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Transcript of PM Tony Blair's Testimony to Hutton Inquiry into Death of David Kelly , 31 Aug  (large file)
War Criminals Hire War Criminals to Hunt Down "War Criminals", Chris Floyd, 31 Aug
UK Forged Intelligence Dossier: 1) Hutton Inquiry Key Confidential Documents;  2) Transcripts of oral evidence (Kelly, Gilligan & Campbell), UK Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, 31 Aug
Civilian War Deaths in Iraq,  30  Aug
Iraq: How US Policies made the UN a Target, Sara Flounders, 30 Aug
Thin Blue Line between the US and the UN, Marjorie Cohn, 30 Aug
Kosovo: The International Community’s ‘success-story’, Helsinki Committee, 29 Aug
North Korea Testing What Nukes? Jude Wanniski, 29 Aug
22  -28 August/ août 2003
We make our Stand for Peace! Cynthia McKinney, 28 Aug
Halliburton's Deals Greater Than Thought, 28 Aug
The Hague Kangaroo Court: “Evidence” in the “Milosevic case“: What’s behind Carla’s promises? Cathrin Schütz, 28 Aug
Hutton Inquiry: How Dr Kelly and the Foreign Affairs Committee were used by the government, Chris Marsden and Julie Hyland, 28 Aug
NEW Pentagon Flight 77, Photographic Evidence , 28 Aug
Gulliver ligoté Un point de vue historique sur la situation militaire en Irak , Michel Goya, 27 août
In Iraq, Labor Protest is a Crime, David Bacon, 27  Aug
The Roadmap is Finished, Mr. Secretary , Ramzy Baroud, 26  Aug
The fraudulent giveaways of public land: The San Francisco City $65 Billion Boondoggle, Michael Strausz, 26  Aug
Another Lie, One Among Many, Jimmy Breslin, 26  Aug
War Is Still A Racket, Ed Rippy, 25  Aug
The Australia-US Free Trade Agreement (AUSTA): Free Trade & War in the Creation of the New American Empire, Susan Hawthorne, 25  Aug
The race toward barbarism , Henry C K Liu, 25  Aug
Who Are The Extremists? John Pilger, 25 Aug
Hutton's remit was narrow - yet he has exposed the truth about the Iraq war , Clare Short, 24  Aug
UN man tells of Kelly prophesy: If Iraq was invaded he would "probably be found dead in the woods", Ciar Byrne and Matthew Tempest,  23  Aug
VIDEO and Transcript: Hiroshima  "Peace Declaration" by Tadatoshi Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima, 23  Aug
Background Study: Neoliberal  Globalization: Cancùn and Beyond, Aziz Choudry, 23  Aug
Who fabricated the Iraq War Threat, James Petras, 23  Aug
UN Bombing: a Product of US Occupation of Iraq, Peter Symonds, 23  Aug
Sergio de Mello, Victim of Terror or US Foreign Policy, Marjorie Cohn, 22  Aug
Did the Coalition have "Foreknowledge" of the Attack on the UN?  The Plot thickens, Pepe Escobar, 23  Aug
Irak: Les droits de la personne à l'Américaine,       Zehira Houfani, 22 août
15  -21 August/ août 2003
Secret CIA Operation to electronically remove Iraqi Central Bank Reserves before Start of War, Gordon Thomas, 21  Aug
Attack on UN  Mission: U.S. Tipped On Imminent Bombing Days Ago, 21  Aug
Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush, Gail Sheehy, 21  Aug
Reuters Cameraman Killed For Filming U.S. Graves, Awad al-Ragoub, 21  Aug
L'Empire américain: Les enjeux du pétrole et le corridor stratégique Puebla-Panama, Micheline Ladouceur, 21 août 
Tensions running high along Lebanese-Israeli border, Mohalhel Fakih, 21  Aug
Six semaines à Bagdad sous l'occupation: Témoignage du médecin belge Geert Van Moorter, 20 août 
Blackouts Happen-California Power Crisis Should Have Been A Warning Sign, Jason Leopold, 20  Aug
Trading on Terror: Linking Financial Markets and War , Heather Wokusch, 19  Aug
Did Bush & Cheney "Order" The Great Blackout? Cheryl Seal, 19  Aug
Captured in the name of terror, Saleem Shahzad,  19  Aug
Forget Arnold, "Blackout Pete" Wilson is the electric terminator, Harvey Wasserman, 19  Aug
Local Soldier E-mails From Iraq: "There is no real reason for us to be out here!" , 18  Aug
Another U.S. war crime? Iraqi cities 'hot' with depleted uranium, Sara Flounders, 18  Aug
The Andean condor among the hawks,       Jim Lobe, 18  Aug
From Kosovo to Iraq, Vladimir Radyuhin, 18  Aug
Britain: Hutton Inquiry hears damning evidence against government, Julie Hyland, 18  Aug
9/11 and US-Led Neo-Fascism, Ed Rippy, 17  Aug
Resistance will become increasingly widespread and effective in Iraq, Michael Jansen,  17  Aug
Remember Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia: Speaking of Blackouts , 17  Aug
9/11: The Pakistan Connection, Wilson John, 16  Aug
Power Blackout: Is Deregulation the Problem? Enver Masud, 16  Aug
