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A Historic Moment for the Peace & Justice Movement

Stopping the 9-11 Cover Up is Ground Zero for the Peace Effort

by William Douglas

www.globalresearch.ca    4 March 2004

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Author's note: In issue #6 of Global Outlook my Kansas City arrest for attempting to attend a anti-Bush demonstration was covered. The good news is that I was acquitted on both counts of Disorderly Conduct. The better news was my protest sign was carried on ABCNews.com ( http://abcnews.go.com/sections/US/WorldNewsTonight/protest_zones_031112-1.html ), reading "What is Bush Hiding About 9-11? Stop the 9-11 Cover Up!" Which brings me to this essay's point. The peace & justice community has a historic opportunity to profoundly affect the future of the world . . . if we take it. We must work to get Bush's 9-11 cover up the attention it deserves. Mainstream media is beginning to look at this, but we need a movement. Why?


It is common knowledge that the Bush team had written the Patriot Act "before" 9-11. We also know through the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) written by Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc., that their designs for conquest in Iraq and elsewhere were planned "before" 9-11. The American people would have never allowed such dramatic rollbacks in civil liberties at home and the launching of two wars overseas had it not been for one event . . . 9-11. 9-11 gave the Bush Administration and Pentagon hawks cart blanche to turn the world upside down. It frightened Americans into answering the age old question "guns or butter?" with a resounding answer of "GUNS!!" The problem is, the "official" 9-11 story does not hold water. 9-11 families in mass are filing litigations to demand full 9-11 disclosure. However, they need the support of the peace movement to gain a larger voice. Why should the peace & justice movement be involved in 9-11 truth actions?

Bush has persuaded Americans that to stop future 9-11 terrorist type strikes, we need A) Endless wars, and B) Reduced Liberty at home. The truth is that neither is necessary, the only thing required was for Bush et al to DO THEIR JOBS before and on 9-11, which they did not. President Bush actually ordered the FBI's head of counter terrorism to "back off" the Bin Laden and Al Qaeda investigations before 9-11. All airforce hijacked flight intercept procedures were violated on 9-11, and 9-11 widow Ellen Mariani's attorney is charging that this could only have happened if someone had issued a "stand down" order on 9-11. Oddly, immediately after 9-11 when other planes were grounded throughout the U.S., Bush allowed private jets to spirit Bin Laden family members and other Saudi royals out of the U.S. with no substantive questioning from the FBI. Insider stock trades profiting off the coming attacks of United and American airlines were made at a bank with known CIA connections, AB Brown Trust. The current head of AB Brown resigned on 9-11-2001, leaving behind $2.5 million in unclaimed "winnings" from someone who had bet AGAINST United and American Airlines stocks "the day before" 9-11. If 9-11 was allowed to happen, as it appears it was, it would remove the fuel from the militaristic fires in many Americans hearts that the Bush Admin. absolutely needs to justify endless war and civil liberty rollbacks.

It is time for the peace and justice movement to get behind heroes like Mrs. Ellen Mariani, Kristin Breitweiser, and Mindy Klienburg, 9-11 widows who are fighting for a truth that may unravel the entire Bush "endless war" agenda. Mrs. Mariani's attorney in her suit against Bush, stated that Mrs. Mariani's goal is to end Bush's endless illegal wars, to recover civil rights in America, and to end Bush's manipulation of the American people by shamelessly using 9-11, an event that he allowed to happen for personal political gain, and is now covering up.

Mrs. Mariani and her attorney Phil Berg, former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, recently spoke in Kansas City to capacity crowds at several metro churches, and were interviewed by local ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX News affiliates, as well as The Kansas City Star.

A subtle and silent revolution for truth is beginning to boil across North America, and beyond. The 911Visibility.org Movement has emerged in the United States in response to 9-11 widow, Ellen Mariani's, historic lawsuit against G.W. Bush et al for complicity in allowing the 9-11 attacks to occur and for his subsequent "attempted" 9-11 cover up. Long Island Press wrote last week that www.911visibility.org is giving Americans demanding 9-11 truth a voice.

Bush's cover up is about to be thwarted. The 911Visibility.org Project released it's new website www.septembereleventh.org to 100,000 hits from visitors in the first two weeks of it's launch. It's purpose is many fold. To empower ordinary people to contact media and governments worldwide to demand a full and complete disclosure of all relevant 9-11 facts. It seeks to engage the mainstream peace & justice movement in the 9-11 truth movement. It provides step-by-step manuals on how to organize local 9-11 Visibility Projects, from organizing to media outreach, and by forming coalitions of existing peace & justice groups.

