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Iraqi Eyewitnesses of Capture of Saddam contradict Official Story

Al-Jazeera TV, Doha, in Arabic,  9 February 2004
www.globalresearch.ca    11  February 2004

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Al-Jazeera TV has interviewed Iraqis who allegedly witnessed the US forces' capture of former President Saddam Husayn in December 2003.

Speaking to the channel's weekly programme called " Al-Jazeera correspondents" on 9 February, Iraqi citizen Naysan Muhammad Abbas, "the owner of the house close to the house (as heard) in which Saddam was found", says: "We did not know that Mr President had been hiding in this place since the fall of Baghdad. " He adds that the US forces "only searched the place in which Mr President was staying".

The report adds: "Citizens say that the US forces stormed this agricultural area with large vehicles and soldiers wearing gas masks on the night Saddam was captured. They said that they had heard an explosion in the area where the where Saddam was found was located. This farmer says that he saw the US forces taking Saddam out of the house in the morning, something that contradicts the US story."

Al-Jazeera TV then shows Sabah Muhammad Khalaf al-Azzawi, "a resident from the area", saying: "I will tell you what I saw. Between 0730-0800 (0430-0500 gmt), the area was surrounded by vehicles, not planes. When the vehicles arrived, they brought with them three men. One of them was Mr President and the other two were the sons of (name indistinct)."

He adds that four soldiers were walking behind the first of the three. He then says: "The three men were held until aeroplanes came to take them away."

Asked if the president was in a normal condition, Al-Azzawi says: "No, he was not normal. He was dizzy and they were holding him. He was not walking normally. He was wearing a black coat with no head dress. Before reaching the rock (from where the plane took him) he sat on the ground, as he was dizzy."

The video report then shows the place where Saddam was hiding.

The report also shows footage of Saddam swimming across the Tigris River following the 1991 Gulf war. The report adds that it was also in this area that Saddam was hiding from "the US forces, which toppled his regime".


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