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The War of Lies:

US Jamming of Iraqi airwaves ineffective

Text of commentary by Sulayman al-Uqayli, entitled "The War of lies", published by Saudi newspaper Al-Watan web site on 23 March
Source: Al-Watan web site, Abha, in Arabic 23 Mar 03
www.globalresearch.ca   24 March 2003

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It is obvious that the lies are more than the truths in the war on Iraq. Even western sources that often claim truthfulness have begun to lie to the world. As for Iraq, it is not unexpected for it to lie. In the Arab region, we are not accustomed to hearing truths about wars from our official circles. The day before yesterday, the US-British coalition and its media outlets claimed that it has occupied Umm Qasr in its invasion of Iraqi soil. Only hours later, the Britons changed their mind and said that their forces are facing fierce resistance in Umm Qasr and later admitted that this town was still in the hands of the Iraqi forces. To those who do not know Umm Qasr, it is the closest civilian concentration point on the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border where the attacking forces are deployed. The same thing applied to the Al-Rumaylah oil field. The Britons claimed that they had secured it and a few hours later said that they would secure it shortly. They finally claimed that it was under their control that was earlier doubted.

These conflicting reports are part of the psychological war that plays a significant role in demoralizing and defeating the adversary prior to armed clashes and in mobilizing support outside the field of operations. The western air forces jammed Iraq's satellite radio and television transmissions in an attempt to silence the other voice so that the spokesmen of the invading forces would be the only voice heard and the masters of the truth. However, the Iraqis re-installed their transmission whenever it was interrupted in a cat and mouse game on the Iraqi airwaves which are not having any effect since Iraq's airwaves are not giving information or pictures but only songs and chants that glorify the leader.

It seems to be a war packed with lies. There are no truths or transparency or integrity or credibility in this illogical, unjustified and illegitimate war.

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