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Osama's paramount role is to crank up Islamic nationalism to the point where it explodes:


Cranking Up the Volume:

Another bin Laden CIA Tape Appears

by Kurt Nimmo

www.globalresearch.ca    18  February 2003

The URL of this article is: http://globalresearch.ca/articles/NIM302A.html

The CIA has released yet another Osama bin Laden audiotape. It surfaced on the internet on Sunday, according to AFP Worldwide based Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Osama bin Laden is a valuable CIA asset -- maybe the most effective and valuable asset in the history of the agency.

Keep in mind Osama was trained and financed by the CIA. He did the CIA's bidding for years (serving to defeat the Soviets). He may have gone "off the reservation," as spooks like to say. But I don't think so. I think Osama is doing exactly what the CIA and ultimately the Bushite neocons and the Israeli Likudites want him to do.

Osama's paramount role is to crank up Islamic nationalism to the point where it explodes and the US -- at the behest of the Likudites in Israel and oil transnationals -- invade the Middle East. It's no secret the Likudites desire a scattering of Arab Bantustans ruled by US and Israeli approved monarchs (essentially Hashemite restorations). Zionist literature is replete with assertions of Greater Israel. It also makes the oil-rich Middle East more manageable for petro transnationals (and will, as well, destroy OPEC).

In the latest tape, Osama urges Muslims "to be convinced of the possibility of defeating the Americans." Osama may as well ask Muslims to commit suicide (a not unheard of proposition for Islamic fundamentalists). He cites a list of US interests hit recently across the globe. Osama must realize these attacks hardly approach a noisome danger for the US military. In fact, they provide a lot of mileage for the neocons and Likudites in their ongoing propaganda war against Islam, especially when civilians are butchered.

As the Palestinians have painfully learned, conventional or even terror wars against Israel (with its US supplied armaments and ruthless military tactics) results in nothing but dismal failure; in fact, once again -- due to the suicide bomb attacks of Hamas, a group initially sponsored by Israel to undermine Arafat and the PLO in particular and Arab nationalism in general -- the often violent resistance of the Palestinians has played directly into the hands of Israel and the racist Likudites. Israel has always feared Arab nationalism over Islamic fundamentalism.

In other words, Osama is urging weak and essentially unorganized fundamentalist Muslims to continue their quasi-military struggle against Israel and the US. Osama knows this is a tactic destined to fail in a big way. He also knows it will result in the death of countless mujahedeen and innocent civilians.

"It is possible to strike America, to humiliate and dominate it," declares the CIA asset bin Laden. On its face this assertion is nothing short of absurd -- another "strike" (along the lines of 911) on the American heartland is exactly the excuse the Bushites are shopping for in order to intensify operations in the Middle East.

Interestingly, in this latest tape Osama bin Laden has fleshed out in considerable detail the motives behind the US-Israel war against Islam. In fact, bin Laden is telling the truth about these motives (which are hardly secret and the neocons have broadcast for years): a US-Israel war on Iraq "will be only a stage in a series of planned attacks targeting other countries, including Syria, Iran, Egypt and Sudan... It's a Bush-Blair agreement under the [Sykes-Picot] banner [with the] same aims, those of the Crusaders trying to destroy the Islamic nation."

"Who installed the rulers of the Gulf states?" a rhetorical bin Laden asks. "It is the Crusaders... So long as it is the Crusaders who sponsor (these rulers), there's no difference between Riyadh's Karzai and Kabul's Karzai." (Karzai is a reference to Hamid Karzai, the former Unocal consultant and US-installed puppet in Afghanistan.) Muslims should disown these "impotent and treacherous" rulers, bin Laden insists.

Undoubtedly, this is a call for rebellion against US client state rulers, particularly Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. Saudi Arabia is the most important target on the Bush hit list.

Back in August a top Pentagon advisory board described Saudi Arabia as an enemy of the United States and recommended that officials toss down an ultimatum to stop backing terrorism or face seizure of its oil fields and its financial assets invested in the United States. The chairman of the Pentagon advisory board is none other than Likudite Richard Perle, a principal Bushite.

The Bushites and bin Laden share the same objective -- get rid of the current leadership in Saudi Arabia. Naturally, the CIA game plan is for bin Laden to demand a regime staunchly opposed to the US-Israel alliance and one capable of using oil as a weapon against the Great Satan. In fact, this is a red herring.

The Bushites will not repeat the mistakes of Carter in Iran. In fact, the US is determined to get rid of Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz not because his government sponsors terrorism, but rather because his autocratic grip on the Saudi populace -- who are steadfastly against Israel and the US and are increasingly radicalized -- is rapidly slipping. Saudi Arabia must also be conquered and divided into manageable Bantustans along with the rest of the Middle East. A malleable Karzai must be installed.

Osama bin Laden's latest tape arrives per CIA plan amidst the Muslim Feast of the Sacrifice and as 1.9 million Muslims depart Mecca and the hajj -- an auspicious time to mix Islamic fundamentalism and anti-US/Israel radicalism for maximum effect as the US gears up to attack Iraq.

The Bushites and their Zionist collaborators understand all too well that an attack on Iraq will surely result in massive upheavals against the US-client governments in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and elsewhere across the Middle East. Thus the ominous threats posed by the infuriated Arab masses against the US and transnational interests (particularly oil interests) can be used to maximum efficiency and as a rationale to sell the American people on total war waged across the whole of the Middle East. As well, it serves the Likudite dream of Greater Israel.

Osama bin Laden knows this.

That's why he's such a valued CIA asset.

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