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Election Fraud and "People without a Country" 

Resistance Is Not Futile

by Kirwan

APFN, 4 November  2004
www.globalresearch.ca   5 November 2004

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Fifty-one to forty-eight is not a final score in an American football game: that was the fraudulently official ‘vote-count’ in the last pre-selection for president of the USA. While politics is a contact affair, it is not a sport. The vote count is not something that can be seen in numbers only, and unlike sports, the winner does not get to “take” all: in fact the exact opposite is true. With a nation so thoroughly divided, as this one is, a close vote only means that the issues must be subject to discussion and debate.

Fresh from having stolen their second selection to the office – the Cheney Bush machine, must now deal with the differences between their words and deeds, in ways that do not give them all they want. However, given who and what they are, it is far more likely that they will see this as a mandate, to go even further in their latest bid for Empire—and that would be a fatal error.

Most of us went to bed on November second, thinking we were all still Americans, only to discover when the sun came up on November third, that 48 percent of us were now “people without a country.” Becoming stateless, overnight, is not something that anyone should take lightly. Cheney Bush wants us to “come together,” to heal the rifts within the nation – but they have never taken their own advice. It was in their formative phase under Newt Gingrich when they first issued a Contract on America – it was then that this plan was clearly laid. From that day to this, they have never wavered in their pursuit of the takeover of this nation, at the expense of anyone who was opposed. Do not heed the pre-selected one’s advice: fight this takeover of your country as you would if they were wearing foreign uniforms, because they are the enemy of all that most people have come to expect.

In their first theft of the presidency, Cheney Bush used strong-arm tactics in Florida and the illegal disqualification of huge numbers of people, to craft a challenge that they threw to a corrupted Supreme Court to gain the office. This time around Karl Rove, the architect of that maneuver, decided that since elections are all about the numbers only, then this time they would have the numbers and create not only a legitimizing victory but a mandate – actually an even larger crime, in that they now had a way to control all elections here, not just the presidency. http://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/0828-08.htm

"In several swing states, and EVERY STATE that has Electronic Voting (but no paper trails) they have an unexplained advantage for Bush of around +5% when comparing exit polls to actual results. In EVERY STATE that had paper audit trails on their Electronic Voting, the exit poll results match the actual results reported within the margin of error. So, we have MATCHING RESULTS for exit polls vs. voting with audits vs. A 5% unexplained advantage for Bush without audits.” The election results of the November election were another fraud upon the people of the nation, and the results are not something that should be seen as legitimate by anyone that cares about this nation.

In the exit polling, 22% of those asked stated that Moral Issues were their primary concern in this election. Those statements came from people involved in a church group religious network, a network largely based not on traditional religious groups, but on hard right leaning Christian Fundamentalists, that are evangelical in nature – or Evangelista’s

These are the same groups that the government has diverted tax dollars to, in order to provide social services for the poor, such as childcare, and help with food and shelter. Once people began to use these services, no longer coming directly from the government:

It was then a short hop to creating a network for political issues, that could be used to further a political agenda, designed and implemented by Karl Rove – for the “re-election” campaign. This would be a criminal violation of the separation of church and state, in that the funding for this came directly from the taxpayers, and cannot be used for partisan advantage. But good luck in prosecuting this one, given the results of November second.

The trigger for all of this involvement came in that fake message from Osama bin Laden that was aimed at the robotic responses from this evangelical base. What these people heard in the OBL tape was that he was going to kill them - so they flocked to their protector-in-chief. It didn't matter how much Bush has lied the subtle message was that only he could protect THEM! Hence the “October-November Surprise” from Karl Rove, not a bomb this time, but a stealth attack upon the ballot box, paid for with our own money.

