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État de siège en terre palestinienne: Ce que l'armée israélienne dissimule à l'opinion publique , Amira Hass, 31 jan.

World Economic Forum: "Intellectual Poverty" of World Bank Policies , Jan Oberg, 31 Jan.

Militarisation de L'Asie centrale: Les Américains et les Français aménagent une base militaire au Kirghizstan , Jacques Isnard, 31 jan.

Delusions of Sanity: Arthur Andersen’s Contract to Audit FBI Unaffected by Mounting Evidence of Criminal Activity , Michael  Ruppert, 30  Jan.

"In the 1950s, the Red Scare was used to justify the growth of the war industries.. That is happening now":  The Colder War , John Pilger, 30 Jan.

The Great Deception: What really happened on 9-11? VisionTV (Canada) Commentary by Barrie Zwicker (Real Video) , 29 Jan.

CBC Radio Interview with Michael Springman exposes CIA's links to Osama bin Laden, (Real Audio), 29 Jan 

Opération américaine contre l'hôpital de Kandahar , AFP, 29 Jan.   

Unocal Advisor Named US Special Envoy to Afghanistan, Patrick Martin, 29 Jan.

Sabra and Chatila: The Man who would Testify against Sharon is Blown Up. Was this another Targeted Killing? Robert Fisk, 27 Jan.

Israel is persuading the US that Iran be next on the "war against terror" hit list. Targeting Tehran , Galal Nassar, 27 Jan.  

"Free market rhetoric is a corporate con game. Neoliberalism is really about promoting corporate power": The Twin Debacles of Globalisation , Walden Bello, 27 Jan.

From Korea to Afghanistan: US Government War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, Lenora Foerstel and Brian Willson, 26 Jan.

War and Globalisation: Worldwide Economic Depression Looms , Michel Chossudovsky, 26 Jan.

"Enrongate": All Roads Lead to Deutschebank and Harken Energy, W's own 1991 Insider Trading Scam , Tom Flocco and Michael Ruppert, 26 Jan. 

Links between the Bushes and the bin Ladens: "Has someone been sitting on the FBI?" BBC Video Interview by Greg Palast (Real Player), 26 Jan.  

United States Refuses to Abide by Geneva Convention , Partners for Civil Justice, 26 Jan.

Viewpoint from Pakistan: The US wants a permanent military foothold in Central Asia,    Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad, 25 Jan.

What Price American Primacy?  Stephen Gowans, 25 Jan.

"The FBI and the Justice Department are considering using torture as an approved policy of the US", Partners for Civil Justice, 24 Jan. 

Organising against Globalisation: Unemployed Workers Movement in Argentina, James Petras, 24 Jan.

"Enron was the largest laundromat of stolen and tax evading dollars in American history": Bigger Bush Adminstration Conflicts of Interest Loom , Michael Ruppert, 23 Jan. 

Afghanistan, The Taliban, and The Bush Oil Team , Wayne Madsen, 23 Jan.

Arms Buildup Enriches Firm Staffed by Big Guns, Ex-president and other elites are behind weapon-boosting Carlyle Group , Mark Fineman, 23 Jan. 

Depleted Uranium: Devastation at Home and Abroad , Leuren Moret, 23 Jan.

Iraq - 11 Years On , Omar Al Taher, 23 Jan.

Taliban Defeat revives Debate on Trans-Afghan Pipeline, Igor Torbakov, 23 Jan.

War and Corporate GlobalisationThe American Way of War, Walden Bello, 6 Jan.

Police State Agenda: Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Laws, Rocco Galati, 6 Jan.

"Civil Society" and the New World Order: All this "civil society" talk takes us nowhere, Aziz Choudry, 6 Jan.

Selon les nouvelles lois européennes, nous sommes tous des terroristes, Nils Anderson,  6  jan.

En Palestine: Déchaînement du Mal, Tanya Reinhart, 4 jan.. Article also available in  English

The New McCarthyism, Matthew Rothschild, 4 Jan.

A Flight Against The Iraqi Blockade, Greg Elich, 4 Jan

Washington's New World Order Weapons Have the Ability to Trigger Climate Change, Michel Chossudovsky, 4 Jan 

US Anthrax Attacks linked to Army Biological Weapons Plant, Patrick Martin, 2 Jan.

La traque des combattants d’Al Qaïda se poursuit avec son lot de «dégâts collatéraux» , Valérie Gas, 2 jan.

The military action against Afghanistan had been planned prior to 9-11, George Arnev,  02 Jan.



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