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www.globalresearch.ca    1 March 2004

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On March 8th, Boniface Alexandre, chief justice of the Cours de Cassation  was officially inaugurated as  president of Haiti. The following day, a  so-called "Council of Sages" (Council of Eminent Persons (COEP), "appointed" a new prime minister, Mr. Gerard Latortue.

The Conseil des Sages is integrated by leaders of the US sponsored Democratic Platform.

While Mr. Latortue, a former Foreign Minister, was a starch opponent of the Duvalier regime in the 1980s, everything indicates that his appointment was approved by Washington.

In a so-called "reconciliatory spirit", Mr Latortue appointed a former Duvalier era General, Herard Abraham, to take on the position of Minister of Security and Defence.  Herard  served as Commander in Chief during the reign of Predsident Prosper Avril, who according to the US Drug Enforcement Adminstraiton was actively inv9lved in protecting the drug trade. According to the US media, "there is (unusually) no evidence that Mr Abraham was involved in its [Duvalier regime's] egregious human-rights abuses". Yet upon more careful examination, it .


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