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House to house searches, Detainment and Executions

Palestine Monitor, 31 March 2002

Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG),  globalresearch.ca ,  31  March 2002


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The Israeli army continues to occupy cities in the West Bank; soldiers are currently engaged in house-to-house searches, indiscriminately detaining people and destroying property. The prisoners are being held in concentration camp like places in the nearby Israeli military base of Beit El, without water, food or shelter.

Even more worrying is what may happen to the arrested individuals. Israeli soldiers executed five Palestinian policemen the day before yesterday. The policemen, four of who were aged in their 50s and over, were found lying close to one another, with gunshots to their heads; before they were killed there was no gunfire coming from the building, they did not appear to be resisting the Israel soldiers who had surrounded and entered the building they were in. Four more corpses have just been found in another building in Ramallah; they were also executed in the same manner.

Two men were killed in a similar manner in Sayda, near Tulkaram.

The house-to-house searches and indiscriminate detaining of civilians present an imminent threat to the lives of many Palestinians.

It is also becoming obvious that Israel intends to re-occupy the whole of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Furthermore it appears Sharon is preparing to execute Mr. Arafat a move which will cause an explosion in the whole region.

Throughout the past 19 months Sharon has been allowed to conduct his plan to kill the peace process, destroy the peace agreements, annihilate the Palestinian Authority and to reoccupy the West Bank and Gaza Strip. He has been able to do so because the international community has permitted him; he cannot be allowed to hurl us into a more dangerous situation.

The Grassroots International Protection for Palestinians (GIPP) has issued a call for people from all over the world to come to Palestine and participate in the defense of Palestinians whose lives are threatened by the Israeli military.

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