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***Manufacturing Hysteria: Bogus Terror Threats and Bush's Police State, Kurt Nimmo, 31 Dec
Syria, Iran, North Korea: Hawks tell Bush how to win war on terror, David Rennie, 31 Dec
N Korea accuses US of spying, planning attack , 31 Dec
Terror alerts manufactured? FBI agents say White House scripting 'hysterics' for political effect,  Jon Dougherty, 31 Dec
1990 Invasion of Kuwait: Washington Gave the Green Light to Saddam Transcript of Saddam Hussein's Meeting with US Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie , 30 Dec
Irak: les buts de la guerre US, Hichem Ben Ya�che, 29 Dec
***Bush's Christmas Terror Alert, Michel Chossudovsky, 24 Dec
***Homeland Defense: The Pentagon Declares War on America, Frank Morales, 24 Dec
Iraq: Best-Laid Plans, Chris Floyd,  24 Dec
War and Globalization The Truth behind 9/11, Video of Michel's Chossudovsky's Lecture, McMaster University, produced by Snowshoe Films, 24 Dec
U.S. moving high-tech weapons to Korean DMZ24 Dec
Washington has Found the Solution: "Let's Divide Iraq as We Did in Yugoslavia!", Michel Collon, 23 Dec
US military metes out collective punishment to Iraqi city, Peter Symonds,  23 Dec
The Saddam-Capture Conspiracy Theories Begin, James Ridgeway,  23 Dec
Juan Bosch: His Prophecy of a Fascist America, William Hughes, 23 Dec
Israel planning Iran attack, Al-Jazeera, 23 Dec
***War Propaganda and the Capture of Saddam Hussein, Michel Chossudovsky, 22 Dec 
***Key Articles: Doubts regarding the Capture of Saddam, 22 Dec
***Capture of Saddam Hussein: Was the Photographic Evidence Manipulated? CRG, 22 Dec 
How To Sell a War: The Rendon Group deploys �perception management� in the war on Iraq, Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber, 21 Dec
***9/11: Stacking The Patsies of 9/11, Chaim Kupferberg, 20 Dec
Looking Back: Saddam`s Invasion of Kuwait, Jude Wanniski, 20 Dec
Saddam Hussein�s capture: Bush administration�s desperate propaganda end run, Larry Chin, 20 Dec
Col. Hickey tells his troops to keep QUIET regarding Arrest of Saddam, 19 Dec  (video clip), 19 Dec
Humor: George W. Bush found in a dirt-tunnel hideout, 20 feet beneath the White House , 19 Dec 
Saddam Hussein, CIA interrogation techniques: "Unless you're going to torture him, how do you really make a guy like this talk?" 19 Dec
Interrogation Tactics to be used on Saddam , Freedomfiles, 19 Dec
The WTC Towers Collapse: an Enormous Insurance Scam, 19 Dec
Jail Wesley Clark! Free Milosevic! ICDSM, 18 Dec
Capture of Saddam Hussein: Pyrrhic Victory? Marjorie Cohn, 18 Dec
***Declassified Documents: Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein: 1983: Buddy-buddy Donald Rumsfeld &  Saddam Hussein, discuss delivery of US military aid in the form of WMDs "Made in America"

High resolution video, 2.5Mg or low resolution  750Kb (NS Archive)

Audio: Mrs. Mariani's 9/11 Racketeering Suit against Bush, interview with Kellia Ramares, 17 Dec  (big file, allow time for downloading]
The privatisation of war, Ian Traynor, 17 Dec
War Propaganda: The Demonization of Slobodan Milosovic , Michael Parenti, 17 Dec
Criminalization of International Law: War Criminal to Testify at The Hague "War Crimes" Tribunal , Toronto Lawyers, 17 Dec
Democrats praise Bush after capture of Hussein, Patrick Martin, 17 Dec
***The United States' Global Military Crusade (1945-2003), Eric Waddell, 16 Dec
With James Baker III "back in", are the Neocons out? 16 Dec
The 1948 Truman Doctrine: From "Containment" to "Pre-emptive" War Archive of (Declassified) Top Secret Policy Planning Document, 16 Dec
Americans capture former CIA Asset - Saddam Hussein , Global Research Forum, 16 Dec
While Saddam was Captured: Stealth enactment of the "Patriot II" legislation, Global Research Forum, 16 Dec
Iraqi detainees imprisoned indefinitely and without charges, David Enders, 15 Dec
Iraq Gulf War II Uranium Radiation Field Investigations Report, Uranium Medical Research Centre, 15 Dec
Depleted Uranium Ammo in Iraq more than 50 times that of Gulf War I , 15 Dec
Afghanistan & Iraq: Health Consequences of Radiological Warfare, Dr. A. Durakovic,  15 Dec [extensive photographic and scientific evidence]
***America's War for Global Domination , Michel Chossudovsky, 15 Dec [deutsch ]
US, Israel prepare mass killings in Iraq, Bill Vann, 15 Dec
Moving Targets, Will the counter-insurgency plan in Iraq repeat the mistakes of Vietnam? Seymour M.Hersh, 15 Dec
Exposed: The Carlyle Group, Shocking documentary uncovers the subversion of Americas Democracy, 15 Dec
War Critics Astonished as U.S. Hawk Admits Invasion Was Illegal , 15 Dec
Propaganda System Number One, Edward Herman, 15 Dec
Read This Before You Get A Flu Shot, Mary Starrett, 15 Dec
U.S. headquarters in Baghdad attacked, Atul Aneja, 15 Dec
Canadian Lawyer defending Guantanamo detainee quits after death threat, Oliver Moore, 7 Dec
***Assembling The Legend of 9/11 , Chaim Kupferberg, 6 Dec
Iraq: The Truth on the Convoy which was attacked while driving through Samara, 3 Dec
Georgia in the Crunch, Mark Ames, 3 Dec
Speculative Trade: Future's bright for terror betting, Gary Younge, 3 Dec
***The Rise of a New Dictatorship in Iraq , Firas Al-Atraqchi, 3 Dec
The FTAA Protests: This is What Democracy Looks Like in Miami, Al Crespo, 1 Dec
Toll on U.S. troops in Iraq grows as wounded rolls approach 10,000, Roger Roy, 1 Dec

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