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We try to shout before it happens

by Gush Shalom

Ha'aretz 12 March 2003.
www.globalresearch.ca   12 March 2003

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   Text of Gush Shalom`s  Emergency ad in Ha'aretz:

WARNING TO THE ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCE: Soldier / Civilian / IDF Civil Employee

Powerful factors in Israel may intend to take advantage of the American attack on Iraq in order to transfer parts of the Palestinian population.

According to article 4 of the Geneva Convention, the following acts constitute war crimes:

- Expelling the population from occupied territories to other countries. (For example: deportation to Jordan or Lebanon.)

- Transferring the population from one part of the occupied territories to another. (For example: Deportation from Kalkilya and Tulkarm to Nablus.)

- Demolition of homes without an immediate military necessity.

If you have received, in the course of your duties or any other way, information that may be connected to such acts, including:

- An exceptionally large order for means of mass transportation.

- An order for or preparation of tents, blankets, food packages, etc..

- Infrastructure works for large camps in unexpected localities.

- Preparations for calling up large numbers of reserve logistic units.

- Plans or preparations for cutting off communications or electricity in the occupied territories.

- Other plans or preparations that might suggest a connection with possible plans of expulsion.

You are requested to report this information to the Army Chief Advocate, military post 96-5, fax -3-569437-, or the Legal Advisor to the Government, fax -2-6274481.

Any person who participates in the planning or execution of war crimes is in peril of being indicted sooner or later, in Israel or abroad. The statute of limitations does not apply to war crimes, nor is it a valid defense that one "only followed orders."

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