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Review article: Targeting North Korea, Greg Elich, 31 Dec
Attack on Iraq to start on Feb. 21; Saudis to allow air support missions from Saudi bases , Al Bawaba, 30 Dec
U.S. Special Forces and the CIA are using torture as a means of interrogation, cooperativeresearch.org, 30 Dec
The Super Rich Are Out of Sight, Michael Parenti, 30 Dec
New Chairman of 9/11 Commission had business ties with Osama's Brother in Law, Michel Chossudovsky, 28 Dec
9/11 Commission: conflict of interest? Thomas Kean's Business Relationship to the Bin Mahfouz and Al-Amoudi clans, Xymphora, 28 Dec
Security Council resolution 1441 violates the UN Charter: A UN mandate does not make war on Iraq right! Jorgen Johansen & Jan Oberg,  28 Dec
Read the intelligence coverup: "Official findings" of  Joint Senate-House Intelligence Committee report on 9/11,  27 Dec
Venezuela: Members of Congress speak out on US sponsored failed military coup, 27 Dec
Arming for Armageddon: US Military-Industrial Complex Reigns Supreme, John Stanton, 27 Dec
Bush clique attempts to emasculate 9/11 inquiry: Down the Crooked U.S. Course Against 9/11 Terrorism, CAIS, 26 Dec
France and Russia move closer to US stance, Paul Webster & Nick Paton Walsh, 26 Dec
Britain opens door to son of star wars, Richard Norton-Taylor, 26 Dec
US Immigrant Registration Program Pretext for Mass Detentions, ACLU, 26 Dec
Accès aux médicaments: Les pays pauvres ne pourront pas importer de génériques, Christian Losson, .26 Dec
As Bush threatens Iraq with nukes, US ramps up its own biowarfare research, Kéllia Ramares, 26 Dec
Afghanistan: The Nuclear Nightmare begins, Davey Garland, 26 Dec
US vetoes Security Council draft resolution condemning Israel, 23 Dec
UN Warning of "Devastating War" In Iraq, Times, 23 Dec
Report from Cairo on the International Campaign against U.S. Aggression on Iraq. Peter Phillips, 23 Dec
Egypte :Des intellectuels du monde entier lancent un appel contre la guerre en Irak, Humanité, 23 Dec
How the Empire Works: The Second Track, James Petras, 23 Dec
Hi-tech arms 'would finish war in a week' Andrew Buncombe, 22 Dec.
America tore out 8000 pages of Iraq dossier, James Cusick and Felicity Arbuthnot, 22 Dec.
Terrorism as a justification for military aggression: New revelations on the 1998 US Embassy bombings in East Africa , George Pumphrey, 22 Dec
Merchants of Death: Iraq's top secret weapons report, Andreas Zumach (translated from German), Complete list of firms which supplied weapons to Iraq, Tageszeitung,, Audio interview with A. Zumach, Democracy Now, 22 Dec
Israel's Apartheid Wall, 20 Dec
Leaked Report Says German and US Firms Supplied Arms to Saddam, Tony Paterson, 20 Dec
Entering Palestine, Jaggi Singh, 20 Dec
Risks of A Massive Global Conflict, Michael C. Ruppert, 19 Dec
Pentagon plans for smallpox outbreak, Tetrahedron, 19 Dec
Progressive Irrelevance?,                                                      Anis Shivani, 17 Dec
Time to Secede? Breaking Away From a Bankrupt State, John Stanton & Isa F. Atkins, 17 Dec
America needed "a new Pearl Harbor". Its published aims have, alarmingly, come true ,  John Pilger, 17 Dec
Project SHAD: American Servicemen Used As Guinea Pigs, APFN, 17 Dec
Unanswered questions regarding Kenya terror attacks, Ann Talbot, 17 Dec
Mobilisons-nous contre la guerre annoncée!, Michel Chossudovsky & Ian Woods, 17 déc 
Big Brother: We'll All Be Under Surveillance, Nat Hentoff, 8 Dec
U.S. citizens presumed to be working for al-Qaida overseas can "legally be killed by the CIA", John J. Lumpkin, 6 Dec
America prepares for War:  Parents furious as Pentagon slides recruiting officers into classrooms, Suzanne Goldenberg, See also: No Child Left Unrecruited, Anita Ramasastry 6  Dec
Smallpox Vaccination:  a hoax and scam intended to frighten people, Len Horowitz & Vivian Vetrano, 6  Dec
Pentagon Memo Raises Possibility of Nuclear Testing, Christine Kucia,  6  Dec
Under UNSC Resolution 1441: The U.S. has the right to " kidnap" any Iraqi, Barbara Nimri Aziz, 6  Dec
International Call From Veterans & Soldiers: we call on troops of all Armies taking part in this offensive: REFUSE RESIST REBEL!! , 6  Dec
Canadians to lead weapons inspection team into USA6 Dec
Kissinger:  The Wrong Man for Every Season, CHA, 5 Dec
Les objectifs de guerre des grandes puissances au Moyen Orient, Riposte, 5 Dec:
George Bush, The Deserter , Buzzflash.com, 5 Dec
A Jewish Demographic State, Uri Avnery, 5 Dec:
We are being set up for a war against Saddam, Robert Fisk, 5 Dec:
Kissinger 9/11 Inquiry: "Whitewash Conspiracy", Propaganda matrix.com, 4 Dec
Reversing the Tide of War, M.Chossudovsky & I. Woods, 2 Dec  (français)
9/11 Truth Movement: Compilation of Selected Research Resources Nic Levis, 2 Dec
Political humour from the Oval Office: Hu`s on First, James Sherman, 2 Dec
The Latest Kissinger Outrage Why is a proven liar and wanted man in charge of the 9/11 investigation? Christopher Hitchens, 2 Dec
Yugoslavia, Scenes of War , Gregory Elich, 2 Dec
The Israeli Elections, Tanya Reinhart, 2 Dec
Political Humour: The Advance of Medicine, 27 Nov

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