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28-31 March /mars 2003
The War on Iraq: Orwell's Ministry of Truth: "War is Peace", Freedom is Slavery", "Ignorance is Power": The Devil's Dictionary, Uri Avnery, 31  March
Next up: 'Non-lethal' chemicals that kill, David Isenberg, 31  March
Al-Jazeera tells the truth about war. My station is a threat to American media control - and they know it, Faisal Bodi, 31  March
Offense and Defense,The battle between Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon, Seymour M. Hersh, 31  March
***Russian military intel update: War in Iraq (29/03)
***Iraq's UN Envoy on Crisis of the United Nations: Kofi Annan obeys US/UK orders , interview with Voice of Egypt, 30  March
Mysterious Virus: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Epidemiological Tracking, HRI, 30  March
BBC complains of Pentagon lies, Julie Hyland, 30  March
Blueprint for Military Conquest: Project for the New American Century,"Origins of Regime Change in Iraq," Joseph Cirincione, 30  March
Financial Scam and the Bush Family, The Best Unregulated Families , Margie Burns, 30  March.
Video: Second Baghdad market blast fuels Iraqi anger , BBC, 30  March.
Liberating the people of Iraq by massacring them, Daily Star (Lebanon), 29  March.
Dick Cheney's Halliburton: Fat contracts to "repair" Iraq, Chris Floyd, 29  March.
***55 Iraqi civilians killed, 47 injured in a US-UK air strike on the Baghdad Shula market Naseer Al-Nahr, 29  March.
***A US delegation arrived in Amman on its way to Baghdad for ceasefire negotiations , 29  March.
***War in Iraq - a week of war, (03/28) , Iraqwar.ru, 29  March.
***War in Iraq - preparing for battle(03/28) , Iraqwar.ru, 29  March.
Canada's Role in the War and the Media's Crisis of Credibility, Richard Sanders, 29  March.
Review of the military situation: Flicker in the fog, Galal Nassar, 28 March.
***Iraqi information minister: Update on military campaign and media distortions (03/28), 28 March.
US Military involved on several fronts: US Forces in The Philippines ,  Aziz Choudry, 28 March.
Made in the USA: A guide to Iraq�s weapons of mass destruction, Jim Crogan, 28 March.
Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter says US will lose war against Iraq , 28 March.
Canada's Participation in the War on Iraq was decided upon in Oct. 2001 (initially posted 5 Nov 2001), 28 March.
Iraq unsettles US planners, Jonathan Marcus,  28 March.
Where did they go wrong? Some more thoughts about the war, Uri Avnery, 28 March.
***War in Iraq - requirement for more troops, Iraqwar.ru,  28 March.
Canadian Military inside Iraq: Canada�s "Secret" Contribution to the War in Iraq, Richard Sanders,  28 March.
27  March /mars 2003 
CNN confirms use of Napalm by Coalition Forces , 27 March.
***War in Iraq - fighting the people, Iraqwar.ru,
Unanswered Questions Regarding September 11, Citizens' Investigative Commission on 9/11, 27 March.
1000 daily air raids, Iraq's Rep. to the UN Security Council, 27 March.
Pourquoi l'appui inconditionnel de l'Espagne aux USA dans la guerre contre l'Iraq? Eduardo N��ez, 27 March.
More than 350 Iraqi civilians killed since the start of invasion
Six Days of Shame, John Pilger, 27 March.
Genocidal war: Lessons for the future, James Petras, 27 March.
Iraqi resistance shatters US propaganda of "liberation" war, Patrick Martin, 27 March.
***US Casualties go Unreported: Arab TV Crew Says Found 40 Dead US Soldiers , 27 March.
***Photos of some of the victims of the US-UK war on Iraq , 27 March.
Who Lied to Whom? Why did the Administration endorse a forgery about Iraq�s nuclear program? Seymour M. Hersh, 27 March.
