gouvernements  par Greg Palast, 14 novembre 2001 

"Defence experts say that the US is dropping highly dangerous ordnance on Afghanistan that could have devastating effect on people's health", Depleted Uranium: U.S. Bombings to Have Lasting Effects,    by Dawn, 13 November 2001

Dubious Legality of Afghan Bombing, by Dr Aziz Kurta,  13 November 2001

The undemocratic, secretive and manipulative "green room" methods of the WTO: Dirty Tactics at Fourth WTO Ministerial Conference , by Tetteh Hormeku. 13 November 2001

"Washington, with its ready access to the media, to PR firms, to spin-doctors,  to overnight polling, struggles to get its message -- and the truth -- out": Our Masters of Propaganda, by Stephen Gowans, 12 November 2001

"Hollywood scriptwriters bolster the new message of patriotism, conferring with the CIA and brainstorming with the military": Stars earn their Stripes , by Ros Davidson, 12 November 2001

Backyard Terrorism: The US has been training terrorists at a camp in Georgia for years , by George Monbiot, 11 November 2001

Training Terrorists at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC), by  School of America`s Watch, 11 November 2001 

Guerre et paix sans les femmes par Gisèle Halimi, le 11 novembre 2001

"Bush at one point had connections with Saudi Arabia's prominent Bin Laden family": Bush thwarted FBI probe against bin Ladens , 11 November 2001 

A War in the Planning for Four Years ,  by Michael Ruppert, 11 November 2001

The Anti-terrorism Bill signed by President George W. Bush constitutes the Foundations of a Totalitarian State: Alienable Rights by Amira Howeidy, 11 November 2001

Hidden Agenda Behind War On Terror , by John Pilger, 11 November 2001 

Les Arabes inquiets de la discrimination en Occident , Christian Chesnot, 9 novembre 2001

US academics who dare to discuss the Allied bombing face censure , by Lee Elliot Major, 9 November , 2001

"Firing professors for things they say at antiwar rallies": Intimidation Is a Form of Censorship , by Norah Vincent, 9 November 2001

La Maison Blanche mobilise l'armée des enfants et leur demande d'écrire aux petits musulmans,    par Annick Cojean, 7 novembre 2001

Afghanistan is Key to Oil Profits , by Karen Talbot, 7 November 2001

There is no War on Terrorism ,  by John Pilger, 5 November 2001 

Contre-offensive médiatique de l'Administration Bush et harcèlement de journalistes :  Al-Jazira sous le feu de la critique internationale par Florence Amalou, 5 novembre 2001

Canadian "Gun Boats" are not equipped to wage a War against a land-locked Country:  Extending the War to Iraq? Canada sends "Gun Boats" to the Persian Gulf ,  by Michel Chossudovsky, 5 November 2001

Iraq prepares for American Blitz: Interview with Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz , 5 November 2001

Bin Laden "Made in America": Afghan Children say "Stop the War" , Herman de Tollenaere.  4 November 2001

Photo: copyright Boyd Noorda, 2001

La nouvelle «guerre de l'opium» , par Elio Comarin, 4 novembre 2001

The CIA's Wall Street connections: Transcript of interview with Michael C. Ruppert , 3 November, 2001.

Bush has chosen people "from the most dubious part of the Republican stable of the 1980s, those engaged in the Iran-Contra affair." Face-off: Bush's Foreign Policy Warriors , by Peter Roff and James Chapin, 3 November 2001

CNN Chief Orders 'Balance' in War News: Reporters Are Told To Remind Viewers Why U.S. Is Bombing,  by Howard Kurtz, 3 November 2001  

Unleashing the CIA , by William Blum, 3 November 2001

The CIA met Bin Laden while undergoing treatment at an American Hospital last July in Dubai. No attempt was made to arrest him. English translation of article in Le Figaro, by Alexandra Richard. 2 November 2001

« Poursuivant son enquête, le FBI découvre des " montages " que la CIA avait développés avec ses " amis islamistes " depuis des années. » La CIA aurait rencontré ben Laden en juillet, par Alexandra Richard. 2 novembre 2001



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