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The Mirage of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, Imad Khadduri, 30 April
Lucrative opportunities for private military companies (PMCs): There's no business like security business, David Isenberg, 30 April
The Evil Genius of Empire: Will Iraq arise again? James Petras, 30 April
Hearts and Minds: Aid and reconstruction in Iraq, Mike Lewis (CASI)
Israel's Grand Design: Leaders Crave Area from Egypt to Iraq,  John Mitchell Henshaw, 30 April [originally published in 1968]
The real reason why George smote Iraq, Bev Conover, 29 April
SARS Pneumonia Virus, Synthetic Manmade, according to Russian Scientist, Alexander Batalin, 29 April
US government implicated in planned theft of Iraqi artistic treasures, Ann Talbot, 28 April
Occupying powers responsible for grave humanitarian crisis in Iraq Baghdad, MATW, 28 April
Rebuilding Iraq -- The Contractors , opensecrets.org,  28 April,  See also Bechtel Wins Iraq War Contracts, Pratap Chatterjee
Bush's "Christian" Blood Cult: Concerns Raised by the Vatican, Wayne Madsen, 28 April
Revealed: How the road to war was paved with lies, Raymond Whitaker, 28 April
US recruits Ba’athist police and functionaries for new Iraqi state , James Conachy, 28 April
Securing Iraqi Oil for Israel: The plot thickens , 27 April
US has no legitimate right to Iraqi oil: neighbours , 27 April
Is "Another World Possible"? Brazil: Neoliberalism with a "Human Face" Michel Chossudovsky, 26 April
Plan to invade Syria was drawn up years ago, Chris Floyd,   26 April
Lessons of the war, Venik, 26 April
Haliburton, Bechtel & the Spoils of War, Dr. Mohammad T. Al-Rasheed, 25 April, See also US firms set for postwar contracts, Danny Penman, 25 April
US detains children at its POW camp in Guantanamo Bay, 25 April
Mohammed Atta worked for Elite U.S.- German Government Exchange Program, Daniel Hopsicker, 25 April
The War Nobody Won: Chaos, crime and incredulity, Henry C K Liu,  24 April
Manufacturing the news: New York Times report on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, Patrick Martin,  24 April
Throughout America Local Officials Rise Up to Defy the Patriot Act, Evelyn Nieves,  24 April
Impending Humanitarian Disaster: Fears Baghdad on verge of cholera epidemic , SMH,  24 April
North Korea: Russian official predicts 'catastrophic' events , 24 April
The 9/11 Timeline Two-Page Summary: Was 9/11 Allowed to Happen?                                        Paul Thompson, 24 April
Mega-merger strengthens Russian oil industry, John Helmer, 24 April
Bush aides discuss 'punishment' for France , 24 April
NoWMDs found in Iraq, plenty in the USA: Protesters block Lockheed Martin facility in search for WMDs , 24 April
Are Americans the New Mongols of the Mideast? Wayne Madsen, 23 April
The sacking of Iraq’s museums: US wages war against culture and history, Patrick Martin, 23 April
Towards a "Democratic Dictatorship": Repeal of 22nd Amendment removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President , 23 April
Anthrax, Chemicals and Nerve Gas: Who is Lying? Growing evidence of deception by Washington, Andrew Gumbel, 23 April
U.S. firms cash in on war, Marjorie Cohn, 23 April
Review article: Bio-Terrorism & SARS, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, 22 April
Iran's Reza Pahlavi: A Puppet of the USA and Israel? John Stanton, 22 April
Depleted Uranium: Death By Slow Burn - How America Nukes Its Own Troops, Amy Worthington,  21 April
Corona virus genetic engineering and the origin of SARS, Prof. Joe Cummins, 21 April
American tanks rolled into Baghdad with very little resistance: Baghdad did not fall -- it was handed over, Jalal Ghazi, 21 April
