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CIA Set to Steal the Romanian Elections 2004!

by Veronica Bicer

www.globalresearch.ca 3 December 2004

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1989 Repeats!

In recent weeks, several events worthy to be mentioned took place in Romania: the take over by CNN of the TV channel “Realitatea TV”, the designation of the pro-American Robert Turcescu as the chief editor of the best Romanian political daily “Cotidianul” and not at last what a foreign political analyst pointed out and what surprised me at that time, the fact that, as in Ukraine prior to the elections, the Romanian opposition press started spreading the news of possible falsification of the election results.

While on the morning of Tuesday, 30th of November, Adrian Nastase, the representative of the party in power, proved to have gained a good position in the polls’ results, since evening the whole picture has changed and the center-right Justice and Truth alliance has officially claimed that the electoral process has been falsified, calling for the annulment of the parliamentary and presidential elections.

The striking similarity with the electoral process that unfolded in Ukraine and which consisted in the two main rival political alliances: the leadership and opposition parties using blue and orange respectively as the colors to represent them in the electoral process, signaled a big question mark as to what really happens in the East European area and who are indeed the protagonists of the psychological scenario played on the Ukrainian and Romanian electorate.

Let’s remember that G.W. Bush has just won (questionably himself!) the presidential election in the US, which allows him to address the political issues on the international arena with a refreshed self-confidence.

After Putin successfully gained advantage over Bush in the last six months, as the result of the events in Beslan and Bush’s position in the American elections, now Bush is obliged to take his revenge and to make a powerful move in order to counterbalance the economical pirouettes Putin has made in the politico-economical arena, especially in the US’s area of influence (South America).

An inherited copy of the “velvet revolution”, successfully applied by his father 15 years ago is now attempted by Bush Jr., right under the perplexed eyes of the “revolutionaries” of 1989, who, not too many years ago, experienced the same scenario, Bush the son resorting to the same counterattack: fighting his Soviet enemy on their own turf.

Ukraine, a key Russian political and economical pawn has therefore become a battlefield between the “democratic forces” of the US’s representative - Yushchenko and the so-called “rebels”, the supporters of the representative of Russia - Yanukovich.

But let’s get back to the events that now unfold in Romania and most important of all, let’s draw a parallel between the situation which Romania, Georgia and, with very few exceptions, all the countries that belong to the ex-communist bloc, faced for the last 15 years: mafia, oligarchy, poverty and corruption.

Skillfully, the US has advantageously used this purposely created and supported strategy all these years as a powerful weapon of manipulation.

Relying on the saying "hope is always the last to die," each time the US needs a change in the political structures of these ex-communist states, which have become like raw meat, torn between the US and a fortified Russia under Putin, America pulls a powerful ace from its insidious sleeve: the "fight against corruption". America manipulates the common people, relying on their cries of hunger and discontent to topple the governments that prove reactionary to the US's demands for economic and political compliance.

The few rich who constitute the “paper” oligarchic class manufactured on purpose with the money redirected into their pockets from the monetary center in Washington -individuals invested with unlimited economic and political power- now don’t dare to lapse a word against crucial issues for the US like the use of the territory of Russia’s satellite states as NATO bases of intimidation.

But poverty is not only a weapon of manipulation, it is also a vicious circle the rats that happened to be born in this area of the globe are now bond to experience.

The high rate of unemployment and the low income which don’t allow to the young people to live decently, make them take to the roads of Iraq, Afghanistan or other bloody battlefields, one of the few available ways on the Romanian jobs market that could provide them in a short time the money needed for ensuring their families a home.

When referring to corruption Georgia is the best example, a state that, watched through the angle of its contemporary history, could define the term in itself.

A champion at corruption, struggling with poverty and with a high rate of unemployment during Shevardnadze’s time in office (then the US’ trustful man), the so-called “Rose Revolution”, which occurred after Shevardnadze sided with Russia, has propelled the US-s poodle Mihail Saakashvili to the leadership of Georgia.

Saakashvili is none other than the man who assisted for the last couple of years in the US’s theft of Caspian oil through the famous Baku-Tbilisi-Cehyan pipeline, whose route was clearly established by the American political thinkers in order to bypass Russia and to drain the Soviet oil right in the Americans- tanks.

The coincidence between the events that unfolded in the autumn of 2003 in Georgia and the latest events now in Ukraine and, even more recently, in Romania, is that the removal of Shevardnaze and the emergence into power of Saakashvili occurred under the same scenario of vote fraud.

Another thing also worthy to be mentioned is that the events that followed the elections in Ukraine have been orchestrated with the help and the participation of the same political figures who have made possible the chain of coups that led to the disintegration of the USSR in 1989.

Lech Walesa, Vaclav Havel and none other than Mihail Gorbachev, the passive mastermind of the disintegration of the USSR have now declared that Russia should not interfere with the results of the Ukrainian presidential election and that “it is important for the process to end democratically”. This statement came after Russia’s president Vladimir Putin and Boris Gryzlov, the speaker of the Russian parliament’s lower house, both congratulated the Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yahukovich on his disputed presidential victory.

As far as Romania is concerned, the US has never experienced total confidence in Ion Iliescu, the man with Soviet tendencies who has run Romania for 11 of the 15 years which followed the anti-communist revolution.

Iliescu, the man who has followed the American orders pretty fairly, as the result of the promises made in 1990, has never successfully convinced his American masters of his good will, as his convictions have probably never matched with the American “democratic” model enforced upon the ex-communist countries after 1989.

The US has always feared that, still emotionally attached to Moscow’s Soviet model, Iliescu would probably have no second thoughts after switching to Putin's side each time he gets the chance.

An educated but pretty impersonal character like Adrian Nastase - the candidate of the Socialist Democrat Party to the presidency of Romania -, in danger to be led from the shadows by the duplicitous lliescu, will probably never be the subservient ”sure thing” America has always needed in this sensitive spot on the World map.

Graham Watson – the key name of the political events that now unfold in the Eastern Europe and at the same time the first British Liberal Democrat ever to be elected to the European Parliament - stated that the elections in Ukraine have failed to meet the democratic standards and also accused Guenter Verheugen on November 10 of interfering in the Romanian electoral process after the German commissioner said that he hoped to complete five years of negotiations by November 24, four days before Romania voted.

The latest news today which had as main topics Graham Watson’s doubts about the fairness of the Romanian electoral process and the US’ alleged convictions that the elections in Romania have been falsified, both come to bring one more proof of the scenario the US now plays on the Romanian electorate with the purpose to remove Iliescu from power - the individual feared to eventually oppose to the US’ policy of militarization - and to pursue, under puppet Basescu’s umbrella, the increasing of the Romanian troops in Iraq and eventually the establishment as soon as possible of a NATO base in Romania.


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