*** Iraq prepared for a "War of Attrition", interview with Iraqi Vice President, 27 March.
Blueprint for a Global Empire: Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century , Project for the New American Century (PNAC), Sept 2000, 27 March.
***US/UK Coalition blocks Food and Medicine Supplies to Iraq 27 March.
The president's real goal in Iraq, Jay Bookman, 27 March.
26 March /mars 2003 
***Thousands of Arabs entering Iraq to Join Volunteer Army,   Al-Jazeera TV Report, 26 March.
Timely Political Satyre: The US Forms its own UN , 26 March.
Study in Contrast: CNN Vs. Al-Jazeera, Raid Qusti, 26 March.
US will lose War says Scott Ritter, 26 March.
UNICEF Report: Basra: real possibility of child deaths, "at least 100,000 children under the age of five are at risk" , 26 March.
What You Aren't Being Told About Iraq, Firas Al-Atraqchi, 26 March.
US Media silent on bombing of civilian targets: 'Many killed' in Baghdad air raid ; 'Many casualties' after Baghdad market hit ,See photos , 26 March.
The Info-War: America's Commander-In-Chief is losing the war that matters most � the information war, William Thomas 26 March
***Setbacks of Coalition Forces; By end of April 120,000 more troops sent to support the war against Iraq (Russian report from IRAQWAR.RU )
***Russian Parliament Crisis Group: "ensure that conflict does not escalate to global proportions"
***Iraqi Information Minister's Press Conference; assesses military developments and casualties,
***Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov: Russia will not let the U.S. "Legitimize " its presence in Iraq
25 March /mars 2003 
Five PoWs are mistreated in Iraq and the US cries foul. What about Guantanamo Bay? George Monbiot. 25 March.
***Iraqi Deputy PM Tariq Aziz News conference(03/24): refutes claims of "Success" by Coalition forces . 25 March.
US Military doctrine: Applying the concepts of Nazi Germany: Blitzkrieg and Shock and Awe . 25 March.
***Russian Military source: Update on Situation at An-Nasiriya (03/24)
Les liens entre Al Qaeda et l'administration Bush, Michel Chossudovsky. 25 mars.
Lettre de Michael Moore � George W. Bush                                                       25 mars.
Halliburton Makes a Killing on Iraq War, Cheney's Former Company Profits from Supporting Troops, Pratap Chatterjee, 25 March
Washington envisage d'utiliser l'arme nucl�aire contre l'Irak25 mars
24 March /mars 2003 
Four years ago the Clinton-Albright regime launched a devastating 79-day terror bombing campaign: March 24, 1999: In Memory of Yugoslavia, Rick Rozoff,  24 March
Understanding the U.S. War State, John McMurtry, 24 March
Michael Moore Turns Awards Into America�s Most Prestigious Protest, William Thomas, 24 March
Al Jazeerah Uncovered The Truth-Photos of Civilian Casualities, 24 March
This is the reality of war. We bomb. They suffer, Robert Fisk, 24 March
***10% of Smart Bombs fired on Iraq are "Made in Israel"(03/23)
***Iraqi Foreign Minister on volunteers from Arab World, on actions against US military bases in Kuwait (03/23) , 24 March
***Iraqi Defense Minister on US Setbacks in Southern Iraq (03/23), 24 March
*** Entrevue avec diplomate irakien �Tous les mensonges sont am�ricains ou britanniques�(03/24) 24 mars
***Russian Military analysis: War in Iraq - situation at Basra and An-Nasiriya (03/23) , 24 March
***The War of Lies: US Jamming of Iraqi airwaves ineffective (03/23) 24 March
***Israel participates in U.S.-led attack on Iraq (03/23) 24 March
Des Alg�riens se portent volontaires , 24 mars
Quatri�me jour de la guerre : l'Irak r�siste , 24 mars
