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3/11 -- The Madrid 'Terrorist' Attacks

Editor, Observations and the State of Affairs
www.globalresearch.ca   20 March 2004

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"By way of deception, thou shalt do war".

Milt Bearden former CIA agent who directed bin Laden's covert CIA operation known as Maktab al Khidamar, the MAK in Afghanistan was on Dan Rather's national TV show Sept. 12th 2001. 

When Rather asked, if he (Bearden) thought bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, Bearden downright snubbed the possibility. Bearden explained "a far more sophisticated intelligence operation had to be behind these precise coordinated attacks... if they didn't have a bin Laden they would have invented one."

Friendly-fire and False-flag terrorism share the same objectives: governments orchestrate terrorist attacks to be carried out on their own soil in order to strike fear in the population and to create a "public enemy".

Types of Terrorism

German Minister of Technology (which included supervision of German intelligence - the BND), Andreas von Bülow: 

"This tactic is called a “false flag operation” or a “false flag recruitment”, used by both the CIA and Mossad for purposes of propaganda. “Ninety-five percent of the work of the intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation,” von Bülow said, which is widely propagated in the mainstream media creating an accepted version of events.

“Journalists don’t even raise the simplest questions,” he said, adding, “those who differ are labeled as crazy.” "

Professor Michel Chossudovsky writes: "The "intelligence asset" is not in direct contact with its covert sponsors. It is not necessarily cognizant of the role it plays on behalf of its intelligence sponsors.

The fundamental question is who is behind them? Through what sources are they being financed? What is the underlying network of ties?

A recent (2002) classified out-brief drafted to guide the Pentagon "calls for the creation of a so-called 'Proactive, Pre-emptive Operations Group' (P2OG), to launch secret operations aimed at "stimulating reactions" among terrorists and states possessing weapons of mass destruction -- that is, for instance, prodding terrorist cells into action and exposing themselves to "quick-response" attacks by U.S. forces."

The P2OG initiative is nothing new. It essentially extends an existing apparatus of covert operations. Amply documented, the CIA has supported terrorist groups since the Cold War era. This "prodding of terrorist cells" under covert intelligence operations often requires the infiltration and training of the radical groups linked to Al Qaeda.

Covert support by the US military and intelligence apparatus has been channelled to various Islamic terrorist organisations through a complex network of intermediaries and intelligence proxies. Moreover, numerous official statements, intelligence reports confirm recent links (in the post Cold War era) between US military-intelligence units and Al Qaeda operatives, as occurred in Bosnia (mid 1990s), Kosovo (1998-99) and Macedonia (2001)." Fabricating an Enemy

International affairs analyst Eric Margolis writes -- "Al-Qaida, an organization that never exceeded 300 men, and now has only about 100, was never the vast threat claimed by the White House and US media. The Bush Administration has enflamed the entire Muslim World by its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, antagonistic rhetoric, and total identification with Israel’s repression of the Palestinians.

We are still not even sure al-Qaida was responsible for 9/11, as Bush claims. If the Bush Administration was so totally wrong about Iraq’s secret weapons and links to al-Qaida, why is its information any more reliable about the shadowy bin Laden?

After promising in 2002 to release proof of al-Qaida’s guilt for 9/11, the Administration never did. German courts recently determined the 9/11 plot was hatched in Hamburg, not Afghanistan, and could find no direct link to al-Qaida. Al-Qaida leaders applauded 9/11 –after the fact – but may not have been actively involved in planning or finance." 

The 9/11 Investigative Panel: the worst 'terrorist' attack on American soil - the greatest intelligence 'failure' -- and the Bush administration refuses to provide or search for answers - WHY?  

From 9-11 to 3-11 -- "The recent bloody attack in Madrid is scripted right out of a global strategy of international terrorism, whose objectives and main goals originate outside the borders of Spain. In fact, the objectives come directly from the White House, particularly from the group of strategists and consultants working for Bush, known as the Pentagon Israeli lobby.

Those ‘specialists’, all very educated westerners, with very good résumés and degrees from many different imperial universities, spent the entire time providing their ‘analysis’ drawing comparisons on the methodology, the logistics, and the habitual operative strategies of the so-called “Al-Qaeda Terror Network”, to which –oddly enough- its existence and real objectives are never analyzed publicly and openly. 

The international press bleeding-heart analysts - who are completely ignorant of how the strategic underworld of the intelligence services operates - being dispatched all over the world with their classic condemnations against the murderous terrorism of the ETA or Al-Qaeda, of which they haven’t the smallest idea about the real political and international interests that these ‘terrorist groups’ have connections with.

The ‘introduction of Al-Qaeda in Europe’, by means of a real bloody attack, is directed to show the western society that the "terrorism exists" and it affects everybody equally, and that the only one with the military and logistic capacity to fight it is the USA with Bush in charge." 

Chossudovsky: "Propaganda's Consistent Pattern"

U.S. Ambassador Celluci warns Canada: They could be next on the list for terror attacks -- When it comes to terrorism, ordinary Canadians are not as concerned as they should be, he said. The RCMP, CSIS and the military "get it" about terrorism, but the Canadian public has been less concerned, Mr. Cellucci said. Will intelligence agencies orchestrate a 'terror' attack on Canadian soil to get the public 'on-side' on the 'war on terror'

THE SPIN:  Israeli DEBKAfile terrorist experts "finds a strong case against al Qaeda alone or with ally and points to advance warnings. In tape aired last October Bin Laden threatened to punish Spain for backing Bush. In 20 subsequent fatwas al Qaeda called for liberation of Andalusia and Granada wrested from Muslim rule by Crusaders in late 15th century. Spain was second target after Istanbul where caliphate fell in World War 1, Italy is third for being center of heresy (Vatican).

Al Qaeda leaders undecided on next stage, whether to target all Europe or use continent as springboard against America. Israel medical team assisting Spanish pathologists in identifying terror victims."

The explosive detonators, Koran verses and video found were convenient and obvious.  A CIA/MOSSAD operation? "By way of deception, thou shalt do war".

"There is no 'war on terror', just the new Great Game"

John Pilger, 2002, adding that the 19th century geopolitical struggle for power and wealth had merely been vastly speeded-up, and has become more deadly than ever. 

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