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If Blair could fall from power,  it would leave Pseudo-President George W. alone in his war making:

An Open Letter to the U.K.

by Kéllia Ramares

www.globalresearch.ca   13 March 2003

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 Dear Friends of Peace in the U.K.,

As I watch from the U.S. the pressure building on Tony Blair, I think that the people of the U.K. may be the ones who can head off this war. A significant number of Labour backbenchers are against this military misadventure. Members of Blair's Cabinet are threatening to resign if he goes to war without a second U.N. resolution. (Of course, he shouldn't go to war, resolution or no). And over a million people in the U.K. marched against the war on February 15th.

If Blair could fall from power soon, it would leave Pseudo-President George W. Bush alone in his warmaking. Now Bush's Secretary of War and snarling pit bull Donald Rumsfeld has claimed that the U.S. will go to war on Iraq even without the help of Britain and I think that it certainly possible. But isolating Bush would help make a lot of Americans see what a foolish vendetta this war is. Then perhaps even more of our population will join the protests and the small, but building, calls for impeachment.

Yes, Iraq must be disarmed because the whole world must be disarmed. There is no place on this planet for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) weapons if the human race is to survive. And for all practical purposes, Iraq has been disarmed. The demand of the U.S., with its far greater and growing stocks of NBCs, that Iraq must document the destruction of every last single weapon or face war is an exercise in apocalyptic hypocrisy.

This is not really about disarmament, this is an imperialistic oil grab. Do not be dissuaded from that by the argument that that this is not about oil because Iraq's oil infrastructure is in such bad shape that the oil companies would not be able to boost Iraqi production for years. While it is true that much work, time and billions of dollars/euros will have to be poured into development (and further exploration), the imperialist warmongers are not thinking in the short term. They know that the world is now reaching Peak Oil (global peak of production), and that the Middle East, the region that peaks last, is of greater and greater importance as a global oil supplier. They know that Iraq, which itself has about 11% of the world's known oil reserves, sits in a militarily strategic position between Saudi Arabia (25% of world's known reserves) and Iran (9% of world's known reserves). And they know that, because of war and sanctions, Iraq's own reserves will be among the very last to peak. In other words, the U.S. and the U.K., through the 1991 Gulf War and the sanctions that followed, effectively "banked" Iraq's reserves, and now they are coming to claim their "account."

Citizens of the U.K., though yours is the smaller nation, I think your resistance has the larger clout. One million of you in the streets is a greater percentage of your total population than one million Americans. Your MPs know it. Your media know it. Your media are also being more open in their coverage than ours is. It was Britain's Channel 4, for example, which uncovered Colin Powell's praise and citation in the U.N. of plagiarized obsolete documents being passed off as the latest British intelligence on Iraq. Our corporate media are total government lapdogs, and when the U.S. response to this budding scandal was to raise the terrorism alert level and claim an attack was imminent, the story disappeared, even from the middle pages of the newspapers in which it had been buried.

Thanks to the Internet, coverage from your side of the "pond" does filter back to us. But the operative word is "filter." For example, on February 15th, AOL kept running a picture of a marcher in the U.K. holding a sign that said, "Make tea not war." Cute, but ineffectual. What we need are signs demanding the removal of the warmongers from power by whatever means each nation's constitution prescribes. So many signs that the media can't ignore them.

So please keep building up the pressure for a vote of No Confidence in Tony Blair. I have made up a PDF file on my web site (http://www.rise4news.net ) that U.K. protesters are invited to download, copy, distribute and use as signs to post or to carry in marches. It says "No Confidence!/Tony Blair/New Elections Now! It is a companion to a file I made for Americans to use that says "Bush Cheney Rumsfeld Ashcroft Powell/ Resign or Be Impeached!"

Let's send these warmongers packing!

Kéllia Ramares,

U.S. Journalist R.I.S.E. - Radio Internet Story Exchange


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