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Silent Death of the TruVote System

Global Outlook, Summer 2004
www.globalresearch.ca   5 November 2004

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Americans will never know the real vote totals of the 2004 Presidential Elections because there is no paper trail. 

All three black box computer manufacturers are Republican-led corporations, which were actively involved in Bush’s re-election campaign.

Corporations have privatized the election process. They control the votes through a system of institutionalized fraud.

The following article appeared in the Summer issue of Global Outlook Magazine. It recounts the circumstances of the death of Athan Gibbs, the inventor of the TruVote Sytem.

Athan Gibbs devoted his life "to making sure voters in future elections would know their votes mattered". He died in a mysterious car crash on Interstate highway 65 in Tennessee in March 2004

Athan Gibbs’ TruVote system was described as ''one of the most promising technologies in the world for fixing democracies". In the wake of the 2000 presidential elections, where than 1 million votes went uncounted for Athan Gibbs invented the TruVote vote-casting system:

"TruVote allows voters to touch their candidates' names on a computer screen and receive receipts of their vote at the end of the process. They can then go to a Web site, punch in their voter validation number and make sure their vote was recorded." (The Tennessean.com, 14 March 2004).

Bob Fitrakis writing in the Global Free Press (17 March 2004), describes Gibb’s TruVote as a Marvel:

"After voters touch the screen, a paper ballot prints out under plexiglass and once the voter compares it to his actual vote and approves it, the ballot drops into a lockbox and is issued a numbered receipt. The voter’s receipt allows the track his particular vote to make sure that it was transferred from the polling place to the election tabulation center."

Police reports state that "Mr. Gibbs lost control of his Chevy Blazer after he cut in front of an 18-wheeler and the two vehicles collided." Fitrakis seriously doubts that Gibbs’ untimely death was an accident:

"Coincidence theorists will simply dismiss the death of Gibbs as a tragic accident – the same conclusion these coincidence theorists came to when anti-nuclear activist Karen Silkwood died in November 1974 when her car struck a concrete embankment en route to a meeting with New York Times reporter David Burnham. Prominent independent investigators concluded that Silkwood’s car was hit from behind and forced off the road… Gibbs’ death bears heightened scrutiny because of the way he lived his life after the 2000 Florida election debacle"

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