Was the Baath regime defeated, or was Iraq handed over? Bush's World War Four: Fall of Iraq sets up new "Clashes of Civilizations" ,  Larry Chin, 21 April
US plans permanent bases in Iraq, Rick Wallace, 21 April
NEW: Video of the Pulling down of the Statue of Saddam, 20 April
Volunteers Recall Bitter Memories, Betrayal In Iraq , Islamonline, 20 April
Violation of Geneva Convention: Iraq Prisoners Tried By Occupiers Iraqi civilians held prisoners by U.S. forces, Alaa Abul Eneen, 20 April
What role for Ahmed Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress? New bank scandal evidence against family of leader in waiting, David Leigh, 19 April
The Spoils of War: The Oil Goes to Israel, JDW, 19 April
NATO'S Shadow Over South Asia, B. Raman, 19 April
GOOD FRIDAY: "They are war criminals and murderers of children. Therefore the Church of Nativity decided to ban them access into the holy shrine for ever," Bush, Rumsfeld, Blair, Straw entry banned to the birth-place of Jesus Christ, 3 April [reposted Good Friday 18 April 2003]
New Revelations on the Battle of Baghdad:  "The Deal": Secret Negotiations between Pentagon and Republican Guard, Walid Rabah, 19 April
"Supporting the troops": a crisis of perspective, Noah Page, 19 April
Eye Witness Report: The Toppling of Statue of Saddam was Staged, video interview with Neville Watson, 18 April
Police State: Republicans call for wider powers to track citizens, Charles Pope,  18 April
Killing Mesopotamia: Looting of Iraq's Musems carefully planned, Graeme Smith, See also UNESCO recommendations to safeguard Iraqi Cultural Heritage , and UNESCO preliminary assessment, 18 April
Bechtel wins contract prize, Firm with close links to White House: deal to rebuild electrical, water and sewage systems, Oliver Burkeman, 18 April
Iraq: For the people on the streets, this is not liberation but a new colonial oppression, Robert Fisk, 18 April
SARS wreaks havoc in Shanxi province, Miao Ye, 17 April
Why the FBI cannot Catch the Anthrax Killer, Steve Moore, 16 April
Iraq War: The Russian Connection & other issues , 16 April
Shady Background of Dick Cheney's Halliburton, chosen by Pentagon to extinguish Iraqi Oil Well Fires, Jason Leopold, 16 April
Ahmed Chalabi: US Alternative To Saddam has Criminal Record , 16 April
Where are the weapons of mass destruction? 16 April
Syria: The Next Target, Ehsan Ahrari, 16 April
Interim administration process gets under way , Al Jazeera, 16 April
American troops massacre Iraqi protesters in Mosul, Henry Michaels, 16 April
Israel to use flechette shells against Palestinians ; (voir traduction) Israël va pouvoir utiliser des obus à fléchettes , 16 April
US-Georgia Military Cooperation threatens Russia , 16 April
How and why the US encouraged looting in Iraq, Patrick Martin
Iraq's Spiralling Foreign Debt  will be serviced by Iraqi oil sales , 15 April
Following Pentagon Guidelines? US Forces deliberately encouraged the Looting , Ole Rothenborg, 15 April
Library books, letters and priceless documents are set ablaze in final chapter of the sacking of Baghdad, Robert Fisk  See also Americans defend two untouchable ministries from the hordes of looters, 15 April
Occupation and crimes : "It's like in Vietnam", Bert De Belder, 14 April
CIA-Saddam links go back to 1959: Saddam key in early CIA plot , 14 April
Family members demand answers from 9/11 Commission, Jeremy Johnson, 14 April
Test-médias sur la « libération » de Bagdad, Michel Collon, 14 avril
Will US fabricate WMD evidence? Cilina Nasser, 14 April
Depleted uranium will affect Iraq for generations to come, interview with Dr. Doug Rocke, 14 April
Weapons teams scour Iraq Secret units in desperate hunt for banned arsenal, Nicholas Watt, Owen Bowcott and Richard Norton-Taylor, 14 April
