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Bush, Rumsfeld, Blair, Straw entry banned to Church of Nativity

Qatar News Agency: Reported in Pakistan, India and Middle East 
www.globalresearch.ca   3 April  2003

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Editor's Note:

The US News media has not reported this story.

Spread the word to Church parishes in the US and around the World. Unseat the War criminals.

BETHLEHEM, April 01 (Online): The Church of Nativity, widely believed to be the birth-place of Jesus Christ, decided to ban entry each of the US President George Bush, his Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Foreign Secretary Jack Straw the privilege of visiting this sacred place, which is one of the holiest Christian shrines.

The move came in protest of "the aggressive war these leaders have waged against Iraq," top Clergy of the church said.

The Church Parishioner Father Panaritius made the decision public at a massive protest demonstration organized by Orthodox institutions in front of the Church of Nativity.

"They are war criminals and murderers of children. Therefore the Church of Nativity decided to ban them access into the holy shrine for ever," the parishioner said.

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