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British Government Ordered Shutdown Of Fake Ricin Story

Propaganda Matrix 22 April 2005
www.globalresearch.ca 25 April 2005

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The British government has ordered a D-notice clampdown on details relating to the ricin terror ring story which was exposed as being fake last week.

Inside sources from the Guardian newspaper in London have confirmed that the reason the Guardian article 'The ricin ring that never was,' was removed from its website was due to a direct order from the government. Several other websites worldwide have also removed the article but it is still available on numerous websites, Rense.com being one.

What's next? Are the government going to create a Ministry of Truth and employ Winston Smith to change past newspaper articles and dispose of unflattering truths down the memory hole?

"Government pressure" forced the Guardian to pull the article says the source, and that a Ministry of Defence directive was in order that forbade naming of any Porton Down scientists.

Porton Down is a secretive government chemical weapons centre and military base in Wiltshire, England. It has been at the center of a scandal involving testing of sarin nerve gas on British soldiers after World War Two.

Porton Down was also responsible for the Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001. A phial of the virus was released from Porton Down before the outbreak. This was blamed on 'animal rights protesters' who had somehow managed to sneak into a biosafety level four underground facility guarded by armed troops.

The British government knew of the outbreak weeks before they told the public, allowing the disease to spread so it could devastate the British farming community who were providing a bulwark of opposition to Tony Blair on numerous different political issues at the time.

Porton Down (pictured above) was also the birthplace of Operation Cauldron, a program which led to the testing of lethal plague bombs on the Scottish coast. It has also been linked with the development of race-specific bioweapons. The place is a haven for Mengele-like mad scientists with no moral fibre. It should be shut down immediately and charges brought against those found to have engaged in this barbaric pseudo-research.

The Guardian article is set to go back online with the scientists' names omitted. These Nazis dare not let their names see the light of day as hey skulk around like vampires in the shadows cooking up more death and misery for future generations at home and abhorrent chemical weapons to be rained down on broken-backed third world countries abroad.

The BBC, otherwise known as the Blair Broadcasting Corporation, is also complicit in the cover-up.

A Guardian article (which hasn't yet been removed and can be read here) entitled 'Row as BBC cuts Bafta speech' - explains how Adam Curtis, who won the factual series award for BBC2's The Power of Nightmares, was censored after he criticized the sensationalized threat of the fake ricin plot.

The acceptance speech was removed from BBC1's Bafta coverage when it aired two hours later because it "touched a nerve" according to Curtis.

"Reporting of the whole terrorist threat has either become exaggerated, distorted or in some cases a complete fabrication and they are beginning to realise this. They know they have to sort it out. It has touched a nerve and the fact they cut it shows that."

Curtis went on to add that reports of an "al-Qaida plot to poison Britain" that could have consequences "equal or greater to 9/ 11" were "massively exaggerated or a complete fantasy".

The British government doesn't want you to know that of the 500+ suspects it has arrested on grounds of terrorism, only two have been charged and only then on immigration fraud. Prime Sinister Phony Tony B-Liar needs to maintain the fallacy that there are terrorists running around everyone's back garden waiting to kill them. That way he can promise to 'protect' us and ensure a 3rd term of neo-liberal Straussian warmongering.

And anyone that rocks the boat in the process, like Dr. David Kelly, will be murdered.

Not that Transylvanian Dracula-man Michael Howard (pictured) and the pro-war, pro national ID card Tories can even pretend to offer anything different.

However, this scrambling to cover-up the leaks betrays desperation in the establishment and a chink of light for freedom of the press that the Guardian would put this story out in the first place.

E mail the Guardian at [email protected] and get them to put the story back up!

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