Bomb before you buy, What is being planned in Iraq is not reconstruction but robbery, Naomi Klein, 14 April
Looting Iraq's archeological heritage: A civilisation torn to pieces, Robert Fisk, 14 April
US plans to loot Iraqi antiques , Liam McDougall, 14 April
Anti-US protest in Baghdad , 14 April
Meet an American war criminal, Wayne Madsen, 13 April
Mercenary company allegedly involved in fraud:: Dyncorp Rent-a-Cops May Head to Post-Saddam Iraq, Pratap Chatterjee, 13 April  Further details on Dyncorp
US 'threatens' to drop massive bomb on Tikrit, Donald Macintyre, 12 April. See also US Air Force moving several MOAB bombs to Gulf region , 13 April
The Pulling down of the Statue was a Staged Media Event, NYC Indymedia, 11 April  photo gallery of media scam, CRG, Staged Event: The 9/11 Pentagon Flag Goes to Fardus Square Baghdad , CRG
Bush send in the Evangelists: 'Spiritual Warfare' Looms, Doug Saunders, 12 April
According to UN weapons inspector Hans Blix: War Planned 'Long in Advance' , 12 April
Bombs blasted homes instead of Saddam, Peter Arnett, 12 April
Is Al-Jazeera Being Targeted by the U.S. Government ? Andrew Limburg, 12 April
How best to disarm the anti-war movement? Kill the independent media and convey the illusion that "the War is over": Killing the "Unembedded Truth", Michel Chossudovsky, 11 April
11 April/ avril 2003
Israel eyes Iraqi pipeline project, Atul Aneja, 11 April
Basra living without water, light, & foodstuffs under armed gangs, 11 April
Anarchy caused by the Anglo-American attacks, Xymphora, 11 April
300 UK companies want share of rebuilding Iraq, Fraser Nelson, 11 April
Irak: la lutte contre l’occupation américaine commence, David Pestieau, 11 April
Was there a deal between Iraqi officials and the Invaders? Dictators' Collusion, Parviz Esmaeili, 11 April
Volunteers resist US troops in Baghdad, Al Jazeera, 11 April
Nous ne pouvons plus compter les civils morts et blessés, Bert van Belder, 11 April
Washington’s colonial regime in waiting for Baghdad, Peter Symonds,  10 April
Descent into a charnel-house hospital hell, Paul McGeough,  10 April
Rumsfeld repeats charges against Syria, Al Jazeera,  10 April
US troops come under fire in west Baghdad, Al Jazeera,  10 April
Competing Currencies and the Battle for Oil: OPEC's Choice of Currency for the Denomination of the Oil Bill, April 2002 statement by J.Yarjani, Head of OPEC's Petroleum Market Analysis Dept, 10 April
The Battle for Baghdad: The images they choose, and choose to ignore, Robert Jensen, 10 April
Will ExxonMobil Be Indicted for Payments in Kazakhstan? And What Has This To Do With Iraq? Peter Dale Scott, 10 April
Journalists' organizations demand investigation: US bombs Al-Jazeera center in Baghdad, Henry Michaels, 10 April
Baghdad Besieged: Hideous Toll in Civilian Casualties, Bill Weinberg & David Bloom, 10 April
Russian anger growing, Christopher Kenneth, 9 April
The dogs were yelping. They knew bombs were on the way, Robert Fisk, 9 April
Syria Might Be Next, V. Bubnov,  9 April
Bagdad: Temoignage d'un médecin belge , 9 April
Dangers of Nuclear Catastrophe near Baghdad , Pravda,  9 April
Iraqi government collapses, Al Jazeera report,  9 April
How neoconservatives conquered Washington -- and launched a war, Michael Lind, 9 April
US beginning to consolidate position in Baghdad, Al Jazeera, 9 April
Fox versus Al Jazeera: Two Different Wars! Gerald Butt, 9 April
Is there some element in the US military that wants to take out journalists? Robert Fisk, 9 April
Killing the truth: “We don’t target journalists,” (USCentCom).  The following article  posted one week before the war. Pentagon threatens to Kill Independent Reporters in Iraq, Fintian Dunne, 11 March Listen to audio interview with journalist Kate Adie , 9 April
