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It is the Bush Administration rather than Baghdad, which is supporting Al Qaeda: Fabricating an Enemy, Michel Chossudovsky, 28 Jan  [Deutsch]
Letter from Baghdad , Scilla Elworthy, 28 Jan
US buys up Iraqi oil to stave off crisis, Seizing reserves will be an allied priority, Faisal Islam and Nick Paton Walsh, 28 Jan
Sharing the Spoils of War: France demands Iraqi oil rights to drop veto, James Cusick, Marion McKeone and David Pratt , 28 Jan
What did Dubya do in the war, daddy? Linda McQuaig, 28 Jan 
As Bush Threatens Iraq with Nukes, US Ramps Up Its Own Biowarfare Research, Kéllia Ramares, 28 Jan 
Preamble to a "National emergency"? Connecticut is becoming the first state to start a smallpox vaccination, 26 Jan 
Beating the drums for justice: Calls for Bush's impeachment for 9–11 , Joyce Lynn, 26 Jan 
U.S. Lawyers Warn Bush, Rumsfeld on War Crimes, Grant McCool, 26  Jan 
Audio:War and The Criminalisation of the State, Michel Chossudovsky  interviewed by Bonnie Faulkner, 26  Jan 
The Nuclear Option in Iraq: The U.S. has lowered the bar for using the ultimate weapon,    William M. Arkin, 26  Jan
The message from the Bush camp: 'It's war within weeks', Julian Borger, Ewen MacAskill and Simon Tisdall, 26  Jan
First stages of the U.S. invasion of Iraq likely to begin with State of the Union address , Michael C. Ruppert, 26  Jan
Iraq Inspections Ten-Point Joint Statement Issued Following IAEA-UN Talks in Baghdad,      24  Jan
Israel: Democracy at a Dead End, Lev Grinberg, 23  Jan
Parallel And Linked Genocides: Iraq And Palestine, Edward S. Herman, 21  Jan
The United States of America Has Gone Mad,    John le Carré, 21  Jan
The hypocrisy is suffocating: "We have a Clear Obligation, which is to Resist" , Harold Pinter, 21  Jan
Global Protest Delivers a Resounding 'No!' 21  Jan
See pics of Antiwar Rallies around the World (click on city or country), 21  Jan    Antiwar Rallies in 37 countries , IAC
Deceptions and Illusions, Wayne Madsen,  20  Jan
An unacceptable helplessness, Edward Said urges an Arab alternative to the wreckage that is about to engulf our world, 20  Jan
Misinformation on North Korea, Khien Theeravit, 20  Jan
U.S. Forced North Korea's Hand, Gavan McCormack, 20  Jan
ACLU Report: Bigger Monster, Weaker Chains: The Growth of an American Surveillance Society, Jay Stanley & Barry Steinhardt, 20  Jan
RFID tags: Big Brother in small packages, Declan McCullagh, 20  Jan
On the importance of January 18:Bush's Ugly America, John Stanton, 20  Jan
French parliament approves massive military spending increase , 20  Jan
Impeachment Resolution Against President George W. Bush, Francis A. Boyle18  Jan
Drawing the Line: An Open Letter To Present and Future U.S. Troops, S. Brian Willson, Vietnam Veteran,  16  Jan
War Propaganda, Michel Chossudovsky, 16  Jan  [Deutsch]
Occupied Palestine: Forcible transfers of Palestinians to Gaza constitutes a War Crime,        WRMEA, 16  Jan
Israelis To Demolish Entire Palestinian Village, 16  Jan
Belgium opens way for Sharon trial., BBC, 16  Jan
Unexplained Media Omissions and Silence: How Did those WTC Buildings Collapse? Scott Loughrey, 15  Jan
US Sponsored War Crimes and Travesty of Justice in CroatiaPrison Camp Lora and the Trial of the Lora 8, Gregory Elich, 15  Jan
U.S. Trade Unions against War: Antiwar Sentiment Sweeps the Country, Alan Benjamin, 15  Jan
Establishing the New Resistance to Regain America, Bev Conover, 15  Jan