Shame Upon These Pygmies and Their Lies, Robert Fisk, 24 March
23 March /mars 2003 
Israel censors news on Iraq war: Sensitive information must undergo 24-hour check , 23 March
'Battle in Southern Iraq: Dead bodies are everywhere' , Lindsay Murdoch, 23 March
***Iraqi Foreign Minister statement: Armed Civilians Defend Country (23/03) , 23 March
US-UK forces proceed Toward Baghdad, Naseer Al-Nahr, 23 March
Supporting the Troops, Stan Goff, 23 March
9/11 Was a Hoax: The American Government Killed Its Own People, John Kaminski, 23 March
US blitzkrieg turns Baghdad into an inferno , 23 March
Now, I Am the Terrorist, William Rivers Pitt, 23 March
Bush Administration readying for 2004 Invasion of Iran, John Stanton, 23 March
22 March /mars 2003 
***Iraqi Information Minister reports on War Theater(03/22), 22 March 
***Iraqi Defense Minister reports on military activities (03/21) , 22 March 
Imperial Enterprise: War Mongers Run Amuck, Gregory Elich, 22 March 
Shock and Revulsion: World Movement Fights Back, ANSWER, 22 March 
War Propaganda: Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation, Mary Louise, 22 March 
The dollar acting as a world currency in oil trade: Iraq, oil and U.S. world hegemony, IWA, 22 March 
Militarisation of the entire Middle East Region U.S. government objectives in Iraq, Erich Marquardt, 22 March 
Media  Lies: Fox News Goes to War, 22 March 
Shock and Revulsion over Baghdad, William Thomas, 22 March 
US government seizes Iraqi financial assets , 22 March 
Intelligence used to justify the war is a hoax. Bush responsible of "breach of the highest order", Rep. Henry Waxman, 22 March 
Henry Kissinger: Shadow Government Secretary of State, Mike Schelstrate, 22 March
21 March /mars 2003 
The WTO, War and Globalisation: Forever New Frontiers, Aziz Choudry 21 March
Behind the headlines: Unconfirmed Russian Intelligence Report points to Military Setbacks in US-led Invasion , 21 March
Poursuites judiciares pour crimes contre l'humanit�: Colin Powell et Bush p�re face � un "probl�me grave" , 21 March
Oh What a Dreadful, Manipulated War, Linda Heard, 21 March
One missile every 4 minutes around the clock will relentlessly rain down on Baghdad: US "Shock and Awe" Blitzkrieg in Iraq, Henry Michaels, 21 March
Mobilisations contre la guerre en travers le monde , 21 March
Who armed Iraq? Paul Rockwell, 21 March
Le mouvement antiguerre am�ricain se radicalise et se divise , 21 March
US Engaged in an Illegal War,  Joan Russow, 21 March
Claims and evaluations of Iraq's proscribed weapons, Glen Rangwala, 21 March
San Francisco Paralysed: Protest creates gridlock on SF streets , 21 March
"Sturm und Drang": Pentagon doctrine is a copy and paste of the Third Reich's Blitzkrieg: Shock and Awe: Achieving Rapid Dominance (official DoD document), 21 March
20 March /mars 2003 
"Shock and Awe": Rumsfeld's Blitzkrieg: "Star Wars" Weapons against Iraq,  Alfred Lambremont Webre, 20 March
US boosts capacity to launch air strikes on North Korea, Peter Symonds, 20 March
Background analysis: The Pentagon�s �Shock and Awe� Battle Plan for Iraq, Jaime Havenar, 20 March
As Bombs Drop, Hypocrisy Prevails, Jason Leopold, 20 March
19 March /mars 2003 
"Red alert will restrict all personal freedoms": Red Alert Blues , Kurt Nimmo, 19 March
Did Kofi Annan miss an opportunity to stop the war? Jan Oberg & Hans von Sponeck, 19 March
The Lilliputians are no longer Tiny People, Tanya Reinhart,  19 March
Consistency: of US Policy: military occupation, terror, authoritarian regimes Still the Time of the Yankees? Lev Grinberg, 19 March