Project for the New American Century: Is this the “Roadmap” that Bush and Blair keep talking about? 9 April (includes selected references on the PNAC) 
US forces ratchet up pressure on Baghdad , 9 April
Killing the media: ***Russian Military intel: Ramzaj Discontinues Operation 04/08, 9 April 
Where are all those WMDs that were the pretense for this war?Michael Moore speaks out against the War , 8 April 
Water under siege in Iraq: US/UK military forces commit war crimes by depriving civilians of safe water , 8 April 
Al Jazeera Updates, 8 April , 8 April 
***Russian Military intel update: April 8
Evolving Humanitarian Crisis: Iraq Bulletin of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) 8 April 
Russian Ambassador believes diplomats were intentionally attacked. 8 April
World Health Organization says Iraq faces cholera outbreak , 8 April 
Devastating Health Impacts of War, WHO report , 8 April 
US/UK casualty reports inaccurate - More than 340 according to Russian military source , 8 April
Reporter says U.S. tank aimed at Iraq media hotel , 8 April
Killing the independent media: Al Jazeera correspondent killed in US attack,US missiles strike Baghdad offices of Qatar-based channel. 8 April
Battle for Baghdad takes a new turn, Al Jazeera, 8 April
Palestine A Road Map to Nowhere ,Uri Avnery, 8 April
Unfolding Totalitarian Regime: Police Attack California Anti-War Protesters, Martha Mendoza, 8 April
***Russian Military intel update: War in Iraq, April 7, 8 April
WMD 'smoking gun' turns out to be pesticide, 8 April
The Plight of Yugoslavia. On the Day a Tragic Era Started, Milos Markovic, 8 April
Baghdad: Hospitals admit 100 cases every hour , 8 April
Iraqi sources claim US incursions have been repulsed and that city is “safe and protected”: Baghdad defiant in face of US advance into capital, Al Jazeera, 7 April
Defiance of the Silent Surfaces in Baghdad, Nasreen Al-Rafiq, 7 April
US rampage through Baghdad kills thousands, James Conachy, 7 April
U.S. plans to install embryonic "proxy" government in Umm Qasr, William Thomas, 7 April
Faces of the US War, Iraqwar.ru, 7 April
U.S. Forces claim to hold key buildings in Baghdad, but Witness denies , 7 April
US troops suffer heavy losses in Baghdad fighting, Dakshin Murthy, 7 April
Freedom of the Press: Through the embedded journalists, "the US military feeds its own version of the facts to the world.": Non-embedded Western Journalists arrested and beaten by US Military, Essam Al-Ghalib, 7 April
***Russian Military Intel update: War in Iraq, April 6, 7 April
Baghdad hospitals on the brink of crisis , Al Jazeera, 7  April.
Total war: resistance, humanitarian aid and the media, James Petras, 7 April
Iraqi troops massacred from the air as US advances to Baghdad, James Conachy, 7 April
5-6 April/ avril 2003
War crimes: Blackout foreshadows humanitarian crisis, 6 April
Is this the start of the next World War? Richard Bennett, 6 April
US, Iraqi troops face off in Baghdad , Al Jazeera, 6 April
Carlyle Group, integrated by the Bush and bin Laden families awarded a billion dollar contract to "rebuild" Iraq, 6 April
The Battle of Baghdad: Official US Central Command Statement: Journalists express skepticism at press conference, 6 April
The Battle of Baghdad, 'Ever so slowly, the suburbs were turned into battlefields', Robert Fisk,  6 April
***Loss of offensive potential of American forces: Russian military intel update: War in Iraq, April 5 , 5 April
The war that may end the age of superpower, Henry C. K. Liu, 5 April
US-led forces thrust into Baghdad, Iason Athanasiadis, 5 April
Taking the War to the UN General Assembly , CCR,  5 April
Basra: British soldiers rebuffed by Iraqi army, 5 April.
