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The 9/11 Commission: Key Articles

www.globalresearch.ca   9 April 2004

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9/11 Commission: Official Transcripts (Testimonies)

9/11 Commission Hearings: Testimony of Condoleezza Rice  

9/11 Commission Hearings: Testimonies of Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Richard Armitage, Paul Wolfowitz, General Richard Myers,

9/11 Commission Hearings: 9/11 Commission Hearings Testimonies of Madeleine Albright, William Cohen, Thomas Pickering


Transcript of C. Rice's May 16 2002 Press Conference

9/11: Transcript of Condoleezza Rice's May 16th 2002 Press Conference was manipulated


Selected Articles: Analysis of 9/11 Commission and Related Articles

9/11 Commission Hearings are a Coverup: Chairman of 9/11 Commission had business ties with Osama's Brother in Law , Michel Chossudovsky,

The 9/11 "Independent" Commission made up of CIA, CFR and White House appointees: Who's Who on the 9/11 "Independent" Commission,

9/11 Coverup:  The Disinformation of Richard Clarke, Scott Loughrey,

Former FBI translator says Rice lied about government knowledge of terrorist threats, What did Bush and Rice know of the September 11 plot? Patrick Martin,

The Whistleblower the White House wants to silence: 'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes , Andrew Buncombe, 

Elephants in the Barracks The Complete Failure of the 9-11 Commission   Michael Kane

The White House had (at least ) 28 Advanced Intelligence Warnings Prior to 9/11 Compiled by Eric Smith

Video  The 9/11 Victims families sue George W: Ellen Mariani and Lawyer Phil Berg , Video: Phil Berg speaking in Kansas City on 9/11 , [quicktime]

Lying under Oath at the 9/11 Commission: Bush adminstration knew the Whereabouts of Osama,

9/11 CommissionPowell, Armitage et al have links to Al Qaeda , Michel Chossudovsky

The 9/11 Joint Inquiry chairmen  in "conflict of interest": Mysterious September 11 Breakfast Meeting on Capitol Hill, Michel Chossudovsky

Unanswered Questions Regarding September 11 by Citizens' Investigative Commission on 9/11

Down the Crooked U.S. Course Against 9/11 Terrorism, CAIS

Political Deception: The Missing Link behind 9-11 by Michel Chossudovsky

Senate Committee Hearing opens a "Can of Worms": Terrorism Financing: FBI acknowledges 9/11 was financed out of Pakistan

Inquiry of Intelligence Failures Hits Obstacles   Greg Miller

Foreknowledge of 9/11 Kyle Hence

Assembling The Legend of 9/11 Excerpted from: Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11 by Chaim Kupferberg

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