US "road-map" against Arab World: The Coming Agenda, Walid Khadduri, 19 March
FBI called to investigate forged documents used to justify war on Iraq:  Eleventh Hour Lies mount as War approaches, Larry Chin, 18 March
 The Idiot Prince Will Have His War, Stan Goff, 18 March
1-18 March /mars 2003 
Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush on the Eve of War, 18 March
Millions join in worldwide protests against US war with Iraq , Patrick Martin, 18 March
Known to Israeli Intelligence well in advance: WAR STARTING ON March 18, [reposted 17 March] 12 March
U.N. Orders Inspectors Out of Iraq17 March
The trickery used to create a threat,                          John Pilger,  17 March
16 Iraqi "violations" of the UN versus 51,000 by the US and UK. Jan Oberg, 17 March
Deux d�tenus t�moignent sur la prison am�ricaine de Bagram, en Afghanistan ,  Fran�ois Chipaux,  17 March
War Rhetoric Then and Now September 1 1939, 16 March 2003
The Iraq crisis in context, Ulli Diemer, 17 March
How to support the troops, K�llia Ramares, 17 March
France:Pr�parons la Riposte Agir contre la guerre (ACG), 17 mars
Phony Intelligence as a Pretext for War: Dubious claims erode US credibility, John Donnelly & Elizabeth Neuffer, 17 March
How to Unseat the War Criminals & Reverse the Tide of War: Expose the Links between Al Qaeda and the Bush Administration, Michel Chossudovsky, 15 March
Lunch with the Chairman, Why was Richard Perle meeting with Adnan Khashoggi? Seymour M. Hersh, 15 March
The US and Eurasia: End game for the industrial era? Richard Heinberg, 15 March
Crisis in the Balkans: Who Killed Djindjic? And What Will Be the Repercussions in the Balkans? Michel Collon, 14 March
Bush's Deep Reasons for War on Iraq: Oil, Petrodollars and the OPEC Euro Question, Peter Dale Scott, 14 March
Big Brother: Canada Customs 'detains' anti-war film, Christopher Hutsul, 14 March
Detonations And Deceit: The detonation of the new MOABs, Fuel-air Bombs & Bunker Busters  is a Ploy to disguise the use of tactical Nuclear Weapons on Iraq, George Paxinos, 14 March
Qui a tu� Djindjic ? Et quelles seront les r�percussions dans les Balkans? Michel Collon
Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz's war on Iraq began before 1998 - now it's official. Jason Leopold, 14 March
Cheney is still paid by Pentagon contractor, Robert Bryce & Julian Borger, 14 March
If Blair could fall, this would leave George W. alone in his war making: An Open Letter to the U.K , K�llia Ramares, 13 March
Pakistan: Musharraf tightens his grip, Syed Saleem Shahzad, 13 March
"Shock and Awe": The Pentagon's fiery crucibles of war, Leuren Moret, 13 March
"Mother of All Bombs" (MOAB): Ten tonnes of terror tested in Florida, Thom Shanker, 12 March
The US and Kuwait undermine UN by entering demilitarised zone on  Kuwait-Iraq border, Jan Oberg and Christian H�rleman,  12 March
Comprehensive analysis: Real Reasons for the Invasion of Iraq , COAT 12 March
A Three Act Play written for Immediate Performance on the World Stage: Oh Canada, Eh! Save the World and Thyself, Andr� Gunder Frank, 12 March
Tony Blair au pied du mur et au bord du pr�cipice , Muriel Delcroix, 12 mars
Warning to Israeli Defense Force (IDF): We try to shout before it happens, Gush Shalom,  12 March
US firms set for postwar contracts, Danny Penman, 12 March
The Palestinians don't even have weather, Tanya Reinhart, 12 March 
US provided WMDs to Iraq: Testimony of Sec Donald Rumsfeld, Senate Armed Services Committee regarding Iraq (September 2002), 12 March  
Lula�s Brazil: Facing a Financial Time Bomb and the War, Roger Burbach, 11 March  