US-Israeli design to destablize Syria: In the pipeline: More regime change, Hooman Peimani,  5 April
Are US troops being lured into the city? Julian Borger, Richard Norton-Taylor & Stuart Millar, 5 April
US Regiment Commander in Iraq removed on orders of Pentagon , 5 April
***Iraqi Minister of Information: US Forces "crushed" at Baghdad Airport , 5 April
Pentagon selects group to take power in Iraq, Brian Whitaker, 5 April
Iraq denies US claims to have entered Baghdad, Al Jazeera, 5 April
***Russian military intel update: War in Iraq, April 4 , 5 April
What are the implications? Russian nuclear subs to head for the Gulf, 5 April
Russia and China: "war against Iraq going beyond scope of a local conflict" 5 April
Biblical Vengeance in the 21st Century: Iraqis Slaughtered, Islam Slandered, Humanity Demeaned, John Stanton,  5 April
Scepticism concerning official war report: Where were the panicking crowds? Where were the food queues? Where were the empty streets? Robert Fisk, 5 April
***Russian military intel update: War in Iraq, April 3 , 5 April
Refutes Pentagon & mainstream media: The Defence of Baghdad - Special Military Report, Richard M. Bennett, 4 April
Oregon Law Would Jail War Protesters as Terrorists, Lee Douglas, 4 April
Could The Executive Branch Use War In Iraq To Seize More Freedoms? Michael Gaddy, 4 April
Targeting Iraqi civilians with Cluster Bombs, Dar Al-Hayat, 3 April
Iraq checkpoint killings—the ugly face of imperialist war , Bill Vann, 3 April
The proof: marketplace deaths caused by US missile , Cahal Milmo, 3 April
Rumsfeld under three-pronged attack, Jim Lobe, 3 April
Cluster bombs liberate Iraqi children, Pepe Escobar,  3 April
Russian military intel update: War in Iraq, April 2 , 3 April
"They are war criminals and murderers of children. Therefore the Church of Nativity decided to ban them access into the holy shrine for ever," Bush, Rumsfeld, Blair, Straw entry banned to Church of Nativity , 3 April
This War Is Not Working, Peter Arnett, 3 April
Pentagon squares off against Powell, Europe, Jim Lobe, 3 April
Class-Action Lawsuit Challenging Unconstitutional Mass Arrest of Antiwar Demonstrators, ACLU, 3 April
Losing all three wars on Iraq, Jan Oberg,  3 April
Detecting disinformation, without radar, Gregory Sinaisky, 3 April
Killing children to save children: Destroying Iraq to Save it,  Marjorie Cohn, 2 April
***War in Iraq - coalition losses mount , Iraqwar.ru, 2 April
US wants to privatise Iraq's oil, Jonathan Steele, 2 April
Observations on recent behavior of the Empire, William Blum, 2 April
US draws up secret plan to impose regime on Iraq, Brian Whitaker and Luke Harding, 2 April 
"At checkpoints & otherwise we maintain the right to self-defence": U.S.troops kill Iraqi women and children at checkpoint,                      Robert H. Reid, 2 April 
At Least 95 Wounded Children Hospitalised in Baghdad and Basra, 2 April 
Le territoire argentin pourrait être vendu afin de rembourser la dette: Etat à l'agonie vendrait Patagonie, Antoine Bigo, 2 April
Berating the Generals: The Siege of Washington, Wayne Madsen, 1 April
***Russian military intel update: War in Iraq (03/31) , 1 April
Offense and Defense: The battle between Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon, Seymour M. Hersh, 1 April
In light of recent remarks by US Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci: Engineering “Regime Change” in Canada (1962-63), Richard Sanders, 1 April
Canadian industry goes to war: Our military didn't join the Allied Forces in Iraq, but Canada's defence firms are well represented there, James Bagnal, 1 April
Témoignage de l'Équipe de paix pour l'Irak: Bienvenue à Rutba, Doug Hostetter,  1 avril
Purges in the mainstream media: NBC fires reporter Peter Arnett after interview with Iraqi TV , 1 April
Rummy's failed War Plan and the Casualties that may result, Jason Leopold, 1 April
L'alignement de Madrid sur Washington va au-delà du dossier irakien, Christian Galloy, 1 avril
Advisors of Influence: Nine Members of the Defense Policy Board Have Ties to Defense Contractors, André Verlöy & Daniel Politi, 1 April
Baghdad market massacre sheds ghastly light on nature of US invasion, Henry Michaels, 1 April
***US/UK Capture & Kill Iraqi Paramilitary And Republican Guards, Dar Al-Hayat, 1 April
Perspective on the War: 'Iraq Freedom', Imtiaz Alam, 1  April5

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