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UN Confidential

Report regarding post-Saddam Iraq

by Elias Davidsson

www.globalresearch.ca   5  March 2003

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According to the news this morning (5. March), the Office of the UN Secretary General drafted a confidential report regarding post-Saddam Iraq, in which a scenario of UN rule over Iraq is envisaged. The report envisages that the United States will, with or without UN approval, attack and invade Iraq and considers ways and means for the United Nations to "take over" the administration of the country. I have not yet a printer version of the news. This was reported on the Icelandic State Broadcasting news this morning at 7:00 AM.

The Secretary General has not undertaken any specific measures to deter US aggression against Iraq, such as by suggesting an Emergency Session of the General Assembly to discuss the threat to international peace emanating from the conduct of the United States administration (moving hundreds of thousands of military personnel to the borders of Iraq, inducing and threatening other countries to permit US forces to use their territory for aggression and for supporting a vote in the Security Council, threatening to remove by force the Government of Iraq, etc.). It appears that the Secretary General is coordinating UN policy with the US administration. The General Assembly would be wise to dismiss immediately the SG if such collusion has taken place. The Secretary General is not entitled to base his work on the assumption that member States will commit aggression and violations of the Charter. He must use all his powers to deter such aggression and violations or, failing to do so, resign from his work.

Governments around the world must answer to their citizens whether the SG has acted with their consent and whether they consider such conduct as appropriate for the UN Secretary General with regard to his Charter obligations.

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