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Georgievski's Letter to Kofi Annan

by Ljubco Georgievski
Macedonian Prime Minister

Skopje, 13 August
Posted at globalresearch.ca 29 August 2001

Regarding the deteriorated security situation in the country, President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Ljubco Georgievski has sent a letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, announced the Cabinet of the President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

Dear Mr. Annan,
I address to you in the most difficult moments for my country, when due to the armed violence by the regional Albanian paramilitary army, Macedonia has become a country of funerals and sorrow, a country where ethnic cleansing, kidnapping of civilians and massacre of soldiers have been conducted under coverage of the so-called fight for human rights. Today's and yesterday's armed aggression from the Kosovo territory, carried out by 600 members of the Kosovo Protection Corps, on Macedonia's territorial integrity, yesterday's surrounding of the village of Radusa near the border and a several-hour shelling by heavy weaponry based in Kosovo, for me, as President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, means nothing but official declaration of war to my country by the international protectorate Kosovo, i.e. by the Kosovo Protection Corps, which unfortunately is part of the your UN Administration in Kosovo.
Your Excellency, such precedent has never been seen in the international policy so far for one sovereign and democratic country to be target of aggression that comes from the UN protectorate.
This aggression is an impudent demonstration of violence by the KPC, which at least for the last six months has been trying to hide its role as an organizer of terrorism in the region. Today, with no shame, the KPC officials, who are listed in the UN payroll, are publicly promoting their aim for redrawing of the borders in the region in front of KFOR closed eyes. I am particularly concerned for KFOR's inert approach, which by playing border control, does nothing to prevent this aggression. Obviously the UN resolution 1244 means nothing to KFOR but a piece of paper.
Unfortunately, it also refers to your Kosovo civil administrator Hans Haekkerup. Therefore, I kindly ask you to overview his role and think about his dismissal. I am saying this because I am convinced that it is a great shame for the international community not to meet its obligations in Kosovo making Macedonia the victim of such irresponsibility.
I will remind you once again that on 5 July 2001 Macedonia signed a statement on cease-fire, receiving guarantees by nobody else but NATO itself. We have done that to give peace and politics a chance. But, the latest terrorist attacks by the Albanian paramilitary army, in which twenty Macedonian soldiers were massacred, and the open aggression upon Macedonia from Kosovo, unfortunately NATO undermines its authority once again, raising doubts among the public that only those who are against peace and democracy have benefits form NATO activities in the region.
Allow me to remind you that the first Kosovo aggression took place six months ago, when six square kilometers of the village Tanusevci near the border was occupied, as a response to the border agreement, signed between the democratically elected governments of Macedonia and Yugoslavia. And today, when Macedonian politicians are one step to signing a peace agreement, the Albanian paramilitary formations, organized by the KPC, continues with its aggression upon Macedonia. It only proofs the fact that they wish no agreements and are not interested in peace. They appear by different names in different regions, but actually it is one Albanian paramilitary army, with a single center - KPC and goal - ethnically clean "Greater Albania".
As President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, through you, I appeal to all democratic countries in the world to do their best within their possibilities and to help to the small, but democratic Macedonia in halting the open aggression that comes from Kosovo, a territory under the UN protectorate. In order to prevent another bloodshed war in the Balkans, we must together step on the road of weaponry of the Albanian paramilitary army and stop the export of violence and terrorism from Kosovo. We must not accept the thesis that Macedonia is another collateral damage of NATO intervention in the region. We must not allow for our destiny to be victim of the western wrong crisis management.
We have no other choice but to defend our freedom and Macedonia's future.

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