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"Intelligence Asset" Osama bin Laden supports Bush Re-election, Michel Chossudovsky, 31  Oct
Election Day Terror Drills, Michael Kane, 31  Oct
The 2004 Party Realignment: a New Progressive Era or Neocon fascist Dictatorship? Webster Griffin Tarpley, 31  Oct
Bush's Plan B: "October/November Surprise" , Robert Parry, 31  Oct
Secret GOP Plan to Disrupt Voting in Florida, Greg Palast, 30  Oct
Terrorism and the Election: California is the Target! Wayne Madsen, 30  Oct
GOP going all out to suppress African-American Vote, Mary Jacoby,  30  Oct
Election Report from Florida, Laura Shannon, 30  Oct
The US Presidential Campaign: Al Qaeda to the Rescue , William Bowles, 31  Oct
A country now run by foreigners, including Israelis... Nearly visiting Iraq, Felicity Arbuthnot, 29 Oct
The economic conquest of Iraq: Adventure Capitalism , Greg Palast, 29 Oct
Albanian arms dealer donated cash to the Kerry campaign , Fraser Nelson, 29 Oct
Iraq: Crimes against Humanity: Authoritative survey by medical team: In excess of 100,000 civilian deaths: "Most individuals reportedly killed by coalition forces in Iraq were women and children." , Lancet, 29 Oct
Psycho-Wars: The Role of US Agents Provocateurs in Iraq, William Bowles,  28 Oct
Is the Kidnapping of CARE’s Margaret Hassan a CIA-Mossad Op? Kurt Nimmo,  28 Oct
NASA expert says US stifling evidence on global warming , 28 Oct
British troops start Fallujah deployment , 28 Oct
US gave date of war to Britain in advance, court papers reveal ,   28 Oct
New Cover-up revealed? 9/11 Black Boxes found28 Oct
9/11 Truth Statement Demanding Deeper Investigation into the Events of 9/11 , 28 Oct
Gaining control of Russian Oil,  Washington's efforts to depose Vladimir Putin and gain control of Russian Oil Reserves, John Laughland,  27 Oct
The Real Reasons Why Iran is the Next Target: Emerging Euro-denominated International Oil Marker , William Clark, 27 Oct
US can shoot down EU satellites if used by foes in wartime , 26 Oct
CIA secretly transfers detainees out of Iraq , 26 Oct
Comment:  Economic Crash Imminent? Randall Bornemann, 25 Oct
Media Disinformation on Haiti, Anthony Fenton,  25 Oct
NATO's New Colonial Order: Going Backwards From the Twentieth Century , Rick Rozoff, 25 Oct
Civil Liberties in America under the "October Plan": The New COINTELPRO. The Feds are spying on - and harassing - political activists With a fury not seen since the 1960s , Camille T. Taiara,  24 Oct
Israel: On the Road to Civil War, Uri Avnery,  24 Oct
The Criminalization of Justice: Why the Hague ICTY Cannot Afford Slobodan Milosevic’s Right to Self-Representation,   Tiphaine Dickson and Aleksandar Jokic, 24 Oct
WTC Rescue Hero Sues Bush And Others under RICO Statute , Philip J. Berg and Margaret Atheling Rowe,  24 Oct
***A Bush pre-election strike on Iran? White House insiders report "October Surprise" imminent, Wayne Madsen, 23 Oct
Iraq: Margaret Hassan: A personal tale, Felicity Arbuthnot, 23 Oct
9/11:  Scrambled F15’s From Otis Air Force Base: Mach 1.5 or Cruise Speed? Karen de Vries, 20 Oct
We the People, IndyMedia, and the Neoliberal Project, Richard K. Moore, 20 Oct
The Bipartisan Consensus on War:  Dumbed Down Americans , Kurt Nimmo, 20 Oct
Was Bush using his Earpiece during the 9/11 Commission Session in the Oval Office, Michel Chossudovsky and Ronald England, 20 Oct
Big Brother imposes a National ID Card: Patriot Act redux? 20 Oct
Iraq's New Patent Law: A Declaration of War againt Farmers, 17 Oct
Zarqawi - Bush's man for all seasons , Pepe Escobar, 17 Oct
A Clandestine Interview from Haiti, Resistance in the Slums of  Port au Prince , 17 Oct
The making of the terror myth , 17 Oct
Video webcast: American Soldiers Massacring Iraqi Civilians , Seymour Hersh speaking at Berkeley, 15 Oct
Iraq's WMD: The Lies - We Have Been Here Before - Again and Again, Felicity Arbuthnot, 15 Oct
Pending Legislation on Capitol Hill: Intelligence Reorganization to Increase Government Secrecy, Paul Wolf, 15 Oct
Oil, Power and Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda , Larry Everest reviewed by Scott D. O’Reilly, 15 Oct
