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Henry Kissinger: Shadow Government Secretary of State

by Mike Schelstrate

http://www.prisonplanet.com/   March 2003.
www.globalresearch.ca     22 March 2003

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Colin Powell is the current Secretary of State for the Bush Administration. Unfortunately, Mr. Powell does not actually control the Foreign Policy for the United States. Henry Kissinger is the person who dictates the Foreign policy of our Nation through the Shadow Government secretly running the United States. One has only to study his recent publication “Does America need a Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century?” to validate this claim. In this book, each major area of the world is examined, and directives are

detailed regarding recommended solutions to the problems endemic to the various regions. The Bush Administration has implemented the majority of the foreign policy initiatives recommended by Mr. Kissinger. This cannot be a coincidence. The probability that the foreign policy ambitions of the current administration exactly matched Mr. Kissinger’s recommendations by chance is extremely unlikely. Through the Council on Foreign Relations, the Shadow Government, complete with Cabinet Ministers, is in control of United States domestic and foreign policy. Henry Kissinger has been tasked with directing US foreign policy that will implement the coming New World Order Dictatorship, along with the destruction of the middle class in America. Colin Powell and the ranking members of the State Department are the public personification of Henry Kissinger and the Eastern Establishment. Officials not elected nor approved by Congress are directing our foreign policy. They answer only to the hidden elite ruling our nation.

Henry Kissinger’s firm, Kissinger Associates, is a secretive consulting company that is rumored to have many major nations, including some that are our enemies, as clients. Publicly, the propaganda regarding his firm states that it facilitates deals that enhance our financial relationships with other countries. The true purpose is always to further the foreign policy ambitions of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Shadow Government. I believe this firm is the tool used to dictate our true foreign policy. Many of the movers and shakers in the world today obtain approval of Kissinger associates before making any major foreign policy or trade decisions. The client list is so secretive, that recently Mr. Kissinger resigned as chairman of the 9/11 investigation rather than divulge the names of his clients.

The guiding principle of Mr. Kissinger’s foreign policy is to extend American hegemony and the worldwide economic monopoly of the International Bankers into the Twenty-First century at any cost. As we examine each major area of the world identified by Mr. Kissinger, these goals becomes evident. The European theatre policy recommendations include US support for the creation of the new European Union, possibly named the United States of Europe. This support should surreptitiously encourage dissent in order to keep the new governing body torn by dissent, and dependent on the US. The current rift between the US and “Old Europe” is an example of this policy. It is no coincidence that France and Germany are currently being defiled by American media. In the Asian theatre, the recommendation includes reinstating the “One China” policy that places our ally Taiwan into the grips of Communist China. During the recent Chinese leader’s visit to the Bush ranch in Crawford, Bush publicly espoused this view to the entire world. The North Korean conflict has been created to ensure the continued allegiance of South Korea and Japan, just as recommended by Mr. Kissinger The overthrow of the Taliban in Afghanistan was recommended and has been accomplished through the phony War on Terrorism. Complete transition of the current structure of the Middle East into a more manageable and controllable region is in process with the current Iraq invasion. Acceptance of Israeli tactics against the Palestinians, the removal of Yassar Arafat, while continuing building settlements in the disputed territories is proceeding according to plan. The requirement to extend US control of South America has been witnessed in the economic crisis of Argentina, the attempted coup of Chavez in Venezuela, and the press for ratification of the Free Trade Area of the Americas treaty. The list of policies fulfilled or planned continues throughout the world. President Bush is the perfect front man for the Shadow Government; he always follows orders from his hidden superiors.

A quick overview of the cable news guest lists show that one of the mainstays of “expert” foreign policy guests is this same infamous celebrity Henry Kissinger. Fox News trots him out on an almost weekly basis to obtain his opinion on how his policies are faring on the world stage. Every effort is expended to keep Henry Kissinger in the news, and enhance his reputation as a selfless servant to the American government. If you listen to his statements, you will find that President Bush parrots his beliefs consistently. Prior to the Bush press conference from the Portuguese island of Azores recently, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed Mr. Kissinger. Predictably, he espoused President Bush’s views almost word for word.

Most Americans believe that we deposed Mr. Kissinger over thirty years ago. Due to the atrocities in Cambodia, Chile and many other locations around the world, the majority of Americans were relieved to finally remove him from important decision-making positions. Not to mention the belief that he was deeply involved in the Watergate scandal that succeeded in deposing Richard Nixon. Unfortunately, there is now sufficient proof available to refute this assumed deposition. Henry Kissinger has remained instrumental in the operations of our government throughout the years following his removal from acting Secretary of State. An example of this is the recent attempt to appoint Mister Kissinger to head the 9/11 Commission. Public outcry and the demand that he divulge information about his firm, Kissinger Associates, ended this attempt quickly. Obviously, Americans are able to remember the harm done to our country by this well-known international criminal. Even after all this time, the Globalists find it necessary to keep him in the shadows.

A humorous finale to Henry Kissinger’s book derides the creation and power of the World Court and the International Criminal Court (ICC). He states that it is not fair to judge a person for strategic foreign policy decisions made years ago. One reason for this viewpoint may be that he is afraid to travel outside the US for fear that he will be arrested and brought to trial for crimes against humanity by one of these international institutions. Bush agrees with this policy of non-acceptance of international legal authority. He has withdrawn the US from the ICC, and demanded exemption for US troops throughout the world. Why does he fear this prosecution? What plans have been formulated that the Bush administration fears prosecution for crimes against humanity? One can only theorize that these actions will not make us proud of the actions of the US in the future. No sane person is in favor of these institutions, although for George Bush to worry about being prosecuted is worrisome. These institutions are a vital piece of the New World Order, and should be abolished immediately along with the United Nations, and all other organizations with a charter of destroying the sovereignty of nations. This is one point that Mr. Kissinger is correct in his recommendation, albeit for the wrong reasons unfortunately.

Secretary of State is not the only position of authority in the current administration controlled by the Shadow Government. Examination of the actions of Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, and John Ashcroft lead to similar connections to the CFR and the hidden powers actually controlling the actions of our nation.

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