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Hutton Inquiry Key Documents

Transcripts of oral evidence, Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee

www.globalresearch.ca 31 August 2003

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Below are links to two sets of documents. The oral evidence to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee by Andrew Gilligan, Dr. David Kelly and Alastair Campbell.

The second set of documents are confidential files, which have been made public by the Hutton Inquiry. Additional documents will be added when they become available with a view to constituting an archive on the British intelligence scam. 

Foreign Affairs Committee

BBC Andrew Gilligan

Uncorrected Evidence presented by Mr Andrew Gilligan, on 17 July 2003
The Decision to go to War with Iraq

Dr. David Kelly

Uncorrected Evidence presented by Dr David Kelly, Special Adviser to the Director, Counter-proliferation and arms control, Ministry of Defence, on 15 July 2003
The Decision to go to War in Iraq

Blair's Director of Communications Alistair Campbell

Uncorrected Evidence presented by Mr Alastair Campbell, Director of Communications and Strategy, 10 Downing Street, on 27 June 2003
The Decision to go to War in Iraq

Link to Complete Index of Testimonies , The Decision to go to War with Iraq


Hutton Inquiry

Hutton Inquiry Key Documents (and BBC analysis)

Tom Mangold e-mail
(PDF file 123KB)

Susan Watts correspondence
(PDF file 295KB)

Journalist's e-mail exchange with Alastair Campbell
(PDF file 46KB)

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