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Senator Hillary Clinton confirmed in a June 2002 Press Conference that Attorney General John Ashcroft "decided not to fly commercially, based on some assessment of existing threat level.” in the month preceding September 11, 2001

Snowshoe Films, June 2002
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C-span aired a speech by Hillary Clinton in the spring of 2002 in which she called for a 911 investigation - at which time she said that members of Congress had been warned in August 2001 by officials in the Bush administration not to fly on commercial airlines because of a perceived danger.. This sentence did not appear in the Congressional transcript (perhaps it was not in her written version). Having heard her say it before Congress on C-Span TV, prompted us to ask her during her appearance in Jamestown to clarify and verify her statement.

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ASHCROFT KNEW: HILLARY CLINTON - John Ashcroft, in early July, 2001 (or before), warned Justice Dept. officials to avoid commercial air travel (excerpt of June 8, 02 interview with Sen. Clinton). What did Ashcroft know of the "existing threat level?” Why did he cut the anti-terrorism budget by $58 million? Why did he deny his own FBI a Zacharias Moussaoui search warrant? - 1min. thanks PittsburghIMC

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June 8, 2002 Jamestown NY (Jamestown Community College)

Excerpt from press conference: Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

Snowshoe Films: In your recent remarks to Congress regarding the events of 9/11, you mentioned that there was an official in the current administration who advised other officials not to fly on commercial airlines – as early as August, 2001 and even earlier. Who was that official?

Sen. Clinton: “Well, the information, which has been public for many months, is that the attorney general [John Ashcroft] decided not to fly commercially, based on some assessment of existing threat level.”


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