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Al Jaseera Reports US Retreat from Fallujah

www.globalresearch.ca 10 November 2004

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November 10

Qatari Al-Jazeera satellite TV has broadcast a three-minute live interview with Iraqi journalist Fadil al-Badrani on the latest security developments and humanitarian situation in Al-Fallujah.

Asked about the situation in Al-Fallujah, Al-Badrani says that he hears and sees

"brutal bombardments and an escalation in confrontation and resistance in addition to columns of smoke." He notes that "a number of US military vehicles were destroyed in central Al-Fallujah."

Al-Badrani adds:

 "Half an hour ago, the resistance groups launched an attack. Some of the US forces started to retreat when they reached the Nuzayzah area, which is very well known to Al-Fallujah residents. The US forces started to retreat from the northern part of the city. There are fierce confrontations in Al-Julan neighbourhood."

Al-Badrani quotes Al-Fallujah residents as saying: "The US forces left two tanks in Al-Julan neighbourhood and the two tanks are in the hands of the resistance groups there, and that the resistance groups might use these tanks."

Commenting on the humanitarian crisis for Al- Fallujah residents, Al-Badrani says:

 "Al- Fallujah residents have called us and asked us to appeal on their behalf to all conscientious people throughout the world, in Iraq and in the Arab world. They should hasten to save the lives of the 100,000-strong population of Al- Fallujah residents, most of whom are women. We heard that scores of bodies were buried in the yards of the citizens' houses yesterday and today after serious casualties were sustained as a result of the indiscriminate US bombardments of the city. The city is under tight siege from all directions. Al- Fallujah residents and families are running out of food and drink, and they no longer have shelter. Therefore, many victims died out of starvation. Still more, many of these victims bled to death after being wounded as a result of the bombardment. At the moment, many dead Iraqis are being buried in mass graves in the yards of houses. Hence, we urge every Iraqi to take action. Had the Iraqis known what is happening in Al- Fallujah, they would have been moved further. Had the people of the Arab nation everywhere known the crimes, killing, displacement and destruction of whatever comes on the way of the US forces, their consciences would have been moved more and more, things could have changed, and peace would have been a possible option."


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