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Israeli military historian calls for genocide against Palestinians



Palestine Information Center   10  March 2002

Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG),  globalresearch.ca ,  31  March 2002


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Occupied Jerusalem - An Zionist military historian has brazenly called for a partial genocide against the Palestinians, saying war crimes could be forgiven if carried out quickly and successfully.

In an interview with the Hebrew weekly "Yerushhalyim" published on 1 March and republished by the mainstream Hebrew press this week, Professor Martin Van Creveld, argued that the Israeli army would have to kill tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians in order "to restore the balance of deterrence between us and them."

Asked if he would favor bombarding Palestinian cities and causing thousands of deaths among civilians, Creveld answered positively.

"Yes, as much as is needed in order that there will not be a need to repeat it, so that they won't tail us during the time of the withdrawal. We have to strike so hard that there won't be a need for a second strike. Perhaps 5000, or 10,000 killed won't be enough and then we will have to kill more."

Creveld, who was introduced as a renowned military historian, said mass killing would have to be done so quickly and so strongly that until the world understood what was happening the matter would be over."

He admitted that this would be a crime, adding that being right or wrong wouldn't play a part in this matter.

"What is involved is a massive crime, but whoever isn't willing to commit crimes in order to save his country shouldn't engage in statesmanship, it is better that the4re be one massive crime after which we will exit and lock the gate behind us."

Asked if he would be worried about international reactions and the possibility that the perpetrators would be tried before an international court as war criminals, Creveld said the world would forgive Israel if the killing was done effectively and successfully.

" People forgive for one crime on the condition that it is over. They forgive if it is quick and smooth, and particularly if it succeeds. If it doesn't succeed, everything is lost."

The Zionist professor, who ironically described himself as a "pacifist," said he presented his plan to Israeli decision-makers and that he received an answer saying that "the right people read it."

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