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Saddam Prepares For Guerilla War With 40,000 Fighters

by Free Arab Voice (FAV)

www.globalresearch.ca   22  May 2003

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Editors' Note:

The following article released by the Free Arab Voice (quoting a number of Middle East news sources) was published in English by the Information Clearing House . While it is not fully corroborated by other mainstream and alternative news sources , it constitutes, nonetheless, a useful text, which we are now bringing to the attention of our readers.

Muhit An intelligence report received by the American Central Intelligence Agency has disclosed on the authority of their secret sources that the deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is still alive and has formed a new secret leadership in preparation for waging a Vietnam-style guerrilla war against American forces to be launched next 17 July with 40,000 fighters. The force is to be led by the Defense Minister Sultan Hashim Ahmad.

The magazine al-Watan al-'Arabi in its issue coming out tomorrow said that the date for the beginning of the guerrilla war coincides with the anniversary of the Baathist revolution and seizure of power, and the anniversary of Saddam Hussein's ascension to the Iraqi presidency in 1979 as the successor of Ahmad Hasan al-Bakr. Until now, no one has conclusive proof as to the fate of Saddam Hussein and his two sons. It is said that he was killed during an air raid on a place where he was meeting with his commanders in the Baghdad district of al-Mansour. But there were sightings of him after that, in the A'zamiyyah district of the Iraqi capital on the same day that American forces entered Baghdad airport. Rumors have circulated that he attended Friday congregational prayer in the Mosque of Abu Hanifa an-Nu'man, and that he promised the worshippers there a surprise. There are also rumors that he had appeared elsewhere too, but there is no proof of the truth of any of these rumors.

Intelligence sources confirm information that Saddam Hussein and his two sons are still alive, still in Iraq, and that the forces that are still loyal to Saddam Hussein number 40,000 fighters. They are deployed throughout various regions of the country. The President, who is still in hiding, still has power and specific means at his command, and he has kept secret hiding places where he can disappear in a number of provinces. In addition he controls secret hiding places that contain weapons and ammunition, military supplies, foodstuffs, and other necessities. The contents of these secret storehouses is sufficient for waging a long and bitter war.

The great surprise that the message disclosed is that Saddam Hussein and his group of supporters who represent a secret leadership not composed of the familiar military and Baath Party personalities, are busily engaged in putting the finishing touches on a plan for a great confrontation with the Anglo-American forces deployed on Iraqi territory. The UAE newspaper "al-Bayan" reported on the authority of information that has reached "al-Watan al-'Arabi" that Saddam Hussein has designated 17 July of this year as the date on which the great jihad will begin. In addition to the symbolic significance of this date, preparations should be completed by that time. In addition, Iraqi citizens will have come to understand the what the presence of foreign forces on their soil means. They will have come to understand the extent of changes that will take place in their way of life, contrary to their social, cultural, and religious heritage. Some of the considerations that justify putting off the date by about three months until July are likelihood that ethnic and sectarian fighting might erupt in the country by then, and the struggles of the different aspirants for power should have risen to the surface. This is likely to create an unbalanced situation in Iraq, keeping the occupation forces busy, and giving the forces loyal to Saddam Hussein an opportunity to score major breakthroughs in enemy security by waging Vietnam-style guerrilla warfare with "hit-and-run" tactics.

The leaked information also discloses the make-up of the group that has gathered around Saddam Hussein and his two sons. It is composed of 'Abd Hammoud and 'Ali Hasan al-Majid who succeeded in escaping from Basra and disappearing, of Taha Yasin Ramadan, of the Defence Minister Sultan Hashim Ahmad, and Latif Nasif Jasem. Izzat Ibrahim ad-Douri, who headed the northern sector, has disappeared, as has the commander of the Middle Euphrates sector Mazban Khidr Hadi. The group surrounding Saddam now comprises elements from Tikrit, Samarra, and Mosul.

The intelligence report does not exclude the possibility that the new group around Saddam Hussein was the source of the leaked information that led to the arrest or surrender of certain former officials, because their roles had come to an end and there was no place for them in the new plan, and in order to keep the Americans occupied with interrogating them about events in the past, diverting the Americans' attention from planning for what is to happen in the near future.

The information suggests that Saddam Hussein still has bases located in the cities, towns, and villages of Iraq, where the fighters look like ordinary citizens, but are waiting to carry out the orders that they will be given, and are meanwhile carrying out reconnaissance and observation of the enemy and bringing information and intelligence from the leadership to the base.

The intelligence information also confirms that the locations where Saddam and his new aides are located are very well protected and surrounded in total secrecy which no spying or detection devices, however advanced, can penetrate. Also noteworthy is the presence of retired Russian experts in some of these locations, men practiced in guerrilla warfare with great expertise in this field.

