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The Law itself is broken:

No Justice for anyone when Criminals rule the Courts

by John Kaminski

www.globalresearch.ca   10 July 2003

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Some people can break the law, some people can't. It has always been this way. And never more obviously than now.

Some people, specifically the very rich, can get away with illegal moneymaking schemes that seriously hurt or even kill large numbers of innocent people, Among the epidemic of contemporary examples looms U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, who conspired with petroleum kingpins to rob millions of California citizens of billions of dollars, then was able to conceal the deed because the appeals court judges charged with investigating the heist were securely in the pocket of Cheney and his petro-Nazis.

This stuff happens every day, right down to your local zoning board, where a developer with connections is able to steal lucrative land from those who have no power simply because the rich can grease the proper palms with dazzling amounts of green stuff, and no law, no regulation and no protest about fairness can ever queer the deal. Too bad about the people who get screwed. It's the American way.

A more vivid example of this process is visible to all the world in the currently ravaged country of Iraq, where demonstrably false justifications for bombing innocent people were used and endorsed by virtually all respectable representatives of American society as a cynical cover of the massive theft of oil, water, gold bullion, and ancient artifacts by this same wealthy stratum of social manipulators.

And more vivid still was the 9/11 deception, in which thousands of Americans lost their lives as part of the profit scheme of this same obvious group, which included a real estate entrepreneur who leased the property shortly before the explosions and reaped $7 billion, the president's younger brother who has shadowy associations with both the firm that planted the demolition devices and the insurers, and a bunch of very familiar names and faces who look to be the ones who harvested most of the profits from the suspicious stock market massage that took place in the days before the tragedy.

It is reasonable to assume that the people who made the money off the 9/11 tragedy were the ones who engineered it, isn't it?

So solving the crime and bringing the perps to justice is simply a matter of identifying who made the money, then arresting, trying, and convicting them and putting them in orange jumpsuits at Guantanamo for the rest of their lives, right?

It would be, except that the law itself is broken. Politically appointed judges cannot be expected to render honest verdicts against the very criminals who gave them their seats on the bench in the first place. Human nature doesn't work that way, nor do those who received lucrative favors easily turn against those who made their affluence possible.

Face it, and realize what you have to do if justice is ever to reign again in this world the law itself is broken.

I was reminded of this the other night while sitting on my dark and leafy porch. The thought running through my head was about Securities & Exchange Commission laws that prevented identification of the investors who made millions off the purchase of what are called PUT options on American and United Airlines in the days before Sept. 11, 2001. Those two airlines, of course, were the ones ostensibly involved in the biggest tragedy in American history. Those who invested in these options reaped astonishing profits when the stock of those airlines plummeted in the days following the disaster.

But the confidentiality laws of the SEC shielded these suspicious investors from exposure. So I got to thinking about how, in America, banking laws superseded criminal laws, because these investors clearly got their insider information from somewhere, and that somewhere was the likely locale of those who at least knew in advance what was going to happen on 9/11, if not the locale of the very planners of the event themselves.

But in America, protecting those who make money has a much higher priority than prosecuting those who engineer atrocious mass murder. Could there be a more telling indication that our system of laws makes a mockery of everything we tell our children to hold dear?

And then the phone rang. Like he had been reading my mind, a mysterious caller who would not identify himself began to unfold an eyebrow-raising story about who those pre-9/11 investors were, and promised to put me in touch with another mysterious source who had copies of Chicago Mercantile Exchange transactions clearly identifying who those investors were.

So you could guess I was more than a little interested.

The PUT options bought on Sept. 5-7, 2001, he insisted, were purchased by agents of two trusts, the Carousel group and the Carlyle group. Moreover, these transactions, he asserted, were executed through the Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch brokerage houses, and NOT reported in the next day's Bloomberg Report (which, not being a stock trading type, I assume records all stock transactions of note).

I'm not sure the sound of distant thunder that rumbled at that moment was happening in the stormy skies in my neighborhood, or in my mind. I don't even know how much the revelation meant to me, except that at that moment, I kind of nodded knowingly as if it was what I had expected all along. I mean, the Carlyle group is the most notorious power club in the world, containing even the president's father (the former president) on its payroll, along with other famous names who had once held very high positions of trust in their governments and now were exploiting those connections to make millions every day.

