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Kashmir Islamic rebels claim US terror attacks


  August 2004
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September 12, 2001

AFX World news summary-


A Pakistan-based Islamic militant group fighting against Indian rule in Kashmir has claimed responsibility for yesterday's wave of terrorist attacks in the United States. The hardline Lashkar-i-Taiba said its suicide bombers hijacked the jets that plunged into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

There is presently no way to verify the claim independently and US officials continue to focus on Afghan-based Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden, reports noted. New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani said there is no official count on fatalities as yet from yesterday's attack but has confirmed that six people are dead and there have been 1,100 emergency room visits at New York's 170 hospitals so far.

Russia claims Laskar-i-Taiba linked with Osama bin Laden


September 12, 2001

BODY: The Islamic group Laskar- i-Taiba which has claimed responsibility for the terrorist acts in the United States is a militarized wing of the most radical organization Davat Ul-Arshad and maintains close contacts with notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden.

According to Russian sources, the Davat Ul Arshad belongs to the followers of Saudi branch of Wahhabism. One of its goals is to impose Islamic regimes in all countries, and the means of is realization is waging "jahada" all over the world.

Lashkar-i-Taiba militants have been involved in all conflicts in Moslem countries and in Chechnya, while the Davat-Ul Arshad gave financial and other kind of support to North Caucasus radicals, the same source said. After the first Chechen campaign Davat Ul- Arshad followers remained in Chechnya for propaganda of Wahhabism there.

This organization actively operates in Central Asian states, takes part in training militants for armed offensives carried out by Tajik and Uzbek radicals.

Earlier, Itar-Tass had reported from Paris that an official representative of this organization based in Pakistan has turned over a communique to a French news agency which said that the attack on the United States had been carried out by special group of Islamic kamikaze loyal to Abu Samam. The Lashkar -i- Taiba representative declared that the attack on the United States was not a terrorist act, but the duty of a faithful loyalist.

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