World on path to nuclear disaster, bomb pioneer warns, Daviid Hearst, 13  Jan
Security, Secrecy and a Bush Brother, Margie Burns, 13  Jan
The Excluded Strike Back: Popular Alternatives, James Petras,
Iraqi Wars, Chalmers Johnson, 13  Jan
NATO expresses willingness  to use nuclear weapons, .David Hearst, 13  Jan
War with Iraq means Cancer, Yvonne Ridley, 12  Jan
Gulf War vets' illnesses: Insecticides and anti-nerve gas, Kathleen Sullivan, 12  Jan
Russian warships on standby to sail to Gulf, Nick Paton Walsh. 12  Jan
US will attack Iraq 'without UN backing', Toby Harnden, 12  Jan
Genoa: Fabricating Evidence against Globalization Activists to justify Police Brutality, Fair, .12  Jan
2003: A Year of Imperial Wars, Economic Crises and Popular Uprisings, James Petras, .12  Jan
Crisis y militarisacion del Imperio Yanqui, Myrna Donahoe, Raúl Fernández y Gilbert González, .11 Jan:
The Pentagon's secret program: "super soldiers," fired by drugs and electromagnetic "brain zaps": Global Eye:Monsters, Inc, Chris Floyd, 11 Jan:
The churches' pre-emptive reponse to Bush's Iraq plans, David Earle Anderson,  10 Jan
The Tel Aviv suicide bombing and illegal foreign workers, Jaggi Singh, 10 Jan
3 Français sur 4 opposés à une intervention en Irak , 10 Jan
How to drum up public support for war: The Pentagon's Plan to Provoke Terrorist Attacks, Chris Floyd, 11 Jan:
Bush's War is Obscene and Unjustifiable, Dennis Halliday,  10 Jan
Elections in Israel: "Nadav's" Putsch, Uri Avnery, 9 Jan
Bio-Warfare and Terrorism, Francis Boyle, 9 Jan
Iraq: UN predicts humnitarian disaster: Confidential UN document entited "Likely Humanitarian Scenarios" See also Notes to accompany "Likely Humanitarian Scenarios," CASI,  8  Jan
Reuters press report on UN document.U.N. Sees 500,000 Iraqi Casualties at Start of War, Irwin Arieff, 8 Jan
Frightening array of new high-tech weapons ready to to be used in war on Iraq, Paul McGeough,  8  Jan
Terror alerts manufactured? White House scripting 'hysterics' for political effect, Jon Dougherty, 7 Jan
Sharon's Secret Plan to Remove Palestinians from Israel , Gordon Thomas, 7 Jan
US accelerates preparations for invasion of Iraq, Patrick Martin, 7 Jan
Bush's Master Plan for the Internet, Kurt Nimmo,  7 Jan
War on Iraq: Potentially devastating impacts of weapons containing depleted uranium, Doug Rokke and Anglus Parker, 7 Jan
The war to annihilate Palestinian civil society, Anat Matar, 7 Jan
Global Economy: US dollar hegemony has got to go, Henry C K Liu, 6  Jan
Impeach Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft: Preemptive Impeachment, Kéllia Ramares, 6  Jan
'Transfer' or Mass Deportation: A detailed plan for forcibly expelling all Palestinians, Ran HaCohen,  5 Jan
US operatives are said to be active in Iraq, John Donnelly, 5 Jan
Big Brother: "No-Fly" blacklist grounds US Passengers, Frederick Sweet, 5 Jan
Impending Refugee Crisis: UNHCR Prepares for War , 4 Jan
Palestinians Subjected to New Israeli Technique Called 'The Lottery', John Ward Anderson, 4 Jan
The US Damages Case in Diego Garcia -- US/UK Colony : Top US Politicians Accused, Ragini Kistnasamy & Lindsey Collen, 4 Jan
South Korea: Hundreds of thousands protest U.S. occupation, Deirdre Griswold,  2 Jan
Back to Iraq as a human shield, Ken Nichols O'Keefe, 2 Jan
Nablus (Palestine) under Siege: In the Home of Mohammed Ramadan, Jaggi Singh, 2 Jan

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