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Washington's Weapons Of Mass Deception

by Edward W. Miller

Coastal Post, October 2004
www.globalresearch.ca     5 October 2004

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"There are not two classes of terrorists, one that is condemned and another that is pardoned. Terrorism must be fought, no matter what its origin." Martin Torrijos, President of Mexico 1 Sept. 2004

"We have met the enemy and he is us" Pogo

   Bush's pre-emptive "SHOCK AND AWE" against the Iraqis, was outright terrorism. A hidden, more deadly terrorism was the first Gulf War followed by the 13-years of Oil-for Food semi-starvation, daily US overflights with bombing, and a US-planned bacterial genocide created by destroying Iraq's potable water facilities plus a UN embargo to prevent Iraqis from both cleaning up their water and even treating the water-born plagues. Add a desert air filled with depleted uranium particles and cluster bombs for the kids, and one can understand why two million Iraqis, the majority children and the aged, have died since Desert Storm. Also add Washington's support for Sharon's daily killing and terrorism of the Palestinians, and our Twin Towers deaths and Pentagon damage pale by comparison. Washington is reaping the harvest of those dragon's teeth the Reagan, two Bush's and the Clinton administrations have been sowing.

   The morass in Iraq and Afghanistan worsens each week. Sixteen months after our leader, outfitted in flight clothes announced on the carrier deck an "end to hostilities in Iraq" British General Sir Mike Jackson just admitted his soldiers were now fighting a "counter-insurgency war" in Iraq.

   Reporter Mike Benjamin, reporting in America's oldest journal (Editor & Publisher 9/16/2004) noted 16,765 US service members have so far been medically evacuated from Iraq and Afghanistan for injuries and ailments not directly related to combat, according to the US Transportation Command. Injuries absent from the public Pentagon casualty reports cited by our media. According to military date review from United Press International, these evacuee don't fit the Pentagon's definition of casualties, but veteran's advocate say they should be counted. "The Pentagon has reported 1019, dead and 7,245 wounded in Iraq."

   Meanwhile Iraqi civilian casualties are mounting. Adnan Zurfi, governor of that battle weary city, Najaf reported that "three weeks of urban warfare have killed at least 1,000 Iraqi rebels and civilians." and in the cement-factory town of Tal Adfar, 30 miles west of Mosul, troops battling insurgents, reported 67 rebels killed. (Chicago Tribune 9/11/2004), while a US air strike on Fallujah ( 16 Sept.) left 44 civilians dead and 37 wounded. (ZAMAN INTERNATIONAL)

   Gen. Richard Meyers, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff just acknowledged that it "could take months before the US and Iraqi authorities can take back Éthe toughest Sunni insurgent bastions such as Fallijah and Ramadi." (Yahoo News 9/10/2004 )

   Meanwhile, all is not going well with our allies. Patrick Cockburn reported (UK INDEPENDENT 9/12/204 ) "the US military assault on Tal Afar, an ethnically Turkmen city, has provoked a furious reaction from the Turkish government which is demanding the US call off the attack."

   "The US came into Iraq like an elephant astride its war machine," said Ibrahim Jaafari, influential Iraqi Vice President." The Turks claimed the Kurds had managed to get the US involved on their side in the long-standing ethnic Kurd-Turkomen conflict.

   The FAIRFAX NEW ZEALAND LIMITED reported 9/16/2004) New Zealand's Kiwi troops are "pulling out of Iraq under a cloak of secrecy as security deteriorates" While a huge explosion and fire on the Iraq-Turkey oil pipeline on 9/1/2004, followed by the "biggest sabotage operation on oil instillation in Kirkut since the invasion" and a pipeline feeding the Al Dura oil refinery on the outskirts of Baghdad, have further reduced Iraq's already failing petroleum exports.

   It would seem that bringing democracy to Iraq has become an increasingly painful process so let's re-examine that barrage of falsehoods from the Bush' people which lead congress and many Americans down the road towards this war.

   It seems obvious the drive to seize Iraq had been driven in part by Cheney's oil friends. The SF Chronicle (10 Mar 2003 ) reported a company tied to our Vice President had already won a Pentagon contract "for advice on rebuilding Iraq oil fields after a possible war."

   Another hidden impetus behind Bush's War was revealed in the March/April 2003 magazine, MOTHER JONES, by investigative reporter Robert Dreyfuss: The United States "has steadily been accumulating military muscle in the Gulf, building bases, selling weaponry and forging military partnerships. Now, it is poised to consolidate its might in a place that will be a fulcrum of the world's balance of power for decades to come. At a stroke, by taking control of Iraq, the Bush administration can solidify a long-running strategic design. Dreyfuss quotes James Akins, former US diplomat and once ambassador to Saudi Arabia: "It's the Kissinger Plan," says Akins. "I thought it had been killed, but it's back." According to Akins, the plan to seize Arab oil was initiated in 1975 in a series of well-placed articles in such American magazines as Harpers, Business Week, and Commentary. Dreyfuss notes: "The idea began to gain favor among a feisty group of hard-line, pro Israel thinkers who played important roles in President Reagan's Defense Department." 

   Lead by Richard Perle, chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, this group still "occupies several dozen key posts in the White House, the Pentagon, and the State Department."

