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This Time the Macedonians finger the Puppet Masters 

"Tell the Truth" strategy shows to be highly contagious. Ambassador Pardew accused in Macedonia


by  Umberto Pascali


EIR Magazine, 14 November  2001 

Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG),  globalresearch.ca,  27 November 2001

A new bloody escalation launched by the KLA narco-terrorist gangs in the north of Macedonia has again forced the country into facing a deadly assault in the middle of a deafening silence from the rest of the world. Just after the midnight of November 12, a terrorist gang ambushed with unbelievable precision an armored vehicle of the Macedonian police. Three policemen were killed and three seriously injured.

This time however Macedonia reacted, pointing the spotlight directly at some of the "puppet masters." On November 14, the main Macedonian daily, {Dnevnik} accused the US "facilitator," Ambassador James Pardew. 

The Victory Strategy that was laid out by Lyndon LaRouche in a historical statement last September 3 in Reston, VA ("Tell the Truth... force the enemy to attack were you want and then unmask it") seems to have been carefully considered. Another important point has apparently been understood: the barbaric irregular war waged by the KLA is just one element of a broader war: a psychological war aimed at breaking Macedonia's moral and psychological ability to resist. As we have seen so many time in the past, any time the Macedonians have rejected, even partially, an order coming from NATO, and in particular from the Anglo-American component of NATO, the KLA has been deployed with such deadly precision, that few doubts were left in the minds of observers about the terrorist's ability to use sophisticated intelligence, allegedly received through satellite communications controlled by certain NATO components.

Terror's Real Modus Operandi

This time {Dnevnik} spelled out the modus operandi. "The special American envoy, James Pardew, without any mandate undermined the plan of the Interior Ministry to secure the site... of one of the mass graves containing the bodies of Macedonian civilians kidnapped and massacred few months ago [by the KLA].

"Having unsuccessfully tried to block this plan during talks with the leaders of the country, Pardew decided to deny any logistical support [by NATO] for this action." Then the authoritative paper delivered its "Truth punch.": "Pardew also alerted the [terrorist] 'bosses' of this area [i.e. the KLA] to organize an adequate welcome for the [Macedonian] police, Dnevnik has been told by high level governmental sources." On the basis of its high level sources, the newspaper tracks down, step by step, the drama that took place over the last days, and the role played by Ambassador Pardew. From this reconstruction of the event, and from many sources here in Macedonia, what emerges, on the positive side, is the courageous and outspoken attitude of the Interior Minister, Ljube Boskovski, who, not surprisingly, has become the "bete noir" of the main Anglo-American media, starting with the British Broadcasting Company. What also emerges is the potential beginning of a differentiation between Ambassador Pardew and the other "international facilitator," the French Alain Leroy.

Unexplainable Ambush

The drama started unfolding on November 10th. That day, an important meeting took place concerning the identified mass graves. That same day, Macedonia police had stopped a suspicious cars circulating near the site. The occupants were armed, and turned out to be KLA terrorists; they were arrested. Among them, there was a terrorist who called himself "Commander Solana." The idea that a terrorist boss would chose as his 'nomme de guerre', and possibly as role model, the former NATO Secretary General, and presently top European Official, provoked some ironic comments here in Macedonia. However, even this minimum sign of defense of national sovereignty, as we shall see, was not going to be tolerated. A few hours later, KLA terrorists -- that supposedly had been disarmed by NATO's Essential Harvest Operation -- ambushed and killed three policemen, and wounded three others near the village of Trebos, five kilometers east of Tetovo.

The victims were part of a courageous deployment that had been decided on two days earlier by Macedonian authorities, to secure the site of a mass grave, one of the three identified mass graves containing the massacred body of Macedonian civilians kidnapped by the KLA. That decision was taken against the wishes and brutal blackmail of international representatives such as the US "facilitator" Ambassador James Pardew. The murders were followed by mass kidnapping including that of the editor of Tetovo KISS TV, a station that had just a few days before interviewed Prof Nestor Oginar and Dr Stojadin Naumovski who were visiting their city of origin as leaders of an American Macedonian delegation. The author of this report also had the honor of being interviewed by that TV station, the most prominent station in a virtually besieged Tetovo.

Here in Macedonia, very few doubted from the very first moment that the chronometrically precise terrorist ambush was part of a broader scheme by elements of the so-called International Community. The message was clear: Macedonians do not try to act as if you were a sovereign country. If you do, you will be punished!

Pardew Crashes The Meeting

The Nov 10th meeting concerning the mass grave included the President Boris Trajkovski, the Interior Minister, representatives of NATO, OSCE, European Union, the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague, the Macedonian State Prosecutor and other governmental officials. This meeting was also confirmed in an "open letter to President Trajkovski" written by Minister Boskovski.

Though not invited, James Pardew broke into the meeting in the Presidential office, and stated that the plan could not be accepted. He demanded instead the creation of a "commission of experts" to "analyze" the problem of the kidnapped victims. In particular, the rage of Pardew targeted the Interior Minister, with whom the US ambassador refused to shake hands. However, reportedly, the Macedonian government officials resisted the enormous pressures. Minister Boskovski insisted that Macedonia is a sovereign country, and not a protectorate, and thus, after having carefully and exhaustively informed the many representatives of the "International Community", it was a right and a duty of the Macedonian state to secure the site of the mass grave, in the presence of international observers. In the "open letter" quoted above, Boskovski in polemics against post festal "ambiguous and untrue statements made by the Presidential office," reminded President Trajkovski: "On that Saturday [November 10] you, Mr. President, gave precise orders to police forces to began the operation of securing the site. You also stated that you are the president of this country and as such you carry the responsibility to {tell the truth.}

"You reminded the representatives of the international community that they are in a country in which governmental institutions still function and nobody can interfere with those institutions based on the law. You reminded them that they will one day leave [Macedonia] and that you are the one that will remain with the [Macedonian] people and {with the truth}... On the basis of all these considerations you stated clearly to the representatives of the international community that your last order is that the [Macedonian] police be deployed and that you were not going to accept any [contrary] suggestion."

