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War Propaganda in the Nation's Classrooms:

 "Why America Can Do No Wrong"

www.globalresearch.ca 18 June 2004

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Since September 11th 2001, there has been a regain of "patriotism and prayer" in public schools across America.

The Bush administration has launched its own initiative, extending the disinformation campaign concerning its war on terrorism into the country's classrooms. .

"In Nebraska, the state board of education dusted off a 1949 law declaring that every school has a duty to "arrange its curriculum in such a way that the love of liberty, justice, democracy and America will be instilled in the hearts and minds of the youth." The law lays out specific requirements for each grade: To memorize "The Star-Spangled Banner" or read stories about American heroes or study the evils of communism. " (See Intended to Unite, Displays of Patriotism Divide Some Schools by Stephanie Simon, http://www.commondreams.org/headlines01/1012-02.htm

The process of indoctrination starts at the elementary school level. It goes far beyond the established ritual of "the Pledge of Allegiance."  It instills hatred against Islam in young children. It justifies torture in the name of "America Can Do No wrong."  It presents the enemies of America as evil. 




Today's Lesson: Why America Can Do No Wrong?

"We are the good guys." 

"We are Noble Like and Eagle", suggests a military mandate. Operation Noble Eagle, which is a military plan to defend America.

"We punish evil doers"

"We Saved England's ass in World War II"


Michel Chossudovsky, 18 June 2004

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