Bush's Interpreter Says Bush Uses Earpiece , 15 Oct
No Child Unrecruited, Should the military be given the names of every high school student in America? David Goodman, 15 Oct
More on the 9/11 Report: Who Paid the 9/11 Hijackers? Al-Hawsawi? Mahmoud Ahmad? Peter Dale Scott, 14 Oct
The inspection process was rigged to create uncertainty over WMD to bolster the US and UK`s case for war ,  Scott Ritter, 14 Oct
Conspiracy, Conspiracy Theory and 9/11: A comprehensive bibliography of the leading mainstream and dissident literature, John A. McCurdy, 12 Oct
Behind the FBI Crackdown on Indymedia: Big Brother is Acting , William Bowles, 12 Oct
Milosevic: 'no link to genocide found' , Chris Stephen,  12 Oct
Crackdown on Alternative Media: FBI seize Indymedia servers, 11 Oct
9/11 Disinformation:  Losing to the Bacteria, Nicholas Levis, 11 Oct
Haiti: Carefully prepared Coup D'État, Patrick Élie,  11 Oct
VIDEO: Controversial Video of Strafing of Iraqi Civilians: Pentagon Investigating its own War Crimes , 11 Oct
Who is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi? Michel Chossudovsky, (first published 11 June 2004), 11 Oct
Blowing up Zarqawi: How the coalition transformed a failed fringe fanatic into The World’s Most Dangerous Terrorist , Brendan O'Neill, 11 Oct
Military aggression, war profiteering, crony payoffs -- are publicly celebrated as national virtues, Chris Floyd, 11 Oct
Iraq WMD report proves Bush, Democrats lied to justify Iraq war
VIDEO: Take No Prisoners, US Marines execute wounded Iraqi to the cheers of fellow marines , 9 Oct
Star Wars:  The Pentagon's Counterspace Doctrine , 9 Oct
Blueprint for World Domination: The US Space Program and its Military Industrial Complex , Bruce Gagnon, 9 Oct
US forces to 'flatten Falluja' before Iraq's first vote , 9 Oct
The Bush-Kerry Debate: Is Bush Wired? Is he prompted through an earpiece? 8 Oct 
Science, Surveillance, and the Culture of Control, Derrick Jensen and George Draffan, 9 Oct
This is a Massacre, Not a War in Iraq, Sam Hamod, 9 Oct
Media Censorship: FBI order closing down of Indymedia UK , Le FBI saisit des serveurs IMC au Royaume-Uni , 9 Oct
The Secret File of Abu Ghraib , Osha Gray Davidson, 9 Oct
See also The Abu Ghraib Supplementary Documents, released by Osha Gray Davidson, CPI, 9 Oct
The oil that drives the US military , Michael T Klare, 9 Oct
WMDs: Iraq Intelligence Dossier was Plagiarized: It was copied and pasted from a website! Glen Rangwala, first published in Feb 2003, 8  Oct
Mounting Civilian Casualties: Samarra Burning.. , 7  Oct
CIA review finds no evidence Saddam had ties to Islamic terrorists, 7  Oct
Israeli offensive in Gaza kills, wounds hundreds, Chris Marsden, 7  Oct
Iraq: Washington's Weapons Of Mass Deception , Edward W. Miller,  7  Oct
Pourquoi le Soudan ? Karen Kwiatkowski (english version),  5 Oct
Iraq Resistance Mouvement: Shiite-Sunni Islamist 'high command' may be forming , Patrick Seale, 5 Oct
Update: Haiti slum under siege , 5 Oct
The Niger Uranium Dossier: Italian Spy Discusses Own Role in Iraq-Niger Traffic Hoax , 4 Oct
Grim Prospects for the US November Elections: Racism, Voter Intimidation and Faulty Poll Machines, Neil McKay, 4 Oct
In the aftermath of the Bush-Kerry debate: Three Election Scenarios: Stealing the Election in 2004, Steve Moore, 4  Oct (first published July 2004)
The Bush-Kerry Debate:  Uninformed Political Leaders ,  Jude Wanniski,  3 Oct
WMDs and Osama: Colin Powell's Mea Culpa , 2 Oct
US Style Democracy in Afghanistan: "Vote for the president -- or we'll burn your house down!", Chris Floyd, 2 Oct
Uncommon Sense Conspiracy and other Theories , Michael Hasty, 2 Oct
Florida woman says nerves ended Bush’s National Guard service, 2 Oct
Iraq Insurgency, Map 1 Oct
The Bush-Kerry Debate:  Uninformed Political Leaders ,  Jude Wanniski,  3 Oct
The Bush-Kerry Debate: Is Bush Wired? Is he prompted through an earpiece?
Against War and Occupations and for Fundamental Social Change in America, Ralph Schoenman,

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