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Gulf War Syndrome: "I am 42 and feel like 90 years old"

Veteran's Testimony

www.globalresearch.ca 20 June 2005

Please distribute widely. This is original mailing on behalf of yet another Canadian veteran of Gulf War I who tested contaminated with military uranium and entrusts her story to us. Identity withheld on request. Piotr Bein

I am Canadian and served in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. I was a Captain and a Registered Nurse. I received many inoculations in Canada before taking the plane to Saudi. Most were NOT documented. When I arrived in Saudi Arabia, Al Jubayl, I was ordered and received Anthrax, Botulism Toxoid and the Plague. I was also given and ordered to take the famous nerve pill called pyridostigmine bromide. I had many many side effects including a huge arm boil following inoculations. The symptoms I had at the time were minimized as "stress of war and getting used to the climate". Since I was part of the Advanced Surgical Contingent we were sent to the desert to support the British Field Hospital. I was in Hafir Al Batin or Al Quasumah with the British 32 Field Hospital. Although I was never in actual combat, I believe I received secondary exposures to DU from the Iraq casualties and POW's. I was with a surgical unit and 90% of our patients were Iraqi. Blown up covered with shrapnel wounds. I am now aware many years now) that the shrapnel was DU fragments. Also the Iraqi patients were very ill, covered with lice and parasites and had communicable diseases.

Also, at the end of the war, for some reason, a Iraqi blown up tank was brought into our compound. Of course many of us had to go into it and many picked off stuff to bring home as souvenirs! NEVER knowing it was covered with DU. Canada NEVER made us aware of the use of DU on the battlefield nor ever made aware of how to protect oneself.

No medical tests were given upon our return. I found out 4 months later that I had TB ! Years ago I pressured the Canadian Government into testing us for DU. I went through the bogus Canadian tests to find out their findings and it also would give me a lever to challenge them. Of course the tests came back negative. Through Dr's Hooper and Busby's work and research it only confirmed that Canada had hired two civilian labs that could not test for DU. They finally admitted to it..(the labs)

My concern is that I went ahead and got tested by Dr Asaf Durakovic's lab. I tested positive with traces of DU in my urine 11 years after the war. This is scary and very disturbing.

I have been very ill since the Gulf War. I have lost my hair, my uterus and many teeth. I suffer from an array of symptoms and diseases. I will go into detail later if you wish.

My health today in the here and now sucks. I am 42 years old and feel like I am 90.I take more pills and medication than my 89 year old grandmother. What really amazes me after all these years and everything I have read, it surprises me that I am still ALIVE !! For how long I don't know. Through the internet I am aware of so many that are on their death beds or dead that served at the same place and time as me.

The latest with my health is that my adrenal glands are shot. I have been on prednisone for almost 6 months now and have gained 30 lbs. I suffer urine incontinence and have been put on detrol. My memory mainly short term is non existent. Anyway, I could go on and on, but am sure you get the picture. I have challenged this Government. What more can we do????? Col. Ken Scott has done nothing but cause pain, depression and suicide. What can we do about all of this in Canada?

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