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The Globalisation Of Police Repression

Posted at globalresearch.ca 25 August 2001

The security arrangements in Genoa under the authority of the Italian Ministry of the Interior were the object of consultations between G7 member governments. FBI and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) advisers were sent in to assist their Italian colleagues because they had "prior experience" in dealing with protesters in Quebec City, Washington and Seattle. Who are the assassins? The Italian Carabinieri or the G7 heads of State and heads of government who allowed riot police to use live ammunition agains civilians?

According to the Guardian (27 July) "Rightwing thugs employed as Italian police officers were told by superiors they could brutalise with impunity the protesters detained in Genoa…, Officers seized the opportunity to batter, terrify and humiliate dozens of people after being assured they had the "cover" to do so… An anonymous police officer confirmed the accounts of torture given by the bruised, shaken protesters released from prison. "Unfortunately, it is all true."… He admitted his men had run amok in the protesters' headquarters but claimed that the alleged torture in the Bolzaneto holding centre was the work of GOM, the penitentiary police. He said GOM officers wore black gloves and boasted in advance of teaching the anarchists a lesson.

German Interior Minister Otto Schily has called for the creation of a "European anti-riot police force" to be deployed at international summits:

I suggest setting up a corps of specially trained European riot police that can work at an international level to de-escalate problems and, where needed, effectively quell violence


On the techniques of Political Control consult the EU Parliament's background document: http://www.uhuh.com/laws/europar3.htm (external link; document is very large; a zipped version is also available).