   Dreyfuss also noted a Washington think tank developed: "Project for the New American Century" Members include Richard, Perle, strategist Robert Kagan, William Kristol, NEW REPUBLIC publisher, Martin Peretz, and ex-CIA Director James Woolsey and are "tied to a web of similar neo-conservative, pro-Israel organizations." Dreyfuss quoted Diplomat Akins: "It's a team that looks all too familiar, seeking to implement the plan first outlined back in 1975. It'll be easier once we have Iraq... we already have Qatar, and Bahrain too so it's only Saudi Arabia we're talking about, and the United Arab Emirates." 

   Robert Dreyfuss also quoted Michael Klare, Hampshire College professor, and author of RESOURCE WARS, who concluded that: "Controlling Iraq is about oil as power, rather than oil as fuel... Control over the Persian Gulf translates into control over Europe, Japan, and China. It's having our hand on the spigot."

   The legitimacy of Muslim concern was also outlined by George Bisharat, Hastings Law professor, in a SF Chronicle column. Bisharat wrote: "The real reason we are going to war is the messianic vision of a small but influential group of strongly pro-Israel hawks within the Bush administration. Their goal is unilateral global domination through absolute military superiority." Bisharat noted the group's leader, Richard Perle: "helped author a study for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu describing Saddam Hussein's overthrow as "an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right." War against Iraq would eliminate any obstacle to a disposition of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on terms that satisfy Israel's territorial ambitions on most or all of the West Bank.

   In a recent (7/9/04) article: TREASON IN HIGH PLACES: PENTAGON ZIONISTS, AIPAC and ISRAEL, writer James Petras notes: "The FBI investigation into Israel espionage agents in the Pentagon is part of a major struggle between prominent Zionists in the Pentagon and the US Security apparatus. Ever since the Bush regieme came into power there has been a fierce... war between Pentagon Zionists ..their military collaborators... and the professional military and intelligence apparatus."

   Petras adds: " From 9/11/2001 to the invasion of Iraq, the Pentagon Zionists and their civilian militarists had the upper hand: They marginalized the CIA, and established their own intelligence services to "cook  the data."  They pushed through the doctrine of sequential wars, beginning with Afghanistan and Iraq and projecting wars with Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. The Pentagon Zionists increased Israel's power in the Middle East, and promoted its expansionist colonization of Palestine" Petras adds: "It s clear that Israeli agents, not simply Zionist ideologues, infest the top echelon of the Pentagon"

   A day by day observation of this dangerous parasite's quiet insinuation into Washington's intelligence, defense, planning and political systems was recently offered by a retired Lieut.-Colonel in the Air Force, Karen Kwaitkowski ( see Global Outlook, Issue 8 pg. 15-20). Kwaitkowski writes: "From May 2002 until February 2003, I observed firsthand the formation of the Pentagon's Office of Special Planning (OSP) and watched the latter stages of the neoconservative capture of the policy-intelligence nexus in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq... I watched neoconservative agenda bearers within the OSP usurp measured and carefully-considered assessments, and though suppression and distortion of intelligence analysis, promulgate what were in fact falsehoods to both Congress and the Executive Office of the President."

   Kwaitkowski describes in detail how longtime professionals in important Defense Department offices were replaced by agents from Jewish-orientated, agenda-bearing think tanks "including the Middle East Research Institute, the Washington Institute form Mideast Policy, and the Jewish Institute for International Affairs." Adding : 'That the PentagonÉwas implementing its own foreign policy had not yet occurred to me," Kwaitkowski describes how the neocons in the Office of Special Plans, developed "talking points," propaganistic in style and "all desk officers were ordered to use them verbatim in material intended for higher-ups and people outside the Pentagon. "Talking points included Saddam Hussein's... using chemical weapons against his own people... his relations with terrorists... aid to Palestinians, aggressive nuclear weapons program" Thus, instead of developing defense policy alternatives and advice, the OSP was used to manufacture propaganda and pseudo war planning."

   Stephen Green, recently retired official from the UN and well-know author of books on Israel and the Mideast, recently said of Paul Wolfowitz, active neocon and Bush's close advisor on Iraq that Wolfowitz "had a strong attachment to Israel security, and a certain confusion about his obligation to US national security." Green adds that earlier when "Working with the DOD (Department of Defense), Wolfowitz had promoted the sale of ATM 9-L air-to-air missiles to China... A sale that General Colin Powell, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, intervened to cancel" ([email protected] )

   Columnist Charlie Reese ( www.rense.com/general57/apic.htm Sept. 15 ), reported that Neocons Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and David Wurmser's policy paper advised Netanyhu to abandon the peace process, reject "land for peace," strengthen Israel's defenses, and focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power. Reese adds: "Netanyhu did...  abandon the peace process and at a cost of $ 200 billion and almost 1000 American lives, Israel did achieve its "strategic objective"... removing Saddam from power"  It didn't cost Israel one shekel or one life."

  "The Israeli lobby," Reese added, "has been so successful in labeling any criticism of Israel as "anti-semitic" that most Americans prefer to stick their heads in the sand."

   Reaping the harvest of dragon's teeth is likely to be a costly experience for Americans.

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