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"Operation Justified Vengeance" was a secret plan to invade the Palestinian territories and destroy the Palestinian Authority

Contrived behind closed doors in July of last year, it was slated by its IDF and Mossad architects to be "launched immediately following the next high-casualty suicide bombing, would last about a month and is expected to result in the death of hundreds of Israelis and thousands of Palestinians."



Palestine under siege

A Compilation of CRG articles and eye-witness reports on the Israeli invasion of Palestine

Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG),  globalresearch.ca ,  19 April 2002  [updated 9 May 2002]

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1. Military-Intelligence Operation to Invade Palestinian Territories and Destroy the Palestinian Authority

Sharon's Final Solution for the Palestinians? Alexander Cockburn, 7 May

Israel's Hamas, George Szamuely, 27 April

"There was a decision to vandalize the civic, administrative, cultural infrastructure of Palestinian society": Operation Destroy the Data, Amira Hass, 25 April

The Sharon-Ya'Alon Plan . The Israeli military and political leadership aim at the total destruction of the Palestinian authority, Tanya Reinhart, 13 April

Israeli Roots of Hamas exposed, Dean Andromidas, 12 April

Sharon's plan for getting rid of Arafat. The infamous 'Dagan Plan', Sylvain Cypel, [français ] [italiano12 April

Shin Bet, Israel's Domestic Security Agency played a key role in Israel's assassination policy, BBC, 12 April

Israeli military power, backed by the US, David Wood, 10 April

"Operation Justified Vengeance" was a Secret Plan of the Israeli Military to invade and destroy the Palestinian Authority, Ellis Shuman, 7 April

Hamas "connections" to the Israeli State, Dmitry Litvinovich, 7 April

The Al-Aqsa Intifada and Israel's New Military Campaign, Palestinian Displacement and Dispossession by Israel since 1948, BADIL Resource Center, 1 April

Hamas are Sharon's Children, interview with Yasser Arafat, EIR, 5 April

Sharon War Plan Exposed: Hamas Gang Is His Tool, Jeffrey Steinberg, 5 April

Hamas, le produit du Mossad , "Le Hamas remplit la fonction pour laquelle il a été créé: empêcher l'avènement d'un Etat palestinien..."  Hassane Zerrouky,  4 avril

Israeli Spy Ring in the US, Ted Bridis, 7 March

Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction: a Threat to Peace, Israeli nuclear weapons are among the world's most sophisticated, designed for "war fighting" in the Middle East, John Steinbach, 3 March

Evil Unleashed: Israel's move to destroy the Palestinian Authority is a calculated plan, long in the making , Tanya Reinhart, 22 Dec

En Palestine: Déchaînement du Mal, Tanya Reinhart, 4 jan.. Article also available in  English


2. Israeli Government War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Harsh Occupation at Hebron and Dura, Gush Shalom, 6 May

UN. Fact Finding Mission into Israeli War Crimes: Mission Impossible? BADIL, 6 May

Pro-Israel US hawks mount offensive on airwaves, Jim Lobe, 6 May

Apartheid in the Holy Land, Desmond Tutu, 1 May

What is the Real Story around the Church of Nativity? Eyewitness report from Bethlehem, Ghassan Andoni, 23 April

Jenin, The Propaganda War, Tanya Reinhart, 23 April

Israeli Massacre in the City of Jenin, David Cohen, 13 April

Extra-Judicial Executions in Jenin Refugee Camp. PSPHRE, 13  April

IDF Forces use Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields, B'TSELEM, 11 April

The Palestinian People will not Surrender!, BADIL, 11 April

Torture and Total Communication Ban in Ofer Detention Camp, Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B'TSELEM), 11 April

'We are rooted here' Israeli military lays siege to the Church of Nativity where more than 200 Palestinians, including women and children, have taken refuge, Khaled Dawoud, 11 April

As the Israeli army occupies Bethlehem: Solidarity under siege, Pascale Ghazaleh, 11 April

The Israeli Government begins a new Round of Atrocities against the Palestinian People and Refugees, Hambastegi, 10 April

