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Shattering the Uday and Qusay Myth:

A Simple Analysis of the Facts

by Rob Hay

Freedom Files , 1 August 2003
www.globalresearch.ca 3 August 2003

The URL of this article is: http://globalresearch.ca/articles/HAY308A.html

Off the top, there are so many holes in this "Story" you could drive a Truck Through it!

The weapon

10 of these missiles fired at the house over a 20 minute period.

"We fired 10 missiles into the house. We believe the missile attack was what ended up killing Uday and Qusay."

What do you think would happen if just one of these missiles exploded near a human being?

Here is another type of TOW Missile being fired

Here finally we have a picture of at least one type of TOW actually used.
Still have to ask, what would such a missile do to a human being?
It would also seem that the men here are not overly concerned about getting hit by
small arms fire eg. the AK47s reportedly being used? Looks like they would be easy targets to me.

The House
House was reported as being fortified. Nice big windows for those missiles to fly through...
Interesting that they didn't photograph the bodies where they found them in the house? Cameras were obviously there.
Perhaps there was nothing left to photograph?

Uday - yup burned beyond recognition. Identified at the scene? Yup...
Take note of the beard, there is growth in areas under the lips of the body and the beard is shaped differently too!

His teeth seem pretty yellow for a guy who lived the high life? Compare bellow.

Better Times for the Boys
This Picture released by Mass Media

Take note at how Qusay's dead face is more narrow than when he was alive.

This Picture although a little Blurry shows a different Qusay

Looks like a total face reconstruction. Perhaps they reconstructed the faces to look like Uday and Qusay? The Military don't even know for sure who they got. Like Qusay and Uday were giving out DNA samples to the Military etc.

Some Questions and Comments

A number of questions arise when to pause to think about what really might have happened. These are some questions that come to mind:

1. Why were the brothers traveling together?
- If you want better chances of survival of your Regime then you separate.

2. US forces had lots of time, why did they not just wait it out or use tear gas or other types of gas which would knock them out?

3. It was reported that 10 TOW missiles were fired at the house presumably where they thought they where hiding.

What kind of damage does TOW missiles do to a body?  The initial reports stated that the bodies were too shot up to be recognized.
Which then makes one wonder how can they verify who they really were? Heard they got dental records. Have you seen what those missiles do to people?

4. Wouldn't they be more valuable if they were alive. Perhaps they could reveal the location of their father? Hmmm...

5. The military has technology that allows them to see through walls. Yes they do have them, Read this article .
Wouldn't it be a snap to take them out if they used this technology. Perhaps it may have saved 2 American Soldiers their lives?

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