It is public knowledge Carlyle makes money off many military transactions, and they even made a killing on buying a company that produced anthrax vaccines, back when that phony scare was designed to take the focus off what really happened on 9/11.

What a smoking gun it would be if Carlyle made the big money off 9/11. And if it could be proved. It would add to all the rest of the avalanche of evidence the air defense stand-down, the phony cell phone calls, the bogus investigative panel, and all the lies told by government officials about the so-called terrorists proving that 9/11 was an inside job. And it would provide a direct link from one Bush to another about foreknowledge of the mass murder.

My mysterious caller then want on to detail how these financial connections had tangents that even led to Hamas, the so-called terror organization in the Middle East that most think is comprised of angry Palestinians but some think was set up by Israel to foment the fake terror that helps it expand its own borders.

Further, the caller added that the Carlyle group was also behind the heist of the Iraqi museum, in which billions of dollars of ancient artifacts including the oldest known Qu'ran were lifted in a very organized manner while American soldiers stood idly by and let it happen. The great reporter Robert Fisk recounted seeing a very organized operation and watched the perpetrators disappear in three large white buses, not your usual vehicles in dusty Iraq.

My mysterious caller then promised he would put me in touch with someone who would furnish the documentation from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, but so far, I've had no further contact, and don't know if I will.

But as I speculated about the credibility of the call, it made perfect sense to my suspicious mind. Who else would do such a thing? A group with all the inside information, perfectly in synch with another group who seeks only to steal money from anyone it can, who will lie about anything to accomplish their evil goals, as the current public debate over Iraq so clearly illustrates.

And that led me to think about an earlier proposal I had made, about how anyone with a whit of intelligence should start talking to other like-minded people about organizing meetings of inquiry in their local areas about crimes by the American government on 9/11/2003.

The unanswered questions have built up to a point where the freedom of all people in the world are threatened by these criminal liars who run our government and control our courts. We can't look to the government for help, nor can we look for the corporate-controlled media to expose it. They are working together to change America from a somewhat-functioning democracy into a total police state, using as an excuse these imaginary terrorists that they themselves have invented to further limit our freedom and increase profits for themselves.

While I was chatting on Tom Valentine's Radio Free America the other night, and we were talking about new plans to merge short-wave and internet efforts into a consolidated effort to getting the truth out about current events, it occurred to me that we can't rely on the internet much longer.

Just like new laws are being passed to further shackle freedom in society at large, it is only a matter of time before new laws are enacted to stifle free speech on the web, which makes it all the more important for concerned citizens to organize locally to discuss and analyze all these unanswered questions about Iraq, Afghanistan, 9/11 and the Patriot Acts, before the time and opportunity to discuss these matters are taken away from us for good.

The internet has provided a vital medium with which to refute and debunk the phony pronouncements of men who pretend to be our leaders, but who really are looting us daily with the ultimate aim of depriving us of our liberty completely. To rely on the electronic communication the web provides has been a boon that has helped us immensely to fight for our freedom and combat this corporate tyranny that now threatens to strangle the world, but we can't count on that staying as is, given the encroachments by pigs like Ashcroft who will soon make it a crime to participate in a peace demonstration.

So the time has come to abandon the safety of our easy chairs and computer screens and get out and organize who we can while we still can, and embarrass our local officials into understanding that many of our federal and state officials are saying things that are not true, things designed only to make money for the rich and further enslave the poor.

If we don't do that now, we can be sure the worst will happen.

And we must do this both in spite of and because the law itself is broken. It will not protect us from the depredations of the wealthy, from murder by corporations, from total enslavement by fiat, from the impossibility of appeal by corrupt judges.

We must protect ourselves. And the only sure way to do is face to face, protecting ourselves in our own neighborhoods. All those people who have been talking about keeping your guns well-oiled and your powder dry and looking like prophets right now.

Rent a hall, buy some videos, find some experts they're everywhere now. Everybody knows something is wrong with the 9/11 story. And everybody is beginning to realize there will be no safety in silence.

If you don't do it now, you might never get to do it at all.

John Kaminski is the author of the soon-to-be-published "America's Autopsy Report," a collection of his Internet essays. Copyright John Kaminski  2003.  For fair use only/ pour usage équitable seulement .