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Iraq War Crimes: Disturbing Picture

Is this what Bush means when he says: "We the Civilized World"


propagandamatrix, 24 March 2004
www.globalresearch.ca     23 March 2004

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'Liberated Iraq'? Is This What We Went To War For? (Paul J Watson)

"Lcpl [Lance corporal] Boudreault killed my Dad then he knocked up my sister!"


This photo is disturbing, it certainly reflects the military training and indoctrination of the troops, which encourage them to kill civilians indiscriminately as confirmed in numerous reports.

It also confirms the crudest form of war crimes committed by an Occupation Army: murder and rape.

The two smiling children on the picture do not know what is written on the card-board poster.

We are not dealing with an isolated event.

We are dealing with a code of conduct which emanates from the US occupation high command. The war is criminal and it instills criminality among occupation forces.

Is this what Bush means when he says: "We the Civilized World"


Circulate this posting. An international inquiry into Bush Administration war crimes is long overdue.  The individual in the picture should be arrested and judged not by the US Military but by the people of Iraq.


Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research (Canada), 24 March 2004.


Since posting this article, we have received feedback from readers: servicemen often brag, without necessarily committing criminal acts. The photo above does not prove that he committed those acts.

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