The latest Bogus Fossil-nuke Blackout: This Grid should not Exist, Harvey Wasserman,  16  Aug
Power Outage Traced to Dim Bulb in White House, Greg Palast, 15  Aug
Global Eye -- Dubya Indemnity, Chris Floyd, 15  Aug
Arms race fears over America's gamma ray bomb , 15  Aug
CIA and DOD Attempted To Plant WMD In Iraq , 15  Aug
11  -14 August/ août 2003
Blurring the Nuclear Boundaries, Reuven Pedatzur, 14  Aug
Bush Nuclear Policy: A Recipe for National Insecurity, Alice Slater, 14  Aug
"Learning to Be Stupid in the Culture of Cash", Luciana Bohne, 14  Aug
Devastating weapon which uses no explosive will transform tank warfare, Ian Bruce, 14  Aug
Reject the Recall, California, Robert Sheer, 14  Aug
Inquiry hears BBC's Kelly tape , 14  Aug
Secret Use of Weather Modification Techniques by US Air Force? Threat of U.S. Geophysical Weapons Faces Mankind, Vladimir V. Sytin, 13  Aug
9/11 and the Specter of Iran-Contra , Jim Lobe, 13  Aug
Iraqi exiles ready to walk out on US, Warren Vieth, 13  Aug
Bush Coverup on Pakistan ISI Connection: 9/11 Funds came from Pakistan, says FBI, Manoj Joshi, 13  Aug
8,000 people disappeared in Iraq under US Occupation, 13  Aug
Empire Builders, the US and Latin America, James Petras, 12  Aug
Was the White House Behind the California Recall Effort and the Candidacy of Arnold "The Groper" Schwarzenegger? Buzzflash, 12  Aug
Myth and Denial in the War Against Terrorism, William Blum,  12  Aug
The Spoils of War: BP, Shell & Chevron Get Iraqi Oil Contracts , Pratap Chatterjee and Oula Al Farawati, 11  Aug
Unreported Cost of War: at least 827 American Wounded , Julian Borger, 11  Aug
Veterans Organize To Bring Troops Home! Stewart Nusbaumer, 11  Aug
Another 9/11 Mysterious Breakfast Meeting: Signs of attacks well-known, Ray McGovern, 11  Aug
Why did Bush abolish information sharing and route all national security information to him, via Condoleezza Rice? Margie Burns, 11  Aug
4  -10 August/ août 2003
WTC-7: The Improbable Collapse, Scott Loughrey, 10  Aug
From the Balkans to Central Asia: Corporate America's Incursion into the New East, Alfred John Mendes, 10  Aug
The Effects of Nuclear War, Russell D. Hoffman,  10  Aug
Operation Rockingham: the Secret Cabal which spun for Blair, Neil Mackay,  9 Aug
Homeless And Starving In The Land Of The Free, Jay Shaft, 9 Aug
Uranium Radiation in Iraq , 9 Aug
Napalm used in Iraq by US Troops , 9 Aug
Venezuelan Workers Call for Sweeping Economic & Social Reforms, Michael A. Lebowitz, 9 Aug
Meet the Real WMD Fabricator A Swede Called Rolf Ekeus, Alexander Cockburn,  9 Aug
Bush Exec.Order gives U.S. oil companies in Iraq immunity from lawsuits & criminal prosecution , SEEN, 9 Aug
Rancor over Iraq contract Bidding, unfairly favors Halliburton, 9 Aug
Secret Pentagon meeting at StratCom (Nebraska) on use of Nukes against "Rogue States" 8 Aug
VIDEO: Stratcom meeting on Nukes , 8 Aug
About 20,000 civilians were wounded in the Iraq war , 8 Aug
Iraq war lies and impeachment, Patrick Martin,  8 Aug
Thailand Wipes the IMF Slate Clean, Marshall Auerback, 8 Aug
Terrorist Attack on the Marriot Hotel Complex in Jakarta , Rob Hay,  8 Aug
No War against North Korea! Karen Talbot, 8 Aug
Wolfowitz: Iraq Was Not Involved In 9-11 Terrorist Attacks, No Ties To Al-Qaeda, Jason Leopold, 8 Aug
Senate Committee Hearing opens a Can of Worms: FBI acknowledges 9/11 was financed out of Pakistan, 5 Aug
The 9/11 Joint Inquiry chairmen  in "conflict of interest": Mysterious September 11 Breakfast Meeting on Capitol Hill, Michel Chossudovsky,  4 Aug
Brazil: Police Repress Public Sector Workers, 4 Aug
29 July/juillet - 3 August/ août 2003
Political Humor: Dad explains US Foreign Policy3 Aug
Shattering the Uday and Qusay Myth: A Simple Analysis of the Facts, Rob Hay,  3 Aug
L'éclatement du continent européen au service des États-Unis, Pierre Hillard, 2 août
China, Russia call for ban on space weapons , 2 Aug
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict far from ending: Behind the Hudna Scenes,  Ran HaCohen, 1 Aug
Poindexter to Go Amid Terror Market Flap, 1 Aug
Arrests And Abuse By American Troops in Iraq "They're treating us like cattle" Marc Semo, 1 Aug
US Soldiers in Iraq Contract Mystery Illness, Marsha Paxson, 1 Aug
Rep. Henry Waxman Tightens Noose Around Nat'l Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, FTW, 1 Aug
Les troupes américaines multiplient arrestations et bavures en Irak : «Ils nous traitaient comme du bétail» Marc Semo, 1er août

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