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Electromagnetic Harassment against

Those Who oppose the New World Order

by Leuren Moret

February 2005
www.globalresearch.ca February 2005

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For the past 12 years (since the end of the Cold War) people in leadership positions, people working on preservation of the environment, and people opposing pharmaceutical companies, corporations and nuclear issues have complained to me about various types of EMF harassment.

These articles attached, which I discovered today, indicate to me that various sources of electro-magnetic frequencies are being used on those who oppose the US government and the New World Order and issues that stand in the way of the goals underlying Washingron's New World Order agenda.

The electrical high frequency noise (EMF pollution) in the wiring of our homes, through telephones, computers, antennas, and radios and many more are being used as weapons against those who are working on various issues. These articles are excellent for those working on alternative energy sources to promote their work. Microwave towers are now the main method of tracking citizens as they travel around their own towns or travel to other areas. Cell phones are also used for tracking, and they also serve as standing microphones, even when they are turned off.

Who noticed when this all started?

Western Shoshone spiritual leader, Corbin Harney, told me in 2002 that leaders all over the US had complained to him beginning in 1992 about various symptoms that they were afflicted with which seemed like health problems.

Symptoms such as blurry eyes, or one eye out of focus, nausea, vomiting, involuntary defecation, unable to sleep but not tired in the morning, tingling of the skin, anal itching, burning sensations on the feet, aches and pains, flu-like symptoms, unable to think clearly, loss of memory and many more symptoms.

I have met a Manhattan Project scientist, Dr. Fred Wood, working on alternative cheap energy for third world countries who told me his life has been threatened by the CIA. I asked him if he had been targeted with EMF harassment and he said "yes". Since he is an electrical engineer who developed radar in WW II, I asked him how he slept at night. He said "I shield myself".

Gulf War veterans working on the depleted uranium issue have complained about this type of harassment after speaking out in veterans forums about DU.

Activists working on the JUDI BARI Earthfirst! trial (car bombed for saving the redwoods in northern California) complained about experiencing this EMF harassment and I was in the courtroom during the two month trial and was targeted along with others in the courtroom. We used shiny CD discs to reflect the wavelengths away from us, and some wore leather coats which also helps to protect from the annoying sensations.

Activists in Marin County north of San Francisco have been targeted for trying to save natural habitat established as wildlife preserves from being turned into condos.

For some time Paul Rafferty and Christiane Maartens have been attacked in various ways where they are publishing the UN OBSERVER in the Hague. She is now so severely ill that she is confined to bed. Since the other harassment methods did not stop Paul and Christiane, I believe they are now being targeted with EMF.

Dr. Neil Cherry, a researcher from New Zealand, who did intensive investigations on the health of EMF, and testified in the New Zealand Parliament and the European Parliament, helped to set exposure standards to EMF much higher in European countries than they would have been without his contribution. He was targeted and finally died of neurological disease in his early 50s, far too young to be lost to our community.

Members of the European Parliament were targeted in the 1990s - for opposing US policies. The EU commissioned two reports on the methods of harrassment. I requested one and it was mailed to me as an Environmental Commissioner for the City of Berkeley.

I have experienced various kinds of harassment as a nuclear weapons lab whistleblower since 1991. Yumi Kikuchi, one of Japan's finest activists with her husband, Gen Morita, helped me while I was under microwave attack in their home in the mountains of Japan. She also experienced this harrassment many times herself. Since Gen is a famous energy healer and has taught Yumi his healing skills, they were able to help me.

The main weapons of the New World Order are energy weapons used on all scales from targeting individuals and mild harassment to death. Energy weapons are being tested in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and on other battlefields. In fact, scalar energy weapons have actually made nuclear weapons obsolete. These weapons were developed in the Nuclear Weapons labs beginning in the 1960s. They were developed as weapons to be used on targeted individuals (nuke lab whistleblowers, given to the EPA to be used on environmental activists, and to the FBI to be turned over to local police departments), populations (8 air force planes are outfitted with microwave weapons to use on populations such as Iraqi soldiers in GW I and the Haiti populations during elections), and countries. They can be used as weather warfare weapons or to trigger natural events such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes (see new book by Rosalie Bertell "Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War").

Many of the people I am sending this email to have also experienced EMF harassment. I am sending this in hopes that Paul and Christiane are able to use this to understand what may be causing Christiane's illness.

Weapons they are using now that are land, air and sea-based, are also intended for space. Here is the definition of weapons intended for space from Congressman Dennis Kucinich's bill in Congress:

HR 2977 Space Preservation Act (2001) SEC. 7. DEFINITIONS. In this Act:

(1) The term `space' means all space extending upward from an altitude greater than 60 kilometers above the surface of the earth and any celestial body in such space. (2)(A) The terms `weapon' and `weapons system' mean a device capable of any of the following: (i) Damaging or destroying an object (whether in outer space, in the atmosphere, or on earth) by-- (I) firing one or more projectiles to collide with that object; (II) detonating one or more explosive devices in close proximity to that object; (III) directing a source of energy (including molecular or atomic energy, subatomic particle beams, electromagnetic radiation, plasma, or extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation) against that object; or (IV) any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means. (ii) Inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)-- (I) through the use of any of the means described in clause (i) or subparagraph (B); (II) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations; or (III) by expelling chemical or biological agents in the vicinity of a person. (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as-- (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons; (ii) chemtrails; (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems; (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons; (v) laser weapons systems; (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons. (C) The term `exotic weapons systems' includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.

It seems that all who tell the truth are targets. Keep speaking out, there is no other choice now. I want to thank the angel who gave me this information today and her friends who did the research.

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