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The April 2004 Osama Tape

www.globalresearch.ca   17 April 2004

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"I am offering a truce to European countries, and its core is our commitment to cease operations against any country which does not carry out an onslaught against Muslims or interfere in their affairs as part of the big American conspiracy against the Islamic world."

"The truce will begin when the last soldier leaves our countries. The door to a truce is open for three months starting with the release of this statement. Whoever wants reconciliation and the right (way), then we are the ones who initiated it, so stop spilling our blood so we can stop spilling your blood."

"What happened on September 11 and March 11 was your goods delivered back to you."

"Security is a need for all humans, and we could not let you have a monopoly on it for yourselves. People who are aware would not let their politicians jeopardize their security."

"By describing us and our actions as terrorism, you are necessarily describing yourself and your actions. ... Our actions are reactions to your actions that destroy and kill our people in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine."

"In which religion are your killed innocent and ours specks of dust? In which sect is your blood (real) blood, and ours, water? It is justice to be treated in the same way, and he who initiates injustice is more unjust."

"This war brings billions of dollars to big companies, either to those that manufacture weapons or those who reconstruct Iraq, like Halliburton and its sister companies. And from here it becomes clear who benefits from the outbreak of wars and bloodshed: war traders and vampires who administer world politics from behind the curtain."

"I plead with the honest people, intellectuals, activists and traders to form a permanent committee to raise people's awareness for the justice of our causes -- on top of which comes Palestine."

"If they (the United States) were seeking peace ... they wouldn't have to lie to people and claim that we kill for the sake of killing. Reality shows that they lie. When we killed the Russians, it was after their invasion of Afghanistan and Chechnya; the killing of Europeans was after the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan; the killing of Americans ... was after their support for Jews in Palestine and their invasion of the Arabian peninsula; killing them (U.S. soldiers) in Somalia was after their invasion in a peacekeeping mission."

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