Strangely, the intelligence report discloses the precise details, known to the American intelligence agencies in Baghdad, of a meeting ostensibly held by Saddam Hussein with his aides on 7 April, the day that American forces entered the environs of Baghdad. The details of the meeting include the fact that Saddam Hussein confirmed at the opening of the meeting, which was held in a secret and protected location, that a great betrayal had taken place in the Republican Guard and Special Forces. He spoke of a high-ranking military personality with deep hatred, and said that this person had known all the secrets, the methods of issuing orders, and their secret codes. This person was the one who led the act of treachery and issued the orders for the forces to withdraw, as if they had come from Saddam Hussein personally. It was in this way that immediate and sudden withdrawals took place from all positions at one stroke, their weapons being taken away. The withdrawal covered the Republican Guard, the Special Forces, and all the regular and semi-regular forces, leaving no one to defend Baghdad except a few hundred Arab volunteers who were not included in those orders and who were not integrated into the leadership's chain of command.

The intelligence report indicated that Saddam said that those persons think that they will occupy important positions under the American administration of Iraq. The message that they used said that Saddam Hussein had been killed with his commanders and that there was no longer any hope of resistance. The person who stands at the head of the betrayal knew the secret password and was thus able to issue the orders to retire from the battle.

The sources reported Saddam as saying during the meeting that the date 9 April is the day of treachery and treason in Baghdad, (which confirms that the meeting took place after that date), the date of shame and humiliation for those traitors who sold out Arabism, and sold out Baghdad for some derisory sum. It was a great betrayal in which high-ranking officers of an Arab army were involved, an army that we had thought had regained its senses and returned to its Arab Nationalist position, that we had considered a loyal friend that had opened the door to jihad together with us. But it stabbed us in the back. Saddam added: "we have done our sums, and we still have great potential. We are accustomed to the most difficult conditions. We have experience in secret resistance from before the revolutions of 1963 and 1968, and we have the ability to wage battle and we are prepared for the confrontation and have the wherewithal to carry on for years."

After that, according to the intelligence information, Saddam Hussein returned to the topic of the betrayal and treachery and spoke with bitterness of the husband of his youngest daughter Halla, Jamal Mustafa al-'Umar, who surrendered to American forces, a fact indicating his involvement in the treason.

Saddam added, "We had prepared for a great battle against the Americans in Baghdad. Our planning was excellent. We had prepared a pincer attack. What sadness I have for those youth. What sadness I have for those traitorous scoundrels who forsook Iraq, and Arabism, and Islam. They did not forsake Saddam Hussein. And now we have become the survivors. We are the elite of the Iraqi people, and the historical responsibility for liberating our people has fallen on us. You will discover that the way is open before us, We will make America pay the price, God willing, albeit belatedly. We have grown used to struggle. We have lived it, and will continue to do so. The reports you have heard about chaos in the streets of Iraq today will mark the important beginning of the revolution." He continued saying: "Our date is in July. That is a historic date that has its own aims, significance, and associations that we will use in the fight. You need to be aware that the members of the Bedouin tribes and federations have not been treacherous. They have not turned traitor. When I determined what those contemptible officers had done, I wrote to the tribes to tell them to be calm and await the appointed day. And I asked some of them to go along with the American invader for the sake of our noble goal."

Saddam Hussein said, "And to those who talk about the Shi'a, I say that the Shi'a will prove to everyone in our coming battle that they are the noble vanguard, and the battles of liberation will be waged in an-Najaf, and Karbala and the queen of cities Umm Qasr."

Saddam Hussein, had called on the Iraqi people to rise up in intifada against the American occupation forces, saying that it is the foreign occupation and not Sunni or Shi'i that is the "only issue that your great Iraq is living through," as he put it. This call came in a hand-written letter from Saddam to the Iraqi people and the sons and daughters of the Arab Nation and the Islamic world community, and to honorable people everywhere. Dated 28 April, his birthday, the message was obtained by the London-based al-Quds al-'Arabi newspaper. Sources close to Saddam confirmed the authenticity of the handwriting and the signature, pointing out that the conditions of his underground existence do not currently permit anything more than sending hand-written letters, due to security considerations.

The Leadership of the Resistance and Liberation of Iraq had stressed the day before yesterday in an exclusive letter sent to al-Quds al-'Arabi that Saddam Hussein had survived the bombing and that he would deliver an address to Iraqis and the Arab Nation within 72 hours. In the letter, Saddam accused the countries surrounding Iraq of working against the resistance and said that the traitors had allowed themselves to speak out loud about their treachery, despite its being a disgrace, in a reference taken to refer to Kuwait. Saddam said that treason lay behind the fall of Baghdad, saying "the enemy was not victorious over you, you who reject occupation and humiliation, you who have Arabism and Islam in your hearts and minds, it was not victorious over you except by means of treason."

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