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MAY / MAI  2002

9/11 foreknowledge: Avoiding the real questions, Jane Intelligence, 31 May

With nuclear powers India and Pakistan on the edge of war: How Britain's armaments fuel the war, John Pilger, 30 May

Wiretaps may have foretold Terror Attacks, Sebastian Rotella & Josh Meyer, 30 May

9-11 investigation, interview with Mike Ruppert , 30 May

Derrière le scandale Enron: Les sociétés pétrolières et le pillage des terres autochtones, Micheline Ladouceur, 27 mai

FBI response to 9/11 Foreknowledge: Memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller, Coleen Rowley,   27 May

Israel forces internal movement permits on Palestinians , Amira Hass, 27 May

Israel and South Africa: Apartheid's Accidental Prophecy, Susan Abulhawa,  27 May

There is a firestorm coming, provoked by Mr Bush, Robert Fisk, 27 May

Foreknowledge of 9/11: Cover-up of important information revealed by FBI Whistle-blower, John J. Lumkin,  25 May

Corporate Media Defaults on 9/11 , Peter Phillips, 25 May

Washington is pushing India and Pakistan to the brink of war, Michel Chossudovsky, 23 May  [portugues ]

Bush Administration pulls out of the International Criminal Court, Marjorie Cohn, 22 May

Widespread famine looms in Angola, Akwe Amosu, 22 May

All the desperate lies and spin don't change the fact that the Bush administration had foreknowledge of the Sept.11 attacks, Larry Chin, 21  May

Hidden Agenda behind the "War on Terrorism": US Bombing of Afghanistan restores Trade in Narcotics , Michel Chossudovsky, 20  May

Terrorist Warnings, Rep.Cynthia McKinney, 19  May

Foreknowledge of 9/11. Open letter to members of the press, Kyle Hence 19  May

Congresswoman McKinney Presses for Investigation of Bush Administration Links to 9-11 (Transcript and audio)

Coverup or Complicity of the Bush Adminstration, Michel Chossudovsky,  17  May  [first posted 2 Nov 01]

Echelon Gave Authorities Warning of  9/11 Attacks, Ned Stafford, 17  May

The Lie Won't Stand: Administration Explanations for Pre-9-11 Warnings, Michael C. Ruppert, 17  May

The Administration Builds up its Pretext for Attacking Iraq, Roger Trilling, 17  May

Enfin, le printemps arrive en Israël, Victor Ginsburgh et Dan Kaminski, 17 May

What Happened in Jenin? FAIR, 16 May

The onslaught on the Iraqi people continues: Analysis of the UN Security Council Resolution, Elias Davidsson, 15 May

The escalating "9/11 war" is a battle for control over oil: , Larry Chin, 15 May

TotalFinaElf attaqué en justice sur le dossier birman, Georges Abou, 15 May

CIA attempts political assassination in Afghanistan, Peter Symonds, 14 May

Bush Administration plans for Martial Law and Suspension of Elections, John Stanton and Wayne Madsen, 14 May

Deux soldats israéliens témoignent, Sylvain Cypel, 14 May

Wall Street, the CIA & the Terrorist Attacks, interview with Michael Ruppert (audio),13 May

US Armed Intervention in the Philippines, Bayan, 13 mai

The IMF has impoverished Africa , 13 mai

Camp Bondsteel and America’s plans to control Caspian oil,. Paul Stuart, 13 May

Le 11 septembre: Camouflage ou Complicité de l'Adminstration Bush? Michel Chossudovsky, 13 mai

US-sponsored Dirty War in Colombia, Alfredo Castro, 12 May

Police Brutality at US Airports, Ricardo Abude E. da Silva, 12 May

Les liens entre les familles Bush et bin Laden: Un goût amer dans la Bush, 12 May

"Non-lethal weapons" kept secret, Debora MacKenzie, 12 May

The Pentagon's "Offensive Biological Weapons Program", The Sunshine Project, 11 May

Inside story on the CIA backed Coup in Venezuela, Joe Taglieri. See also Venezuela: Anatomy of a Coup, Conn Hallinan, 10 May

Public Reaction to Rep. McKinney’s Call for 9-11 Investigation, Michael Davidson, 8 May

US Military Civil Disturbance Planning: the War at Home, Frank Morales, 8 May

CIA admits foreknowledge of 9-11, Larry Chin, 8 May

Sept 11 Inquiry of Intelligence Failures hits Obstacles. CIA and Justice Dept. undermining efforts of lawmakers, Greg Miller with introductory note by Kyle Hence, 7 May

Sharon's Final Solution for the Palestinians? Alexander Cockburn, 7 May

Harsh Occupation at Hebron and Dura, Gush Shalom, 6 May

UN. Fact Finding Mission into Israeli War Crimes: Mission Impossible? BADIL, 6 May

Pro-Israel US hawks mount offensive on airwaves, Jim Lobe, 6 May

The Abyss in Argentina , Roger Burbach, 6 May

New McCarthyism is sweeping the country, Matthew Rothschild, 6 May

"Deep integration" of Canada with the US, David Crane, 5 May

U.S. Eyes Caspian Oil in "War On Terror" , Armen Georgian, 4 May

Police Repression in Montreal, Eyewitness report from the anti-G8 protest, Kate Forrest, 2 May

Apartheid in the Holy Land, Desmond Tutu, 1 May

The head of the congressional investigation into the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks has quit, AP, 1 May

Répression policière à Montréal, Francis Dupuis-Déri, 1er mai



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