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JUNE / JUIN  2003
CIA Intelligence Reported Seven Months Before 9/11: Iraq posed No Threat to US,         Jason Leopold,  29 June
Our troops suffer uranium sickness29 June
"God ... instructed me to strike at Saddam.": Errand Boy,                                          Chris Floyd,  29 June
'Iraq: Stay out of our Homes!, Firas Al-Atraqchi,  29 June
Crimes de Guerre: Plainte contre le général Franks en Belgique, StopUSA, 29 juin
July 4: War Crimes in the Name of Freedom: 227 Years..., John Stanton,  28 June
Cheney and the CIA: Not Business As Usual, Ray McGovern,  28  June
Political Satyre: Operation "Infinite Mendacity": President George W. Bush’s Speech to the Nation after September 11, 2001 ,  Lester Schonbrun,  28 June
Anti-US Sentiment in South Korea: 200,000 South Koreans demand "U.S. Out!",             John Catalinotto,  28 June
Vietnam Comparisons: The Similarities are striking...,    John Pilger,  27  June
The terrifying new face of global warfare: US plan to 'own' space, Neil McKay, 27  June
24 -26 June/juin 2003
Forged for heat of Iraq battle: Pentagon sent the man at the heart of a ‘fake documents’ scandal to Iraq, Solomon Hughes, 26  June
Wolfowitz sought to undermine UN Weapons Inspector Hans Blix, So US could launch Preemptive Strike against Iraq in 2002 , Jason Leopold, 26  June
All the President's Lies, Drake Bennett and Heidi Pauken,  26  June
US clashes with "Old Europe": French accuse US of masterminding fall of the eastern bloc, 25  June
Dollar against Euro: The War on Iraq: US and Europe clash for World Economic Dominance, Geoffrey Heard, 25  June
Network TV Cover-up of Israeli Atrocities: The Best Show in Town , Uri Avnery, 25  June
Palestine: Largest Arrest Campaign since Beginning of Intifada25  June
Mohammed Hassan analyse les nouvelles forces de résistance au Moyen-Orient, 25  juin
Coup d'État in Washington: Silent Surrender in America and the World, Andre Gunder Frank, 24  June
The US has embarked on two wars based on the excuse of the 9/11 attacks: 9/11: It is Striking How Little We Know about What Happened Xymphora, 24  June
Guerre et mondialisation: La Militarisation des corridors de pipelines en Colombie, Micheline Ladouceur, 24  juin
20 -23 June/juin 2003
Afghanistan regains its Title as World's biggest Heroin Dealer,   Andy McSmith and Phil Reeves, 23  June
The Euro-US Currency War: Venezuelan move to replace US$ with the €uro , Roy S. Carson, 23  June
Detailed report by US Labor Against the War (USLAW): Corporate Invasion of Iraq: Profile of US Corporations awarded Contracts in Iraq (pdf), 23  June
Counter insurgency measures in Iraq fueling resentment of US forces, Salah Hemeid, 23  June
Special forces 'prepare for Iran attack', Robert Fox, 22  June
Why did President Bush cite forged evidence about Iraq’s nuclear capabilities in his State of the Union address? Statement by Rep. Henry A. Waxman, 22  June
Les crimes internationaux de la coalition Americano-britannique en Irak, Walid Abdelgawad et Elisabeth Lambert-Abdelgawad, 22  juin
Senate agrees on plan to probe use of Iraq intelligence, James Risen, 22  June
Big Brother: Ashcroft and Detentions, 21  June
Germany In 1933: The Easy Slide Into Fascism, Bernard Weiner, 21  June
Massacre of Iraqi Civilians: 'I just pulled the trigger' Bob Graham, 21  June
Incisive and carefully documented, Audio-Video animation: The Iraq War, (download 2 Meg) ericblumrich.com, 20  June
Iraqis quickly learning about "American-style democracy", Gene Lazo, 20  June
WeaponsGate: The Coming Downfall of Lying Regimes? Wayne Madsen, 20  June
Iraq, "Operation Desert Scorpion": From Liberation to Counter-Insurgency, Jim Lobe,  20  June
"We Don't Negotiate with Terrorists?" US Officials meet the Colombian Paramilitaries, Luis Gómez,  20  June
15 -19 June/juin 2003
Prominent Canadian speaks out: George W. Bush’s National Missile Defence Plans, Mel Hurtig, 19  June
Review article: Types of Terrorism and 9/11, George Pumphrey, 19  June
Palestine: Suicide's Most Willing Accomplice, Jennifer Loewenstein, 18  June
Concern about depleted uranium damage in Iraq, Edmond Roy, 18  June
Pourquoi font-ils ces guerres ? Michel Collon, 18  June
Road-map to Fascism in America: The Time Has Come To Say It Out Loud, John Gerassi, 17  June
Neoliberalism: Brazil's Lula: Confounding Friends and Foes , Roger Burbach, 17  June
Nukes used in Afghanistan?: Discovery of a new type of Nuclear weapon, Report of UMRC Field Trip, 17  June
Ghost of Vietnam haunts America in the Middle East, Richard Bennett, 16  June
Big Brother is Watching: National Snoops Network, Bill Berkovitz, 16  June
Monsanto’s Global Atrocities uncovered, Dennis Espada, 16  June
BBC and Guardian cover up US role in Iraq looting, Ann Talbot, 16  June
Afghanistan: US turns to the Taliban, Syed Saleem Shahzad, 16  June
US suffers Latin American rebuke at OAS meeting, Bill Vann, 16  June
War poll uncovers fact gap: Many mistakenly believe U.S. found WMDs in Iraq, Frank Davies, 16  June
U.S. Forces “Slaughter” Iraqis At Dawn: Eyewitness, Hossam al-Sayed, 15  June