The Open Letter of Minister Boskovski continues: 

"You [Mr. President] gave a very wise answer to European Union Ambassador Norberg that you rejected the creation of any Commission on the Kidnapped civilians, because in your experience such commissions are formed when someone does not want to reach results..." Boskovski concludes with an emotional appeal not to listen to pressures from outside, and not to renege the commitment taken in the November 10th meeting. Indeed, in a nasty computer game played by many servile international media, the Interior Minister is being set up as the sacrificial lamb on the altar of the international hypocrisy. "Please Mr. President, in the name of the people, in the name of the fallen defendants of the Macedonian people and in the name of our one and only country, come out in public and {tell the truth!}"

"They Will Learn The Lesson"

Having seen the terrible pressure, Macedonians live in, especially in the areas of Tetovo and Kumanovo, having had the privilege to talk to many citizens who are fighting against fear and intimidation and who still remain determined to stay in areas that the "international Community have decided should be cut out of the jurisdiction of the elected institution of the country, I cannot but agree with the appeal to "tell the truth." Having seen so many irreplaceable ancient works of art, especially religious buildings, defaced or totally destroyed, sometimes with such sophisticated demolition methods that it makes one think of the elusive puppet masters of the KLA, I cannot but have strong feelings for people engaged in a moral resistance to intimidation and genocide.

The picture of the international interference is completed by the report that appeared in {Dnevnik}which was partially quoted above. The newspaper reported that the order given originally by President Trajkovski to deploy to the site of the mass grave, was complemented by a plan elaborated by the Interior Ministry. "In another meeting, on Sunday morning [Nov 11], Trajkovski suggested that the police start to immediately secure the site. The Interior Ministry presented a plan to the International representatives. The plan was translated into English, including all necessary information - the number of policemen, the number and type of vehicles, and the precise location where the police were to be deployed.

"[The French mediator, and EU representative] ... Leroy said that he respected the opinion of the President... Leroy said that the police will have a very precise mission and will refrain from entering villages. The representative of the European Union suggested [that] the police be accompanied by the monitors of the EU, OSCE and by the soldiers of the [German Led NATO] Red Fox Mission."

All of these suggestions were reportedly accepted by the governmental officials. However this first little step by Macedonia toward regaining the country's national sovereignty was brutally undermined. Explains {Dnevnik}: "But immediately after the November 11 meeting with Trajkovski, Pardew organized his own meeting with Leroy and his assistants in which the latest decision of [Pardew] was presented with this words: 'There will not be any logistic assistance [for the Macedonians]. We shall leave them alone to learn a lesson.' The assistants of Pardew were immediately given orders to alert the 'crisis area' [i.e. the terrorists controlling the area around the mass grave] with the suggestion that they prepare the 'welcome' [for the Macedonian police]...."

Clearly the allegations of {Dnevnik} and the words of Interior Minister Boskovski, open a case of unprecedented gravity. Though, Ambassador James Pardew has left the country, a minimum of decency and formal respect for international and national laws requires that an investigation be opened both in Macedonia and the US into his behavior and actions, according to many sources here.

It is almost pleonastic to stress that such breathtaking reports of connections between high level Western officials and terrorists, reach the public while the US and Britain are conducting an unprecedented bombing campaign against Afghanistan with the stated target to "get the terrorist Osama Bin Laden."

How is this possible? How it is even thinkable that Macedonia still in the middle of November of 2001 must be hostage to well armed terrorists, who officially have been disarmed by the NATO Essential Harvest Operation? How is it possible that Macedonia is being told that it will not be allowed to fight terrorism until its Parliament has approved the change of its Constitution imposed at arm point by terrorist gangs deployed out of NATO controlled Kosovo? How is it possible that the citizens of Tetovo have to accept as "normal" that every day some of them can be kidnapped and possibly killed, or tortured and raped, like in a sort of human sacrifice, while the "international community" established that those man, women and children have to right to be protected?

The Bizarre Mission of Ms. Bogue

In this context, I have to mention another one of the very strange interventions of the international community. The main TV news (MKTV) reported on November 13th that Janet Bogue, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, had arrived in Skopje for meetings with the President and the Prime Minister of Macedonia. It is unusual that such relatively low-level official is sent to meet the highest governmental level of a country. To add to this bizarre story, MKTV news reported that "Janet Bogue stressed that 'they' [the State Department apparently] are aware that some Albanian groups are spreading a strong propaganda line aimed at showing that they enjoy the support of the United States. This is not true and {they have not to be encouraged...}"

In other words it appears that Ms. Bogue was sent to the President and Prime Minister of Macedonia to relay the message that any reports of links between Anglo-American entities and the KLA are "KLA propaganda." In the moment in which the slogan rapidly spreading all over Macedonia is "Tell the Truth," such an intervention appears at least suspicious. We do not know who authorized such a mission and especially who authorized a low level official to go to the top leadership of a country under terrorist assault to apparently communicate that certain reports must be considered false by definition and must {not be encouraged.} However the MKTV story could have opened a scandal within the scandal. The "Tell the Truth" strategy instead is showing itself to be the real winner. --


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