Appel des intellectuels des Territoires palestiniens occupés, 10 avril

Death and destruction wrought by the Israeli army in the Palestinian cities, Gila Svirsky, 10 April

100 Killed in Jenin: Thirty-Three Palestinians Killed in Less than Twelve Hours, Palestine Media Center, 9 April

Palestine, Palestinians, and International Law, Francis A. Boyle, 7 April

Israel's State Terrorism, Lev Grinberg, 5 April

Eyewitness report from Ramallah, Tzaporah Ryter, 5 April

En terre palestinienne: Des scènes de violence et de mort dans la cité déclarée "zone militaire interdite" Mouna Naïm, 3 avril

UN Security Council Resolution 1402  "calls for the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Palestinian cities" (full text). Immediately following its adoption, the Israeli cabinet decided to expand its military operations in the occupied territories, 1 April

Palestine: House to house searches, Detainment and Executions , In Defiance of UN Security Council Resolution: Palestine Monitor, 1 April

ANSWER Coalition Condemns U.S.-Israeli All-Out War Against Palestinians - ANSWER statement March 29, 2002 , 1 April

Israeli military historian calls for genocide against Palestinians, Palestine Information Center, 30 March

Soirée d'attente à Dheisheh, Sous la botte de l'occupation israélienne, Pierre-Yves Salingue, 12 mars

Chronique d'un massacre annoncé Journée des femmes aussi en Palestine. Ce soir, elles seront nombreuses à pleurer, Nathalie Laillet, 8 mars

État de siège en terre palestinienne: Ce que l'armée israélienne dissimule à l'opinion publique , Amira Hass, 31 jan.

Sabra and Chatila: The Man who would Testify against Sharon is Blown Up. Was this another Targeted Killing? Robert Fisk, 27 Jan.

La Palestine à l'heure de l'apartheid , François Maspero, 28 déc

Israel Launches Massive Attack, Invades Ramallah, Bombards Nablus, Gaza Strip , by Mark James, 15 Dec

Viewpoint from Palestine: A Genocide in Slow Motion: How Do We Face The Challenge , Nizar Sakhnini, 15 Dec. 

Voice from Palestine: Israel, Terrorism and My People , Ramzy Baroud, 10 Dec

Ce ne sont pas les Talibans qui ont perdu la guerre mais bien l’humanité tout entière, par  Ramzy Baroud, le 30 novembre 2001 

Sharon Summoned to Court: Belgian Appeals Court Set to Decide Next Steps in War Crimes Case Against Ariel Sharon, by BADIL, 23 November 2001

"A six year old Palestinian girl kneeled and nervously, yet gently laid a flower to commemorate the death of thousands of Americans." America, We Feel Your Pain, Do You Feel Ours? by Ramzy Baroud. 24 September 2001

Media Lies. BBC Staff Are Told not to Call Israeli Killings "Assassination" , by Robert Fisk. 29 August 2001

Racism Inside Israel , interview with Phylllis Bennis. 29 August 2001

Palestine Medical Sector in State of Emergency , interview with Mustapha Barghouti. "In the past seven months 0.5 percent of the population have been injured or killed." 29 August 2001


3. Solidarity of Israeli Citizens and Jewish Organisations

An Israeli View from Arafat's Compound, "It is the inaction of the international community that most shocks us", Neta Golan and Ian Urbina, 11 April

ONG israéliennes dénoncent les violations des droits de l'homme dans les territoires palestiniens, 10 avril

Soutien verbal aux crimes de guerre en Palestine: Délit moral ou pénal ? Elias Davidsson, 10 avril

Courage to Refuse - Israeli Combatant's Letter, 7 April

Les mouvements féministes israéliens, Coordination des Groupes de Femmes « Égalité », 9 mars

Des réservistes israéliens refusent de combattre dans les territoires occupés Ils n’hésitent pas à parler de «crimes de guerre» commis par leur armée,  Michel Paul,  5 fév

Unfolding Horror in Palestine/Israel, and the Complicity of the United States, statements by prominent Israeli intellectuals, 4 April

Israeli "refuseniks" speak out: Open Letter to American Jews, Assaf Oron, 4 April


Compiled by Michel Chossudovsky

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