Pentagon threatens to Kill Independent Reporters in Iraq, Fintian Dunne, 11 March Listen to audio interview with journalist Kate Adie
Whistleblower Arrest in U.S. Spying on U.N. Scandal, Daniel Ellsberg, 11 March  
The Oil Numbers behind U.S. Invasion Plan, US Intentions, Dale Allen Pfeiffer, 11 March
Dan Rather-a-Joke, or the free press at its best , Jan Oberg, 11 March
"Old Europe" versus the Anglo-American Alliance. New Political Alignments & the "Big Game": What lies behind  the diplomatic rift at the UN? The Anglo-American Military Axis, Michel Chossudovsky, 10 March
Leaked memo suggests US manipulating UN , 10 March
UN launches inquiry into American spying, Martin Bright &Ed Vulliamy, 10 March
US reveals post-war carve-up, 10 March
Archaeologists warn of Iraq war�s devastating consequences , Sandy English,  8 March
Coleen Rowley Feb 26 letter to FBI director Robert Mueller
US war plans are not helped by Blix, Robert Fisk,  8 March
Pentagon wants mini-nuke ban to be lifted, Julian Borger,  8 March
Liberating Iraq� with Nuclear Weapons , Michel Chossudovsky & Ian Woods, pdf version8 March
In January interview Bush Flatly Declares No Connection Between Saddam and al Qaeda , 8 March
Khalid: A test for US credibility, Syed Saleem Shahzad, 6 March
Behind the Scenes Role of Henry Kissinger in Administration's War Agenda, 6 March
Real Khalid Sheikh Still At Large, Much trumpeted arrest is fake Balochistan Post, 6 March
Iraq: The Pentagon's Private Army , Nelson D. Schwartz, 6 March
UN Confidential Report regarding post-Saddam Iraq, Elias Davidsson, 6 March
UN leaders draw up secret blueprint for postwar Iraq, James Bone, 6 March
Declassified Documents: Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein: The U.S. Tilts toward Iraq, 1980-1984, National Security Archive, VIDEO

Donald Rumsfeld meets Saddam Hussein in 1983 (high resolution video, 2.5Mg)

low resolution VIDEO (750Kb)

Over 1 Million Iraqi Children Might Die in War - Secret UN Document, CASI, 5 March
The CIA's Failed War on Terrorism: Mystery surrounding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, B Raman,  5 March
Arrest Me, William Rivers Pitt, 5 March
Why Iraq? The US Drive for Global Hegemony, Isaac Saney, 5 March.
America's war against Europe, Paul Harris, 4 March.
Theatre of the absurd:  "Arrest" of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is nearer the Gilbert and Sullivan end of the repertory , Robert Fisk, 4 March.
'Liberating Iraq' with Nuclear Weapons, Michel Chossudvsky and Ian Woods, 3 March
Resurrected Al Qaeda leader Khalid Shaikh Mohammed killed  last October: A chilling inheritance of terror, Syed Saleem Shahzad, 3 March
"Shock and Awe": War Designed To Test New Weapons, inteiview with Vladimir Slipchenko, 3 March
An Advisory to US Troops  A Duty to Disobey All Unlawful Orders by Lawrence Mosqueda, 2 March
Bush and Blair to ditch UN if France blocks intervention , 2 March
Dirty Tricks: Text of "Secret" NSA Memorandum to "mount a surge...directed at UNSC members (minus US and GBR of course)" 2 March
Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war, Martin Bright, Ed Vulliamy & Peter Beaumont, 2 March
US prepares to use toxic gases in Iraq, Geoffrey Lean & Severin Carrell,  2 March
Despite Turkish Parliament's refusal: U.S. Unloads Arms without Turkey's Formal O.K , Adam McConnel, 2 March
Perspective historique sur la guerre:  Guerres sans Fin , Diana Johnstone, 1er mars
Dis-Integration, Michael C. Ruppert,  1 March

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