The National 911Visibility.org Project was modeled on broad based peace & justice coalition efforts in Seattle and Kansas City, where hundreds demonstrated, got local media coverage, lobbied the local newspaper into condemning Bush's 9-11 cover up, and handed out many thousands of leaflets on the 9-11 cover up, as well as organizing public teach ins at churches etc.

www.septembereleventh.org provides downloadable flyers and posters, access to 9-11 cover up books and videos for house parties, etc. The 911Visibility.org Project also promotes and supports the 9-11 Meetups.com. 9-11 Meetups.com enables those concerned about the 9-11 cover up to meet with others in their communities to begin organizing. Activists in over 100 cities around the world have listed for 911Meetups. The 911Visibility.org Project provides tools for those 9-11 Meetups to utilize and hit the ground running, to empower them with techniques to broaden their effort by reaching out to mainstream peace & justice organizations, and by using the Internet more effectively.

Howard Dean called to attention the rumours that Bush was warned by the Saudi's of the coming 9-11 attacks BEFORE they occurred, and Dean asserted that this is exactly why we need FULL disclosure from the Bush Administration regarding 9-11. John Kerry recently demanded full 9-11 disclosure from the Bush administration as well. Former 9-11 Commissioner, Max Cleland, on CNN stated that Bush's obstructions of the 9-11 investigation were "DISGUSTING" and a "SCAM," and that in fact "America is being scammed!" CNN's Aaron Brown condemned Hastert's attempt to cut short the 9-11 Commission, and urged his viewers to call Congress to demand an extension of the 9-11 Commission deadline. The 9-11 movement seeks to build on these bold assertions, to create a mass movement calling attention to the Bush obstruction of the 9-11 investigation.

For 2 long years Bush has attempted to thwart any real 9-11 investigation. Ellen Mariani's suit against Bush et al under the RICO Act for racketeering, is the catalyst to demand truth. Bush tried to buy her off with a $1 MILLION "settlement," but Mariani said, "I'd rather eat dirt . . .". Mrs. Mariani's courageous act must not go unsupported by mainstream peace & justice activists.

We are at a critical point in human history. Americans are willing to be led into shameful acts, so long as they are terrorized into thinking that is the only way they can avoid future 9-11 type strikes. To expose the truth that 9-11 was allowed to happen by an administration that needed the strike to further it's own political ambitions will provide a shock therapy that can wake Americans up. It will be the healthiest possible thing that could happen right now.

"The Truth shall set you free."

Get involved today, and urge all other activists and activist organizations to get involved. The truth is ripe, it yearns to be broken free, but it will take a concerted effort by the movement to break the truth through the corporate media shroud that has thus far contained it. This week the Ellen Marinari suit was mentioned in some North American media. Together we can force it out to the mainstream public.

Roughly in America there are 40% who will love Bush no matter what he does. There are about 40% who have a visceral distaste for Bush no matter what he does. The 20% swing voters lean to Bush due to the carefully nurtured myth that Bush=Security. Of course the opposite is true, because evidence shows Bush allowed 9-11 to occur. So, to expose the Mariani suit to the general public, will result in Bush losing in a landslide in 2004, and THEN the truth of 9-11 can come out. We are at a historic moment. American Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison wrote, "We may be witnessing the Nazification of our nation." The Irish Nobel Laureate, Seamus Heaney, wrote, "We are living in a moment where hope and history rhyme."

We have within our grasp an opportunity to rent the fabric of our Prozac nation, and clear away the spell that has clouded our national vision. However, we must step forward and take it. The American peace & justice community has a historic opportunity before us. By embracing the 9-11 truth movement and taking up the cause of the courageous 9-11 family's fight for truth, they can remove the shroud that is clouding the vision of Americans to accept illegal wars and illegal rollbacks in rights at home. However, the peace & justice community must act fast, because once the 9-11 Commission closes its doors the opportunity to fight for truth . . . is over for good. Visit www.septembereleventh.org to get involved today with the 911Visibility.org movement to demand the truth that can set our nation free.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds" -- Samuel Adams - Bill Douglas, National 911Visibility.org Project, www.septembereleventh.org

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