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Mystery Surrounding French Journalists' Hostage Crisis , 31 Aug
The Cost of the US Colonial War Against Iraq , Lenora Foerstel, 28  Aug
Human Rights: Haiti Assassination Trial, 27  Aug
Former Guantanamo Detainees Release Report: Detention in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay , Shafiq Rasul, Asif Iqbal and Rhuhel Ahmed,  26 Aug
***The 9/11 Commission Report. More Holes in the Official Story: The 9/11 Cell Phone Calls , Michel Chossudovsky, 22  Aug
Researching the weapons of the future: ‘micro-fusion’ weapons,  Andy Oppenheimer, 22  Aug
Debate and Discussion in the Israeli Peace Movement: Despair on the Wings,  Reuven Kaminer, 22  Aug
Palestine: A Very One-Sided War,  Uri Avnery,  22  Aug
Complete Report: Abu Ghraib: its legacy for military medicine, Steven H. Miles,  21  Aug
Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets A death sentence here and abroad,                                                                                                                                                      Leuren Moret,  21  Aug
Military spending nears $1 trillion, Thalif Deen,  21  Aug
Key Iraqi oil pipeline blown up , 21  Aug
Where did the Money Go? Audit shows $8.8 billion in Iraq Funds Missing,  21  Aug
The Militarisation of Oil Pipeline Routes: Georgia Prepares for War, Aleksandr Babakin and Anatoliy Gordiyenko, 21  Aug
***Militarization versus Democracy: The Democrats Dilemma,  Joan Russow, 20  Aug
The Secret Shadow Government , review article first published in 2001, 20  Aug
***Analyzing the 911 Report: Omissions, Contradictions and Falsehoods,  Michael Kane, 19 Aug
***Nuclear power still a deadly proposition, Helen Caldicott, 19 Aug
Lawyer Attacks Evidence in USS Cole Case, 19 Aug
Background Study: Foreign Policy Attitudes Now Driven by 9/11 and Iraq, 19 Aug
Bush's candidate for Director of Intelligence: Oh No!! Not Porter Goss!!! Another Perle Stooge, Jude Wanniski, 19 Aug
Blow the Whistle on the 9-11 Cover-Up! No to The Global Police State and Homeland InSecurity!  Carol Brouillet, 19 Aug
More on 9/11 Breakfast Meeting:  Sleeping with the Enemy: Bush's Appointee for Director of Intelligence, 18 Aug
The "Official" Operative Clique For The Next 9/11?  Chaim Kupferberg, 18 Aug
Thousands Of Palestinians Begin Hunger Strike In Israeli Jails , 18 Aug
1-  14 August/ août 2004
Report from the War Theater: US General captured by Iraqi Resistance , 10 Aug
US Government War Crimes: Abu Ghraib & the Milosevic standard,  Siddharth Varadarajan, 10 Aug
9/11: What Happened to Flight 93 , Richard Wallace, 10 Aug (first publsihed Sept 2002) 
« Cadeau de la guerre » , Jean Bricmont,  9 août
Bush misspeaks, says his administration seeking 'new ways to harm our country' , 7 Aug
***Remember Hiroshima! August 6, 1945 , 6 Aug
***New World Order: Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain, Mojmir Babacek, 6 Aug
Iraq and the Problem of Peak Oil, F. William Engdahl,  4 Aug
***Fabricating Intelligence for Political Gain, Michel Chossudovsky, 4 Aug
US Legislation to Invade Sudan: Hands Off Sudan! Rep. Ron Paul, 3 Aug
***Key Articles:  Is the Bush Administration Planning a Code Red Alert? 2 Aug
***Coup d'Etat in America?  Michel Chossudovsky, first published 15 July
***POW Testimony: Iraqi Woman’s Story, detained and tortured by US Military , Nagem Salam,  1 Aug
War Crimes: ***: Massacre of Civilians in Fallujah (aerial video), 1 Aug
Iraqi group claims over 37,000 civilian toll,  1 Aug




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