10 - 14  June/juin 2003
The Use of Transgenics in Brazil, Brazilian Bishops, 14  June
US fabricated evidence in Yugoslavia, says former military officer, 14  June
US media's war coverage: Amplifying Officials, Squelching Dissent, Steve Rendall & Tara Broughel, 13  June
White House Silenced Experts who Questioned Iraq Intel Info Six Months before War, Jason Leopold, 13  June
VIDEO WEBCASTUN International Criminal Court (ICC), debate on UN Security Council Resolution 1422 that gives U.S. immunity from prosecution for war crimes by the ICC 12  June
Occupied Palestine, IDF soldiers demolishing, killing, abusing, and causing starvation. The Complex Art of Simulation, Tanya Reinhart, 12  June
The mysterious meeting of Colin Powell and Jack Straw at the Waldorf Astoria:  Transcripts raise alarm across Nato, Dan Plesch and Richard Norton-Taylor, 11  June
The faltering WMD casus belli: ''Mobile lies" , Imad Khadduri, 11  June
US sets new plan of attack for North Korea, Shane Green, 11  June
Will Tony Blair be forced to resign? Intelligence Fall-out over Iraq dossier, Richard M. Barnett, 11  June
Revealed: the secret cabal which spun for Blair Investigation: Neil Mackay, 10  June
Powell Denies Intelligence Failure In Buildup To War, But Evidence Doesn’t Hold Up, Jason Leopold, 10  June
8 - 9 June/juin 2003
Ashcroft Sides with Torturers, Unocal and the Crimes of Burma, Johanne Mariner, 9  June
Wall Street's favorite political puppets:  U.S.'s ratings of Latin American regimes, James Petras, 9  June
The Militarisation of Central Asia: The ever-growing US military footprint, David Isenberg, 9  June
Nation Building: Why Bombs Don’t Make Democracies, John Laughland,  8 June
Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense? by  John W. Dean,  8 June
"The Liberation" of Afghanistan, Paul Wolf, 8 June
5 - 7  June/juin 2003
Corporate Profit and the Spoils of War:  Rep. Waxman Letter to Sec.  of the Army regarding Halliburton's Iraq "reconstruction" contract6 June
A long and tortuous road: So it was all about oil. As if the whole world didn't know it already, Pepe Escobar,  6 June
9/11 Media Coverup: Solving the Enigma of Media Manipulation, John Kaminski,   6 June
Wolfowitz: Iraq war was about oil, George Wright,  6 June
Uranium Radiation Contamination in Afghanistan: The Silent Genocide from America, Mohammed Daud Miraki, 5 June  (See also by Perpetual Death from America )
Where nukes used in Afghanistan? Radiation Levels in Afghanistan not attributable to Depleted Uranium, UMRC, 5 June
The lies that led us into war ... , Glen Rangwala, 5 June
US to boost Military Presence in Australia, Greg Ansley, 5 June
WMDs: The truth, the whole truth and nothing but ..., Jim Lobe, 5 June
2 - 4  June/juin 2003
The Iraq War was always based on Shaky Evidence and Phony Intelligence,  Jason Leopold, 4 June
Halliburton faces judicial inquiry in France, 4 June
America's "Big Brother" Civilian Spy Agency: Building a nation of snoops, Carl Takei,  4 June
Lula's IMF-sponsored reforms: Brazil: Workers and unions say No to devastating Reform of their Retirement System , 4 June
U.S. Prison Population largest in World,   4 June
The Cluster Bombs that litter Iraq, Kamal Ahmed, 4 June
Coalition Cluster Bombs in Iraq (map) , 4 June
"Road-map": The Sharonology Illusion, Lev Grinberg, 4 June
War Crimes: Blair Duped the country into War3 June
US Invasion of Iraq most cowardly War ever fought in History, Arundhati Roy,  3 June
Torture and Sex Abuse of Iraqi POWs by British Troops, John Scott and Michael Lea 3 June
Wolfowitz Admits Iraq War Planned Two Days After 9/11, Jason Leopold, 3 June
Why Baghdad Fell Without a Fight? Peter Dale Scott,  2 June
They told us Iraq had WMDs, but they've found none. Were they lying? Neil Mackay, 2 June
9/11 Lawsuits for the Justice Department? Report critical of the DOJ's post-9/11 Roundup of terror suspects could mean legal action against officials , 2 June
Australian Defence Minister concedes that flawed intelligence about Saddam's WMDs may have influenced Australia's decision to join the war against Iraq , 2 June
1  June/juin 2003
Vietnam War: The Phoenix Program aimed at "neutralizing"—through assassination, kidnapping, and torture. Documents from the Phoenix Program,                    intro by Douglas Valentine, 1 June
Iran war plans: Neo-cons move quickly on Iran, Jim Lobe, 1 June
Dawn of a new Era as Nato moves its European command eastwards, Gabriel Ronay, 1 June
Rumsfeld concedes banned Iraqi weapons may not exist, Ruppert Cornwall,  1 June
Intelligence Fiasco: Text of Memorandum to President Bush by former US Intelligence Officials, See also Public was misled, claim ex-CIA men , Tim Reid, 1 June
Full text of UN Security Council resolution establishing a US/UK "Authority" in Iraq , 1 June
Straw, Powell had serious doubts over their Iraqi weapons claims, Secret transcript revealed, Dan Plesch and Richard Norton-Taylor, 1 June
Criminal Case against Blair et al. for Crimes committed in the Invasion of Iraq,                      James B. Thring, 1 June

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