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Largest Arrest Campaign since Beginning of Intifada:

250 Palestinians arrested in past 48 hours

Hear Palestine, 24 June 2003.
www.globalresearch.ca    25 June 2003

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The Israeli army have arrested 250 Palestinian residents, including women and children, in the past 48 hours in Hebron, Ramallah and Bir Zeit.

Over 150 were arrested in Hebron alone, including 70 from the al-Qawasmeh family, in a campaign that started after midnight last night and lasted until dawn today. Dozens of soldiers and Special Forces took part in the campaign under the cover of attack helicopters. Among the arrested also were whole families, women, university students and children under the age of 10.

Five of the Palestinian detainees were exiled today to Jordan and Jericho.

The arrests centered in Wadi al-Hariya, Abu Sneineh, al-Haram, University quarter, Wadi Abu Kutaila, Ras al-Joura, Isa and Bir al-Mahjar. Dozens of homes were brutally raided and residents were forced out and then occupatin soldiers searched their homes using police dogs.

In addition, explosives were used to blow up front doors and windows. Several residents suffered from shock as a result of the brutality and madness of last night's attack.

In the meantime, the Israeli army continues to impose a curfew on several areas in the city, including the Old City. Israeli soldiers pursue and shoot on those who breach the imposed curfew with metal bullets.

Also, Jewish the settlers of Kiryat Arba bulldozed a piece of land (10 dunums) located to the southeastern side of the settlement. The land belongs to the resident Samih Da'na. The settlers placed barbed wire around the piece of land. When TIPH (The International Presence in Hebron) members interfered they were attacked and threatened by the settlers.

Nablus: Ongoing Military Measures Following Invasion

Eight residents were arrested during the Israeli invasion of Nablus City last night and which continued until 7:00 am this morning. Dozens of homes were raided and searched in various areas of the city, mainly in the Old Quarter. The invasion took place under random fire, which resulted in the damage of several homes and placed the residents in a state of panic and shock at the sudden invasion of the city, the second in 2 days.

Israeli soldiers blew up the front doors of a number of homes before raiding them. Roadblocks were set up in various areas of the city.

The Balata refugee camp in the city was invaded and several of its homes were raided and searched. At least 3 people were arrested bringing the number of those arrested in the city since last night up to 11.

A tight military siege is currently being imposed on the city of Nablus. No one is permitted to cross through military roadblocks at the entrances of the city.

In the meantime, a tight military siege is also imposed on villages surrounding Nablus, while Israeli soldiers carry out attacks against the residents of these villages, mainly Zawata, Burqa, Asira al-Shamaliya and Beit Forik.

The village of Zawata, that was raided by the Israeli army today, is completely isolated from the outside world. Witnesses in the village reported that Israeli army captains interrogated several of the residents.

In Burqa Village, north of Nablus, Israeli soldiers carried out provocative riads inside the village at night while opening fire randomly in order to terrorize the residents.

On the roads west of the city, Jneid, Beit Wazan and Beit Iba, the residents are being subjected to humiliating measures at military roadblocks.

On another front, witnesses from the villages of Inabous, Orif, Asira al-Qabaliya, Borin and Hawara confirmed that the settlement outpost that the Israeli army declared dismantling last Thursday is still present under a different form.

The Mayor if Hawara Wajih Oda said that despite the declarations of the Israeli army concerning the removal of a settlement outpost referred to as "Givaat Yitshar", west of Yitshar settlement, several locations and caravans are still present at the location. He confirmed that the settlers established in the location, which was supposedly dismantled, a tent and caravans that spread towards the west and overlooks the Orif Village. A cement room that belongs to a resident from Inabous Village was occupied by the settlers and an Israeli flag was raised on it. Caravans also spread to overlook Asira al-Qabaliya and Hawara Villages.

"In brief," he said, "the situation is worse than it was before contrary to claims made by the occupation authorities."

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