What’s next? No more investigations, Kenny-boy Lay goes free, all 911 questions will be shutdown, there are no longer any rules - all bets are off! Theoretically we just gave this nation to Cheney Bush on a plate, ready to be consumed, in whatever way they desire, and at their leisure. The Camps are nothing compared to this living hideous shame of having “officially” lost to the really ugly bad guys - who didn't even bother to disguise their vile and death-filled deeds. Open warfare around the world, and here, they’ve exported jobs, slashed health care, education and discussion, while laying off emergency personnel, extending the duty requirements for the National Guard, and calling up the reserves. And they killed the future of this country. The attacks on 911 cost about a half million dollars, and in response Cheney Bush has spent the country into near bankruptcy, trillions and trillions of dollars, for no results at all. If stability was under siege, we lost: Because now we are now both insecure and broke, based on only one outright attack – that Cheney Bush has still not avenged.

America is gone, the idea is dead, and its people have become the thing they feared the most - that mindless mob, with that sheen of zealotry in their glassy fear-filled eyes, and the stink of the victim-hood radiates from their every pore.

This election was the really big one - the battle for it all - and it ended not with a bang but with the whimper of a whipped dog. I’ve put in forty years, trying to improve the way of life, (there are millions of us) who have tried to keep that flame of liberty alive, and all I see is a naked and battered "liberty" with her shredded robes cast off, her crown of light now smashed, and as Freedom she is all curled up in the fetal position, between the jack-boots of Bush, Cheney, Sharon, & Rumsfeld - the caption reads "anyone for thirds?"

Then there are the faces of the children - what do we say to them about their parents - what do they say to themselves? Globally, there is the fear that is shrinking up the testicles of many a nation, as they watch this horror – while in the background - the pundits spin it all, as though this were just another election. If sports reporters were as lax as political reporters they'd be gone within the hour - but journalism is now long dead. We've seen nothing yet: Because now the tempest and the whirlwind are about to permanently merge, and
the evil seed that will spring forth fully-grown from that union will go forth, only to slaughter and destroy - and we will all become it's unwilling but nonetheless, compliant parents - insofar as so many of us have only stood around and watched!

If we allow this election result to stand unchallenged then the flat earth society has won - and everything now will become unbearable. Ignorance, bigotry, theft and greed, are now totally in-charge. The "democratic party" has finally met the reality that their policies have been courting for30 years- and at last they have been destroyed - by a bunch of
crackers that can't tell you how many fingers they have without counting them - one at a time, out loud. http://www.commondreams.org/views03/0131-01.htm

If we thought Bush & Co were intolerable before, just wait till Smirk & Snarl digest this one - because they owe noth’in-to-nobody now – (except the Evangelistas) so finally they'll be able to do everything they've always wanted. The Supreme Court can now drop the pretense, there’s no real “official or legal” opposition anymore, and Congress was slaughtered in the last pre-selection as well.

We allowed Cheney Bush to break that constitutional prohibition against the union of church and state. When we smashed that wall that has kept this nation from the curse of the religious wars, that have killed so many other nations, we opened the floodgates for hate and bigotry to rule, in place of choice and reason: Along with buying into huge amounts of national arrogance, as well as greed and corruption that is off-the-charts on the global scale.

Resistance is not futile, not if we stand our ground and question everything that happened. Resistance is not futile if you chose to stand and fight instead of just voting with your feet. At first glance that might seem easier, (running away from totalitarian fascism), but this is evil incarnate: it is here in the USA, in this country – what used to be your country. Will you allow a bunch of shallow thugs to kick you out of your own country, because to fight them would be too difficult, too inconvenient - has it come to that?

There is the world court of public opinion, the thought and actions that other countries will now have to take to resist us, but this is first and foremost our responsibility. We unleashed these criminals back in 2000, and they have murdered over 100,000 in Iraq alone since that 2nd Iraq war began. That blood has all our names on it – should we not bear some responsibility for all that death and destruction that was delivered from the barrels of our guns and from the bellies of our planes and ships?

Cheney Bush is what we earned when we allowed them, to throw out all the rules, for just a few more bucks. There will be nowhere in this world that will be safe for any American to live, until we begin to take this country back: We have done too much, destroyed too much and lied to far too many people the world over. The Evangelistas might believe that Cheney Bush is the second coming of the savior, but the truth is that they are nothing more than the whirlwind incarnate that is hell-bent upon destruction and dominion, for themselves alone. Resistance is NOT futile, unless you chose not to think!

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