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Be Vigilant Against 'New Empire Theory'

 People's Daily (China) April 26, 2002 2002
Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG),  globalresearch.ca , 29 April 2002

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Recently, around the time when the US government dished out the "Theory of Defeated Nations", External Policy Advisor Robert Kubo of British Prime Minister Tony Blair published in the British paper, Observer, his fantastic talks, which advocate saving the world with new imperialism.

Exactly the same as past colonialism and imperialism which needed to find an excuse for colonization and aggression and expansion, modern power politics and new interventionism also need a certain kind of theoretical packing and the creation of public opinion. This clamor for the self-styled "longing for new empire", which puts a fashioned cloak on the mummy of old colonialism and divides the world into three types of country groups: The first type are "front modern countries" composed of Somali, Afghanistan and other former colonial countries; the second type are "rear empires and rear modern countries" composed of former colonizers; the third type are "traditional countries" made up of China, India, Pakistan and some other countries. In brief, the "new empire theory" maintains that the defeated country group formed by former colonies are the breeding grounds of turmoil and threat, it stands for the use of the means of new colonization, thinking it is acceptable for "rear empire" to export stability and freedom abroad.

The "new empire theory", based on colonialist concept and logic, advocates that the rear modern country group should be accustomed to double standards, i.e., they should guarantee security through law and cooperation within themselves, whereas in dealing with former colonial countries outside Europe, they should adopt the previous century jungle law-force, preemptive attack, deception, as well as any methods needed for dealing with those countries still living in the 19th century. Moreover, the "new empire theory" lists many developing countries in the "defeated countries" group that endanger world security and stability, claiming that these countries have lost the legality of using force. To give green light to new imperialist military intervention, the "new empire theory" gives farfetched footnotes that making Afghan warfare serve as "defensive imperialism" is "understandable".

The "new empire theory" sums up the European union as "voluntary imperialism", asserting that the rear modern European union has offered a "cooperative empire" prospect, sticking the label "voluntary global economic imperialism" on the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. On the other hand, in order to legalize the new empire group's intervention in the affairs of nearby regions, the "new empire theory" fabricates the concept of "neighboring country imperialism". This theory is based on the war chaos and instability of the Balkan region, thinking that the rear modern country group not only should send out peace-keeping and international protection forces, but also should provide police, judges, chief wardens, bankers, etc., at the same time, they should supervise and organize election. To put it plainly, if only they rely on the creed of "neighboring country imperialism", the new empire group can more unscrupulously interfere in the regional affairs of neighboring countries, including even toppling the regime of a country and changing its social system.

Obviously, the essence of the "new empire theory" aims to clear the way for power politics in the new age, it runs counter to the trend of the establishment of a just and reasonable international new political order. If the hegemonic logic and jungle law featuring the "new empire theory" is acted upon, the world will be thrown into utter disorder, the norms of international law centered on State sovereignty, territorial integrity and national dignity will be wantonly trampled upon, the unilateralism and new interventionism pursued by certain countries and country groups will be running wild. After the human society entered into the 21st century wherein peace and development are stressed, the fact that the "defeated nation theory" and the "new empire theory" echo each other should arouse the full vigilance of the international community.

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